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Golf Score Tracker & Game Analysis

Track your scores & stats online, benchmark your game and identify strengths & weaknesses on your quest to playing better golf

Golf Score Tracker Online

Our Golf Score Tracker will allow your to track your golf rounds & stats online. Add unlimited rounds to our Golf Score Tracker for free including advanced stats; GIR, FIR, Putts - to get in-depth analysis of your game & stats to see how you really stack up.   Track your scores online or via the Golfshake iOS or Android Apps.

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NEW ON COURSE STAT TRACKING:  Track your stats, visual performance & practise sessions with our stat tracking cards.  Find out more >>>

What we provide - Benchmark your game

Track Scores & Stats

Benchmark your game to improve.

  • Track your scores plus add advance stats including; GIR, FIR, Putts
  • In depth round analysis & overall scoring performance
  • Easy to use reports in graphical format
  • Golf rounds inputted in minutes
  • Easy to use basic or advanced records
  • Add detailed golf analysis of every round
  • History of all rounds kept
  • Detailed summary of Course Stats
  • Eclectic golf performance

Get Inside Your Game

Indentify your strength & weaknesses plus set goals & targets.

  • Set goals & targets to focus your game
  • Your game benchmarked across 14 key stats
  • Access to over 50 stats & 30 reports
  • Proven to help save on average 3 shots
  • 24 / 7 access 365 days a year
  • No additional software needed
  • Tracks golf handicap online
  • Records UK stableford points
  • Compare golf scores with Buddies

Track your game & analyse your stats to identify your strengths & weaknesses! Our golf score tracking and golf handicap service enables you to track your rounds, analyse your game and get a golf handicap for free. Above all it enables you to improve your golf!

Features: See How Your Game Stacks Up

Track Unlimited Rounds

Free online golf handicap and golf score tracking service, track unlimited rounds on multiple courses. Track your scores online no need to retain old score cards, analyse every round & improve your game!

Set Goals Monitor Your Game

Set goals and monitor your performance per round and for all rounds across 14 key stats to help improve your game.


In-depth Reports & Analysis

With access to over 30 reports and 50 individual round stats you can really get into your game and see how your golf game stacks up.

Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Are you a 10 handicapper who putts like a 24 handicap golfer ? Track your rounds online and we will show your your strengths and weaknesses.


Maintain Your Golf Handicap

Maintain your golf handicap online, get a recognised handicap free, quickly and easily through our simple to use score tracking system.

On Course Stat Tracking

Track your scores on course with our easy to use round recorder & visual shot tracking score cards.


Group Golf Handicaps

Easily track your groups handicaps, simply by entering their scores. There's no need to worry about handicap cuts for your next society day, Golfshake does it all for you.

Join a group near you

Are you looking to meet playing partners online and join a group or society near you? If so you can request to join one of our many Public Golf Groups. First register for free as a member and then search for one near you.


Why Track Your Stats Online?

The average golfer saves 3 shots over a year tracking their scores online

Adding a round and stats takes minutes and the system will automatically send you an email round report showing your stats plus you can view a round snapshot which you can share online via your social networks as well as in-depth data from the round report and a game breakdown from the 'How did I do' report.

The score tracker provides access to over 50 stats for an individual rounds plus over 30 reports to really show how your game stacks up. Tracking your scores is proven to save 3 shots plus remember even the Pros do it!

Record Track Analyse Improve


Full Golf Stats and Reports Provided

The following is a full breakdown of the details stats and reporting provided which is fully featured within our Premium account service.

50+ individual round stats

  • Rounds
  • Holes
  • Score
  • Score Nett
  • Front 9 Score
  • Back 9 Score
  • Stableford Pts
  • Pts per hole
  • Hole in ones
  • Holes at Par
  • Holes over par
  • Holes under par
  • Albatross
  • Birdie  
  • Par
  • Bogey  
  • Double Bogey
  • Triple Bogey+++
  • FIR
  • GIR
  • GIR per FIR
  • Scrambling
  • Up and Down
  • Sand Saves
  • Putts Per Round
  • Putts per hole
  • Putts per stroke
  • Putts per GIR
  • Putts per GIR missed
  • 0 Putts
  • 1 putts
  • 2 putts
  • 3 putts
  • 4 putts
  • Penalties per round
  • Penalties per hole
  • Pars made
  • Birdie chances converted
  • Par 3 score av.
  • Par 4 score av.
  • Par 5 score av.
  • FIR par 4 av
  • FIR par 5 av
  • GIR par 3 av
  • GIR par 4 av
  • GIR par 5 av
  • Putts par 3 av
  • Putts par 4 av
  • Putts par 5 av
  • Nett Par Run
  • Nett Bogey+ run
  • Bounce back
  • Head drop (reverse bounce back)

30+ reports

  • Dashboard - snapshot, rounds overview
  • Year Analysis - rounds, par, hcp etc
  • Handicap report - up to last 100 rounds
  • Full stats analysis - 50+ stats
    • analysis of recent rounds
    • analysis of last 5 rounds
    • analysis of last 5 years
    • analysis of current & years
    • analysis of year month by month
  • Round list/secletor - by score, points, stats
  • Snapshot analysis by course inc graphs
  • Eclectic score by course
  • Overview of courses played
  • Handicap & stats history report
  • Rounds by course list
  • Graphical analysis: Scoring
  • Graphical analysis: Putting
  • Graphical analysis: Advance scoring
  • 10+ old reports and graphical analysis
  • Trend: Visual snapshot of stats
  • Trend: Target/handicap performance
  • Trend: Scoring distribution
  • Trend: Putting distribution


The Golfshake score tracker is completely free to use and will track unlimited rounds on multiple courses including your advance stats.  Simply sign up and join today.

Premium Service

The Premium service provides access to some additional in-depth stats & analysis which is only £14.95 per year. 

Click here to register free today

What Our Members Say

I've found it the easiest way to keep track of my scores with lots of other data as well. I like keeping stats and it's more reliable than the excel based system I devised many years ago.
Dec 2021

It is useful with a visible accessible historical record of all of my posted scores whether or not played in competition conditions. I try to input all of my cards so I could see how I am progressing. I like seeing the stats of my pars, birdies, eagles or worse in my case. The graph format is really good.
Dec 2021

What you offer is perfect for me- I can compare rounds year on year and the analysis gives me an insight into “problem” holes.
Dec 2021

Enables me to look back and analyze how my game is progressing or where I need to be looking to improve.
Dec 2021

Excellent service, I use Golfshake to give me a visual indication of where my game is and how I need to improve. The benchmarking is extremely useful, and it's good to know which areas to concentrate on for improvement. It's also nice to see historical performance, and holes which cause problems and those which I generally play OK. I basically like statistics!!!
Dec 2021

Golfshake is a fantastic way to track your stats. I want to improve, so I need to know where my strengths & weaknesses are. Golfshake does that & much more.
Dec 2021

Great for tracking scores and analysing your game. You can see where your strengths and weaknesses are to help you improve your game.
Dec 2021

Great service especially remembering it’s free. Provides a great reference tool to see where my game is now, against where it was.
Dec 2021

I have used Golf Shake for many years, for the most basic of tasks! I find it useful as a record, and a comparator, round on round!
Dec 2021

I started using golfshake when I took up golf and have found it very motivating and helpful. It's a great way to see how I have improved and to show me where I still need to improve! I recommend it to all my golf buddies.
Dec 2021

I think the score tracking and putting stats are fantastic. Been very into putts per hole and round for a number of years now.
Dec 2021

It's a very good system for comparison of rounds on same course and tracking handicaps etc. I like the GIR and FH and no. of putts etc which shows up the weaknesses in your game.
Dec 2021

It's provided stats to identify my strengths and weakness' over many year helping me to improve my game.
Dec 2021

The website is a great way to analyse your scores and stats, showing where I need to improve.
Dec 2021

Been with Golfshake for about 2 years and have introduced it to our society which we now use to sort our handicaps and stats....very impressed.
Mayfield - Nov 2014

I administer MXXXXh Golfers and want to compliment you on an excellent golf software for a small and new society like ours.
Steve - Aug 2014

A big thanks for providing society services. This has been invaluable to me as I was left holding the responsibility for our new society. Thankfully we like to keep things as simple as possible
Steve - Jun 2013

hats off for your brain child, absolte cracker of a site and it's got our society taking their golf very very seriously!
Ste - Jul 2010

I'm just in the process of starting a golf society, came across your top notch website and it seems the best way to track handicaps and store data for our group.
Stephen - May 2010

I think the site is great, it's what I've been looking for, hopefully it will prevent "bandit" accusations from surfacing amongst our little group of golfers and I hope to be able to attract other members to the site.
Tom - Oct 2007

For more information and details on the Terms & Conditions for the Golfshake services visit our Services Terms page.

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