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Will is an unrepentant lover of all things golf and has been playing the game since he was 13. When he’s not on the links, Will channels his considerable passion for the game into writing about the sport on Golfshake, keeping up to date with tour gossip and binge-watching old videos of Tiger Woods on YouTube.

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New Over 35 Mid-Amateur Golf Tour Open for Entries in 2020

Amateur golfers over the age of 35 now have a new tour to play on- the Over 35 Mid-Amateur Golf Tour. Offering a competitive tour for mid-amateur players to compete on many of the finest golf courses in the UK.

Why You Should Be Excited About The Premier Golf League

The much talked about elite Premier Golf League has been a major topic of discussion in recent weeks, drawing a variety of responses. Despite concerns about its funding and unanswered questions, Golfshake's Will Trinkwon believes there are reasons to be excited by this proposed new circuit. 

Review - The Golfer’s Lament: How I Reached for the Pars… and Missed

Golf writer Will Trinkwon reviews - The Golfer’s Lament by Will Nett. The Golfer’s Lament is a breezy and likeable account of the honeymoon period of falling in love with the game. Find out what Will thought.

The 6 Weirdest Places Tour Players Have Hit Golf Balls

At last week’s Genesis Open, Tiger Woods endured an unusual situation. On the third hole of the final round he blazed his tee shot well wide of the fairway and into…a rubbish bin. The bizarre spectacle got us thinking: what are the oddest places pro golfers have hit golf balls during a tournament round?

Guide to Staying at The Open in 2020

In July this year, thousands of people will descend on the small historic town of Sandwich, Kent, to watch the 149th playing of The Open Championship at Royal St George's. Now, if you want to be among them, but don't fancy commuting from a long distance, Golfshake's Will Trinkwon explains what options you have for accomodation.

10 Things Only Tour Pros Use

There are many differences between a tour pro and the average amateur, not just in ability, but also in the equipment and gadgets that they use. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon has picked out ten things that you will typically only see leading professionals deploy.

8 Ways To Ruin Your Scorecard

There are few things more frustrating than having a great round going and blowing it with one or two terrible holes. In golf, so much can go wrong. What mistake usually catches you out? Here, we count down some of the most common card wreckers.

Why Members Locker Rooms Are a Good Thing

When you visit a golf club, do you view locker rooms for members as exclusive or antiquated? Golfshake's Will Trinkwon can understand that perspective, but he believes that there is a charm about these facilities that make venues distinctive.

The Best Golf Films of All Time

It's movie awards season, headlined by BAFTA and the Oscars, but while there aren't any golf related films nominated this year, our sport has been documented in many iconic motion pictures. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon has picked out some of the best, ideal should be looking for something to watch.

Lee Westwood’s Win Could Herald Even Bigger Things for 2020

Lee Westwood's resurgent triumph in Abu Dhabi was the latest highlight in a career littered with glorious days, continuing a revival in his 40s. But could this success be the signal that more is coming; potentially an elusive major or Ryder Cup return? Golfshake's Will Trinkwon speculates.

14 of The Biggest Changes in Golf Since 2010

Was 2010 really all that long ago? As we turn into 2020, Will Trinkwon counts down the biggest shifts of the outgoing decade.

The Worst Golf Fashion Disasters of the Past Decade

Despite the best efforts of Tiger Woods and Ian Poulter the game still bears connotations of naff dress sense and sartorial wrongheadedness. Of course, this is mostly a myth, but this last decade contained moments where it reared its appallingly-daubed head. To prove it, here’s a list of some of the worst golf fashion disasters since 2010.

Who Will Win a Major in 2020?

A new year is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing: a new crop of majors. 2019 delivered top-tier thrills, from Tiger Woods winning his first major in ten years at the Masters, to Shane Lowry putting a leprechaun in the claret jug at Royal Portrush.  Here’s Golfshake’s Will Trinkwon's predictions for who will win a major championship in 2020.

Patrick, What Were You Thinking?

Former Masters champion Patrick Reed was engulfed in controversy last week at the Hero Challenge, when he was penalised for improving his lie in a bunker, raising questions about his character and ethics. Will Trinkwon weighs in on the situation, speculating the potential impact at the Presidents Cup.

Privilege at Play Book Review

Golfshake's Will Trinkwon decided to take an academic route in his golf book reading by digestingand reviewing Hugo Ceron-Anaya’s book, Privilege at Play: Class, Gender, and Golf in Mexico, which takes a sociological view of the game.

Is Brooks Koepka Getting Too Big For His Boots?

World number one Brooks Koepka is becoming known for his candid remarks as much as he is for his great golf. This outspoken trend may divide opinion, but for Golfshake's Will Trinkwon, the American can still fit in his boots. Just about.

What is Your Favourite Golf Club?

What is your most trusted club in the bag, the one that you can't imagine replacing? Most golfers have that one tool they always rely upon. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon describes his most beloved companion, a Titleist 913 Hybrid.

McIlroy vs Koepka: Who Will Win More Majors?

There has been much said about whether Brooks Koepka and Rory McIlroy have an emerging rivalry, but if that was the case, who would come out the victor? Golfshake's Will Trinkwon takes a closer look at the dynamic between the two and makes his judgement.

7 Reasons Why Winter Golf is Great

Most golfers play less often during winter, with many even giving up the game entirely for months. But winter golf does have its upsides. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon identifies several reasons why it's great to play during the off-season.

The Different Types of Golf Courses

With so many in existence, it's easy to get confused about the different types of golf courses. Cutting through the fog, from links to parkland and heathland, Will Trinkwon explains the different categories.

The Golf Lover's Guide to Scotland Book Review

Golf travel/course guides can be difficult to get right, but Will Trinkwon thinks that Michael Whitehead has found a winning combination in his recently published The Golf Lover's Guide to Scotland.

Why the Dunhill Links Deserves a Bigger Profile

The European Tour has gathered at St Andrews, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, which has attracted a hugely impressive field. But does this unique event receive the hype and status that it deserves? Golfshake's Will Trinkwon makes the case that it doesn't.

Why You SHOULDN'T Putt With the Flag In

Recently, we published an overview of thoughts and opinions around on putting with the flag in, weighing both sides of the argument. Whilst Golfshake's Will Trinkwon understands the case for diplomacy, however, he just can’t bring himself to embrace the new rule.

Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia Book Review

Chronicling freelance journalist Tom Cox's disastrous year-long stint as a professional golfer, Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia has been hailed as "one of the funniest books on golf ever written". Will Trinkwon checks out what all the fuss is about. 

Watching Golf Live vs Watching Golf on TV

When it comes to watching golf, if not yet playing it, Will Trinkwon has become a couch potato. In this article, he explains why he now prefers watching the pros battle it out on TV instead of seeing them in the flesh.

Teeing Up the Day Book Review

Despite not being particularly spiritual, Golfshake writer Will Trinkwon finds himself moved and refreshed by Stephen Ables's debut Christian golf book, Teeing Up the Day. 

Seve: Golf's Flawed Genius Book Review

What is the cost of excellence? This is the question that sports writer Robert Green poses, in 282 pages of punchy and innervating prose. Green’s subject is the legend, the golfer, and finally, the man, that we mere sporting mortals know as Seve. Will Trinkwon reviews his account, exploring the dark side of Ballesteros. 

Solutions to Golf's Biggest Frustrations

Golfshake's Will Trinkwon recently identified some of the most irritating annoyances on the golf course. But now he has gone a step further and come up with proposed solutions to fix these frustrations that all golfers can relate to.

A Decade (Almost) of BMW PGA Champions

Time travels so fast. It seems like just last week it was 2009, and Paul Casey was holding off Ross Fisher to claim the BMW Championship at Wentworth. Now Wentworth has begun again in 2019, but let's not forget the recent past. Will Trinkwon revisits the last (almost) decade of PGA Championships. 

Four-Iron in the Soul Book Review

Having dreamed of sporting glory since he was a young lad, Guardian journalist Lawrence Donegan packs in his day job and resolves to spend a year caddying on the European Tour for Scottish golfer Ross Drummond. Will Trinkwon reviews the 1990s classic Four-Iron in the Soul, Donegan's brilliant account of his efforts.

Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club Feature Review

Royal Mid-Surrey is located on the border between Middlesex and Surrey, offering an aesthetic gem that takes advantage of a beautiful area of parkland. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon visited this Highly Recommended venue and played the course.

Interesting Hobbies of Professional Golfers

What occupies the time of your favourite golfer away from the course? You may be surprised to hear that many of them have dedicated hobbies. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon takes a look at some of the most notable examples.

The Smartest Professional Golfers

Do you need to be a genius to be a champion in golf? That's a lengthy debate, but there's no doubt that there are several extremely smart players on tour. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon picks out some of the most intelligent and witty.

14 Biggest Annoyances on the Golf Course

On the best days, a golf course can be the closest thing we have to Nirvana. But there are things that can shatter the serenity. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon has identified some of the worst pet peeves and annoyances you can experience when playing.

The Inspiration of Attending Your First Golf Tournament

What was the first golf event that you saw live? Golfshake's Will Trinkwon reflects on his memories of the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth in 2009 and the formative experience that it left in his mind.

10 of the Best (or Worst) Golf Crowd Shouts

Shouts from the crowd have become increasingly common during golf tournaments, much to the chagrin of many. But what are the origins of these chants, and which are the most imaginative? Golfshake's Will Trinkwon delves beyond the noise.

How Putters Have Changed Through History

Since the earliest origins of the game, putters have been an integral part of golf, but they have progressed and evolved through time. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon takes a closer look at the technological advancements made during the centuries.

The 10 Longest Putts Ever Holed

Length is something in golf that we usually associate with drives, not putts, but there have been many ridiculously long effort holed on the greens. Just to prove what is possible, Golfshake's Will Trinkwon has discovered ten of the longest in history.

Chichester Golf Club Feature Review

Chichester Golf Club is a large golf centre in Sussex, including two 18 holes courses, a par three layout, and crazy golf facilities. Will Trinkwon had the chance to play the Cathedral Course and shares his thoughts on the experience.

Selsey Golf Club Feature Review

Selsey Golf Club is a nine-hole links course that comes Highly Recommended by members on Golfshake. Will Trinkwon took the opportunity to see for himself and shares his thoughts in this review.

Royal Worlington & Newmarket Golf Club Feature Review

Founded in 1893, Royal Worlington and Newmarket Golf Club has long been home to Cambridge University's Golf Team, with many notable faces playing on the nine holes. Golfshake's Will Trinkwon reviews this hidden gem for us.

The 10 Longest Drives of All Time

Every golfer knows the satisfaction that comes from launching a really HUGE drive. Whatever the length of your longest hit, however, we’re willing to bet that it comes short of the following long drives. Will Trinkwon picks out ten of the longest of all-time.   

10 of the Worst Missed Putts in Golf History

If you're squeamish about cataclysmically poor putting, look away now. If you think you can handle it, Will Trinkwon has picked out ten of the worst missed putts of all time, moments that these players would love to forget.

The Best Golf Experiences in the UK

In the 2019 Golfshake Course Survey, we asked for your feedback to identify the Best Golf Experiences in the UK, with hundreds of golfers sharing their favourites. Will Trinkwon has taken a closer look at the most popular responses.

10 of the Biggest Putts in Golf History

Could hole a ten footer with everything on the line? Will Trinkwon has picked out ten of the biggest putts in golf history, moments that demanded immense strength and will under pressure, each with magnified importance, often the difference between winning and losing.

12 of the Most Impressive Rounds in Golf

There have been many great rounds of golf played in the history of the sport – some because of the lowness of the scores, some because of the circumstances in which they were played in: all of them exceptional. Will Trinkwon takes a closer look at 12 of the most impressive.

The Best Golfer You May Not Have Heard Of

Known to avid golf fans and students of the golf swing, the remarkable story of Moe Norman is perhaps lesser known in the mainstream. Will Trinkwon takes a closer look at the life and impact of the unique Canadian whose abilities astonished the leading players in the game.

The Importance of Online Golf Course Reviews

Online golf club and facility reviews are an established and important part of the golfing landscape. Will Trinkwon takes a closer look at their growing influence, how venues can take advantage, and the correct ways to deal with any negative responses.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch More Women’s Golf

The Women’s British Open has been gracing TV screens and offered a top-quality golf viewing experience. But, across the board, female golf still gets less traffic than its male counterpart. But Will Trinkwon explains what you are missing, and why you should be watching more.

10 Reasons Why Golf is Good for You

There are few things that are better for your health than playing a sport. And of all of them, golf has a good claim to be one of the healthiest. It may not be the most strenuous of activities. But, for many reasons, golf is great for your wellbeing.

Finca Cortesin Upgrades Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy

The luxury Spanish golf complex, Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf & Spa has just further enhanced its position as one of the premium golfing locations in Europe by making a series of top-quality investments in its Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy.

IGC Society to Host Prestigious Summer Events

One of the best ways of playing golf is through a golf society. While traditional club membership is a great way to experience the game, societies are an especially good option for meeting other golfers, playing more courses and just generally expanding your golfing horizons

Toptracer: At The Open and Beyond

This year’s Open stood out for many reasons. One of these was the amazing atmosphere and the unusually high engagement of in-person and TV technology.  Part of this included the Toptracer technology on the tournament range. We found out more.

Are We Seeing a Decline in Putting on Tour?

We've had the opportunity to catch-up with Barney Adams, Founder and former CEO of Adams Golf, in the past on issues facing the industry.  Adams now addresses issues around putting and asks the questions on whether we are seeing a demise in putting on tour?

6 of the Most Interesting Greens in the UK

For all their difficulties, greens can be plain interesting. From those pocked with flowerbeds, to ones with more tiers than a wedding cake, Will Trinkwon explores six of the most intriguing and devilish greens in the UK.    

Why Rory McIlroy’s Open Disappointment Will Only Make Him Stronger

Rory McIlroy turned up at Royal Portrush with the highest of hopes, but it was a disastrous Thursday, costing him a place at the weekend despite a stunning Friday charge. However, Golfshake writer Will Trinkwon believes this disappointment will only drive the Northern Irishman on to more success in future.

6 Beards to Look Out for During Open Sunday

It's been a very special Open return to Royal Portrush, but one thing that has struck writer Will Trinkwon are the number of bears in contention. Here is Will's light hearted look ahead to the final round of this year's championship.

Understanding Different Types of Golf Ball

Look at the shelves of your local pro shop and you’ll be confronted by a variety of two-piece, three-piece, four-piece and even five-piece golf balls. Confused? Golfshake writer Will Trinkwon takes a closer look at each type to explain the differences.

6 Reasons Why The 2019 Open Will Be One For The Ages

The 148th Open Championship at Royal Portrush has begun. Returning to a spectacular venue with a variety of stories coming into the week, Golfshake writer Will Trinkwon believes that year's championship will be a classic.

7 Ways to Pimp Out Your Golf Bag

When golf bags were first introduced, the emphasis was on the practical rather than the visual, but that has all changed now. Unsure of how to spruce up your stand bag? To help you get the right look for your luggage, here are seven ways to pimp out your bag.

Does Golf Need More Formats Like GolfSixes?

Three years have now passed since the European Tour introduced GolfSixes, but just how successful has this innovation been? Will Trinkwon takes a closer look at the positives and negatives, reaching a mixed picture of the event, but that its greatest legacy may be within junior golf.

15 Must Play Golf Courses in the East of England

From top quality parkland layouts, to wonderfully idiosyncratic links courses, the East of England offers a rich variety for golfers. Will Trinkwon has picked our 15 of the best venues that should be on your must play lists.

10 Ways a Golf Coach Will Improve Your Game and Lower Your Handicap

If your handicap has stalled and there is no obvious sign of improvement, it may be time to see a golf pro. Will Trinkwon looks at ten key areas where a golf coach can help your game, showcasing the benefits of taking lessons.

5 of the Most Fearsome Bunkers in the UK

If there’s one thing guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of the average golfer, it’s a bunker. Will Trinkwon picks out five of the most intimidating in the UK that even the most competent of bunker players wouldn’t want to be stuck in. 

5 of the Best Golf Ads of All Time

Advertising is a huge part of every industry, golf no exception. While it can be frustrating to have tournament coverage interrupted by an advert, some of them have been entertaining, informative and memorable. Will Trinkwon picks out several of his favourites.

5 Tips for Playing 36 Holes in a Day

Longer days in summer provide golfers with the opportunity to devote more hours on the course. For the true enthusiasts, you may even be tempted to play 36 or 54 holes in a day. Such a packed schedule is not for the fainthearted, however, and requires stamina and preparation if you're to do it successfully. Will Trinkwon shares five tips with you.

5 Things the Average Golfer Can Learn From Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers ever to have graced a fairway. His career has been defined by maximising each aspect of his game and body. But what can you learn from this golf icon? Will Trinkwon has identified five key areas that you can look to emulate.

5 Must Have Modern Day Golf Gadgets

We are living in a technological age, which has certainly touched the game of golf. Will Trinkwon picks out five of the best examples of modern golf technology, the must have gadgets for the 21st century player.

5 Things We Now Use in Golf That We Didn't 40 Years Ago

Much has changed and evolved in golf during the past 40 years. Will Trinkwon looks back to the halcyon days of Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Seve Ballesteros, comparing their equipment, apparel and clubs with the gear you see today.

6 Reasons Why The US Open Will Be An Event For The Ages

This year's U.S. Open at Pebble Beach is greatly anticipated for a variety of reasons. From the spectacular venue itself to the storylines entering the week, Will Trinkwon picks out key factors that should make this championship hugely compelling.

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