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What our users say

I have been a Golftracker member for many years and continue to be extremely happy with the simple way everything works to record all my rounds of golf........great job and many thanks.
Feb 2023

Just thanks - love the App, and love the communications
Feb 2023

Golfshake is my go to for reviews.
Feb 2023

I think that Golfshake is a great site for your handicap and to find other information about golf.
Feb 2023

I just like to thank Golfshake for the excellent service it provides.
Feb 2023

Enjoy golfshake website with all its features.
Feb 2023

I use one of the official NGB golf apps but also keep up to date on Golfshake and the difference is 0.1 so well done Golfshake for creating a free app that’s easy to use and gives me vital stats I use to help my game.
Jan 2023

As a group we really like Golfshake and use it for monitoring our whole years competitions for our society and competitions.
Jan 2023

My current golf club is not affiliated to England Golf so essential to use the Golfshake system!
Jan 2023

Golfshake is a great site for your handicap and to find other information about golf
Jan 2023

Golfshake is my go to for reviews
Jan 2023

Enjoy Golfshake website with all its features.
Jan 2023

Thank you, Golfshake is excellent!
Dec 2022

Love the website
Dec 2022

Golfshake has been great thank you
Dec 2022

Just thanks - love the App, and love the communications
Dec 2022

I am enjoying the Golfshake website particularly and I use it to track my improvement after having retired from work and not having played regularly for 25 years or more. The statistics available are excellent and very useful to me.
Nov 2022

I joined Golfshake to get a handicap before I joined a golf club. I used the scoring stats to help focus where I needed to improve. Everything else was a bonus.
Nov 2022

Keep doing this great job now don't play much so can have idea of h/c without  membership of a club
Nov 2022

Keep up the good work Golfshake - you offer a great service!
Nov 2022

Simple way to run a golf society and calculate handicaps of members. organise society game
Nov 2022

A great tool to help non club members get a real feel for their ability and areas for improvement.
Dec 2021

Great to have something that allows me to play with friends who are not members of a club with an official handicap.
Dec 2021

It’s easy to use, not great with technology so even I can use Golfshake.
Dec 2021

Service very good when I’ve needed some assistance and the current website provides all I need to monitor my scores and handicap.
Dec 2021

This is a superb system & would recommend it to anyone who plays regularly but is not involved in club competitions.
Dec 2021

Very easy to use. Good to see how my golf is progressing or not as the case may be.
Dec 2021

I enjoy Golfshake enormously and it has helped me play better and enjoy golf more.
R Russell - Oct 2021 

Excellent facility, especially for us social golfers not bothered about comps etc but still wanting relevant source for hcap
Jim - August 2021

Thanks for the Golfshake app, absolutely love it, me and my mates swear by it as the only way of having fair handicaps!
Josh - August 2021

Golf apps such as Golfshake make the playing experience so much more enjoyable.  So easy to keep score and track progress.  Being able to see results in terms of reducing scores over a period of time definitely helps stay motivated.
Robin - July 2021

I'm really impressed with the changes that have been made to the site since my last visit.  The site is cleaner and has a much more modern and professional feel, great job and keep up the good work.
Lee - Jun - 2020

Many thanks for a great facility for monitoring golf. It really does tick all the boxes for stats fanatics like me.
Mike - Dec 2018

I have found it to be an excellent tool for our little golf society
J - Dec 2018

Just wanted to say what a great app & website you have. Definitely going to continue using it & paying the yearly subscription.
Martin - May 2018

Nice update to the website, l like the new charts
Mark - Mar 2018

I'm just starting out with golf. I found your app and downloaded it, and I think it's very impressive. I'm sure once I get into the game it will become more useful to me.
Steve - Feb 2017

I love the data available. I have used your services for some years now, but am now even more addicted
Paul - Sep 2016

Just a word about the site - I love it. I've recently joined a local club so thought I wouldn't bother with Golfshake so much. But I missed the site so much that I had to re-join. Keep up the good work!
Lee - Aug 2016

Loving the app works really well, nice and simple
Aaron - Aug 2016

I wanted to say that I think your site is great and even though I don’t have a premium subscription I like the service you provide.
Dan - May 2015

I really like your site and enjoying updating my data and learning more about what I can do with it - top work!
David - May 2015

Love the service. Great job.
Adam - May 2015

I can honestly say that golfshake has helped me improve my game by providing the data I need to tell me what I'm doing well and areas to improve. Thanks
Anthony - Jan 2015

Great system, have been keeping my stats for 25 years, find this very helpful, thanks
Dave - Jan 2015

Golfshake is a superb site with many great parts!! Keep up the good work :-)
Melvyn - Dec 2014

Golf shake is tremendously useful to me. The improvements you keep making are always excellent. Thank you.
Donald - Dec 2014

Excellent service keep up the good work
Colin - Dec 2014

A very useful site. Golfshake allows me to track my true handicap as I mainly play non qualifiying rounds due to work commitments. Keep up the good work guys.
Mark - Dec 2014

I came across golfshake by accident and am blown away with the functionality.
Keith - Sep 2014

A big thank you for the brilliant website,both myself and other golf buddies really rate it and it has helped us immensely. Really can't think of anything that needs adding as it is perfect for us as it is easy to navigate and really straight forward. Being regular year round golfers here and abroad we really appreciate the ease of use and the interesting articles. Look forward to many years of continued use - Obliged.
Adrian - Sep 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Helen for her fantastic customer service in sorting an upgrade on my society golf membership. She was super helpful and made life very very easy for me. She is a star!!!!!

Chris - Sep 2014

As I am not a member of a golf club any more the handicap section keeps me still being competitive. All the other bits also helpful Thanks

Jim - Sep 2014

I think the way Golfshake is prepared and shown is excellent being a middle aged male who has no idea about Computers ol. I find it easy to input score and look at my rounds etc. I am sure there are hundreds of guys out there who could easily help you out. I would just like to thank you for all the effort you put in on this site and say Thank You Very Much.
A Miller - Aug 2014

I have found Golfshake a great way to focus on my weak(er) points and the video tips have been very useful. I dropped from 24 to 20 in 6 months and I am sure Golfshake has played a good part in this. 
Dave - Jan 2014

I think your website is amazing and it has everything I need.
Stewert - Nov 2013

The website is great and I will definitely be upgrading my membership when it expires (thanks for the free intro membership which is of great use unlike some websites). Thanks again for a fantastic website that is not priced too steeply
James - Sep 2013

I administer MXXXXh Golfers and want to compliment you on an excellent golf software for a small and new society like ours.
Steve - Aug 2013

I was a member many, many years ago at the start! .... the site has changed lots and looks excellent!
Ian - Jul 2013

A big thanks for providing society services. This has been invaluable to me as I was left holding the responsibility for our new society. Thankfully we like to keep things as simple as possible
Steve - Jun 2013

can I just say thanks for this excellent website.
Kevin - Jun 2013

Service from yourselves, Simply Excellent, No more can be said :-)
John Mackay - May 2013

a brilliant website and service
Colin - May 2013

Your site is excellent by the way. And not just because my handicap has continued to fall!
Joe - May 2013

Great website - love the advanced stats features :-)
Lee - Oct 2012

I wanted to say how useful I find the site as a way of keeping track of my handicap. I've been playing for a number of years but hadn't ever looked to adjust the handicap I received when I was a junior playing at my first (and only!) club. Being able to input my scores is increasing my enjoyment as I'm looking to better myself everytime I play.
Colin - Aug 2012

Wow! Love your website so much and all the stats it provides. I have already recommended it to all my golf playing friends.
Jake - Jul 2012

I'd like to thank you for your free service in calculating handicaps. For someone who doesn't enter competitions it's good to be able to judge how well they are playing and improving, or not.
Steve - Jun 2012

I love this site and service!
Vincent - Jun 2012

I find your website extremely useful and because I like to review my stats I don’t find it contains any clutter or hard to interpret.
Since you have upgraded it with ‘how did I do’ I have found this a great addition and I believe that it has assisted me greatly in reducing my handicap (by 11 shots in 12 months).
James - Jun 2012

I really like the in depth statistics that you provide, particularly where you can compare the most recent round against the last 5, 25 and all rounds. I find this helps to identify progress quite quickly, and it’s useful to compare stats against past performance. I also really like the strengths and weaknesses, as again this quickly identifies which areas of the game to work on.

The tracking screen is also good and gives a good visual indication of recent performance. I also produce a pie chart from the shot information, eagles/birdies/pars/bogies etc, as this also shows you how you’re progressing.

All in all I really like the service that’s provided, and enjoy checking out how I’ve performed, even when it’s not a good round.
Mark - Jun 2012

Great site overall. I particularly like the 'how did I do' report which gives good tips on what to improve.
Darren - Jun 2012

Great website. It's been really helpful over the last year to track my handicap and the additional stats help to crystalise where things need to improve. i.e my putting!

I always check out the "how did I do" section after a round and every now and again, scan over the reports - looking back at past history. I think it's great to be able to have access to all the reports and information as different handicappers will find different stats more relevant. For e.g, the mid to high handicappers like me will not find the sand save, birdie streak or scrambling stats so relevant but will look at putting stats, net scores etc.
John - Jun 2012

I  think that you have done an excellent job in getting the stats just right. I guess it maybe differs for others, but the number of putts, GIR's, and FIR, are pretty much all the stats I need. Other than the score, obviously.
Neville - Jun 2012

I get a lot out of the advanced stats, especially the target performance. I like the eclectic scores and the reports on putting.
Tom - Jun 2012

I think your site is great and I use it religiously for every round, many thanks
Dave - Jun 2012

I have found this website fantastic and would recommend it to anyone.
Ian - May 2012

let me say what a fab site you run with everyting for the golf nut all in one place!!!!!
Andy - Apr 2012

This website is great - Thanks!
Ed - Jan 2012

A great web service for golfers like me stuck out here in Malaysia.
William - Nov 2011

Thanks again for your prompt service and after my first use of your website I’d like to say what a great tool it is for the golf community.
Trev - Oct 2011

My golfing colleagues have insisted that we all have are handicaps with golfshake as its a great way of monitoring and viewing handicap's.
Paul - Oct 2011

Brilliant site by the way. Really helpful and encouraging in improving your game.
Steve - Oct 2011

I have been a platinum member for a few years and love your site. Really like the new snapshot stats
Dave - Sep 2011

Excellent website. A friend put me onto it about 3 years ago and have since got about a dozen friends to join subsequently, some with the handicap option. 
Mark - Sep 2011

Darren - just wanted to say what a brilliant job you are doing with the stats reports. I love the new graphics and the comparisons of GIR, FIR etc with averages for handicap is incredibly helpful. Well done, loving it.
Simon - Sep 2011

I must say that the new analysis and report is simply great. Great job and keep it up
Kihara - Sep 2011

I love the monthly round report, great information. When compared month on month it's a great way to assess short term progress.
Dave - Aug 2011

hi darren, liking this site of yours and the fast service of the handicap cards,will be using it in turkey next month at lykia links, i will post a review when im back lookin forward to playing and staying there for 10 days !
John - Aug 2011

Thanks for providing such a useful golfing tool on the web
Peter - Aug 2011

Let me just say that I absolutely love Golfshake! I wish I had found it sooner! It's just great! Yesterday I upgraded my account to Platinum and I am expecting to receive my handicap card.
Edward - Aug 2011

Massive thanks to you and your website for providing me with a handicap card that enabled me to play at St Andrews last week.  I have told all my golfing friends about your site and cannot speak highly enough about it.
Leon - Jul 2011

I must say that since joining your website/company my golf game has improved so much. I will be telling all my golfing mates about your website/company and recommending them to join. Thanks very very much from a very happy golfer.
Leon - Jun 2011

I would like to thank you for the great service you provide at golfshake.com
Barrie - May 2011

many thanks to golfshake for a superb, and enviable, website.
Mark - May 2011

I am a platinum member and love your site, I've been using it for the last few years.
Dave - Apr 2011

BTW Brilliant site. The best golf site for recreational players by a country mile. Keep it up
Andy - Mar 2011

Brilliant customer service, it worked fine thank you.
Richard - Feb 2011

Just to let you know i've looked briefly at the new system and it looks excellent. I can now analyse a full 2009 or 2010 history of my game and print off. I can even analyse each course by no of rounds played which is exceptional. Well done
Lee Fretwell - Nov 2010

I find you site first class and very good value for money...I have recommended you to a number of people. Keep up the good work !!!!
Trevor - Sept 2010

I think your site is wonderful everything you want in one place will try to keep up with it thanks again.
Dave -Sept 2010

i was introduced to your site not long ago but find it fantastic and enjoyable and will recommend to others thanks again
Danny - Jul 2010

hats off for your brain child, absolte cracker of a site and it's got our society taking their golf very very seriously!
Ste - Jul 2010

let me say how much I enjoy using the Golfshake site and how it has really helped my scores drop over the past couple of years.
Ed - Jul 2010

i would like to say how much i enjoy your website, i have recommended it to friends already.
Tony - Jun 2010

I'm just in the process of starting a golf society, came across your top notch website and it seems the best way to track handicaps and store data for our group.
Stephen - May 2010

I'm just in the process of starting a golf society, came across your top notch website and it seems the best way to track handicaps and store data for our group.

Stephen - May 2010

what a great site you have there, I've been crying out for something like this for a while
Chris - Jan 2010

Congratulations on a great and easy to use website for handicap tracking
Shane - Jan 2010

Thank you for your welcome and may i say what a good site this is for everyone involved in golf.
Phil - Oct 2009

Great site! - Super handy, super slick - nice one
Paul - Oct 2009

Just want to send a quick and heartfelt thank you for the welcome you just sent me...
what an amazing site you have here!!! i will definitely get my golfing buddies to check out your site and will definitely post our scores, handicaps, etc... here on your website...  you and your team are doing a great job!!! thanks so much!
Raul - Sep 2009

Firstly, I would like to say how much I am enjoying your website.  As a recently new member, I think is very helpful and will allow me to find parts of my game that need improving by using the advance stats etc. Excellent.
Steven - Sep 2009

Can I thank you again for your help.  I think the website is brilliant and will be upgrading my membership when I have gathered more statistics on my rounds.
Peter - Sep 2009

I really like the website and find it very useful to track my scores. Keep up the good work.
Peter - Aug 2009
I am really impressed with the fact that not only have you replied, but so soon.
This is a comprehensive reply and I am pleased that as such it endorses my belief that "Golfshake" are a totally professional and dedicated site - not that I ever thought otherwise!
David - Aug 2009

I think golfshake is fantastic especially for people that travel as you have a database of international courses to which previous stat programs I have used I have always had to enter everything manually. It is also great for people that do not want to be tied down to Club Membership but would still like to play reasonably competitively with friends (such as the Group I am a member of) - we used to use the Associate Membership of the EGU to maintain a handicap but they wound up last year so we were relieved to discover Golfshake.
Justin - July 2009

Thanks for providing the service, keep up the good work!!
John - July 2009

Thank you once again a very user friendly website, and not being a member of any golf club golf score tracker now lets me know what my handicap is.
Gary - July 2009

I love the site and have been using it for a few years now. 
Mark - June 2009

Good effort sir. Nice to know that a good product / service will get continual improvement.
If I have further constructive ideas I will be happy to make suggestions.
Dave - June 2009

Im a new user as you are probably aware, but just wanted to say great web site, pleased that i can say I have an ofiicial handicapp instead all my fellow golfers calling me a bandit!
Andy - June 2009

Keep up the great work, the stats have really allowed me to see what areas I need to improve on .
Mike - May 2009

Found this little gem of a site last month to help me keep track of my scores and it really is the business
Patrick - May 2009

I am new to the site and would like to say how great it is
Shaun - Mar 2009

I just became a member of your website and its fantastic!!!
Vinay - Feb 2009

This is a great site and I have already recommended it to quite a few of my friends in India
John - Feb 2009

I am delighted with the website and have noticed a great improvement of the years having been a memeber since April 2006 in the information available.
David - Feb 2009

can i just say what a brilliant site Golfshake is, and i will be joining your platinum service in the very near future.
Bob - Jan 2009

I will be renewing my membership.  It really is a most useful tool and I have recommended it to all my friends. Keep up the good work,
John - Jan 2009

keep up the good work with your excellent tracker and website
Duncan - Nov 2008

The site caterers for near enough everything and i find it hard to throw idea's at you. keep up the good work.
Paul - Nov 2008

keep up the good work, am telling all my mates about the site.
Bart - Nov 2008

Thanks for the welcome and the info. Who needs a monthly golf mag? Great site.
Paul - Oct 2008

Good work on the site by the way, really good!!
Hodster - Sep 2008

Hi, thanks for a great site, as a relative newcomer to the game I find it very convenient to keep a record of my rounds and any progress.
Neil - Aug 2008

I would like to say how good your site is .I am a member of a society in chester ,there are about 20 of us and we have the same problem as most societies ,the same people winning all the time but their handicaps staying the same .
Niel - Jul 2008

Firstly can I say how good your site is, especially how easy it is to track my improvement through the statistics.
Lee - Jul 2008

I have recommended many people to your site, as I found it very useful and rewarding being able to see the graphs as I gradually improved.
Keep up the good work!
Jeannie - Jul 2008

The site is great, I like the video golf tips.
Patrick - Jun 2008

Thanks for providing a great golf site.
Colin - Jun 2008

thank you for an excellent service
Paul - Jun 2008

Just had a chance after first two rounds this year to look at all the new statistical stuff you've now got up. It's just great. Thanks for all the good work. Keep up the great work. This is really helpful to point to where the practice and extra concentration is needed when playing.
Paul - Jun 2008

Thanks for all your help Darren and keep up the good work.
Brian - May 2008

Just to say very happy with golf tracker great site.
Chris - May 2008

Great handicap software.
James - May 2008

Great Web site !
Graham - May 2008

Hi, very much impressed!. With the weekly report superb!. Nice suprise after my week of hacking.
Kevin - Apr 2008

Excellent Tool recommended it to all my friends
Matthew - Apr 2008

Can I just say what a fantastic site you have created - everything you need to record and look back on.
David - Apr 2008

Excellent site, keep up the good work.
Kevin - Apr 2008

Think your site is great, I’ve just been given a link and was very impressed to see that you had the Bermuda course already in your directory.Many thanks for the web-site, I’m sure I will have hours of fun with it!
Nicholas - Mar 2008

Congratulations on a wonderful website. Everyone I have introduced is getting really involved.
Daniel - Mar 2008

Think your site is great, I've just been given a link and was very impressed to see that you had the Bermuda course already in your directory. I will now be sending a link to all my friends on the island who will be very interested in logging on. Many thanks for the web-site, I'm sure I will have hours of fun with it!
Nicholas - Mar 2008

The site looks really good with some great info and i look forward to useing it and introducing some of my mate!
Rob - Mar 2008

Me and my mates are very impressed with the site and I hope it continues to be successful.
Mark - Feb 2008

I am very happy with golfshake it will hopefully help me reach my goal of below 15 this year due to the stats part. so thank you!!!
Dave - Feb 2008

Great web site by the way!
Stuart - Feb 2008

Another great suite of upgrades, looks more like Golfbook or Myshake now. Keep up the good work it is definatly appreciated.
Colin - Feb 2008

I am really enjoying using the site to analize my game
Kevin - Jan 2008

Think the website is brilliant.
Zelinda - Jan 2008

Really good look to the new reports / analysis etc. Loads of information - extremely useful.
Stella - Jan 2008

Got to give a big thumbs up to Darren and his team for the new stats on Golfshake. Stat-tastic folks.... a great enhancement to the site I think. Especially now it's easy to compare between people... plenty of stuff to get some GST rivalries going for 2008. Half a putt here, wayward drive there..... very costly! I just need to improve my stats for 2008 as 2007 is worse now than 2006.
John - Dec 2007

I think you've put together something really quite fabulous. The scoring and stats tracking software is incredibly useful.
Keep up the good work and thanks for creating something that all golfers can enjoy!
Anand Panjabi - Dec 2007

Your site is Good!
Stuart Govan - Nov 2007

Working in the web field it is great to see such a well thought out site - it looks as if you have been going for a long time (since 1998 I think?).
Nick - Nov 2007

It was good to see that the system works and offers the chance to meet different people.
Chris - Oct 2007

I have been recommending Golfshake to every golfer that I meet.
Stephen - Oct 2007

I think the site is great, it's what I've been looking for, hopefully it will prevent "bandit" accusations from surfacing amongst our little group of golfers and I hope to be able to attract other members to the site.
Tom - Oct 2007

Thanks, very useful website too.
Mike - Sep 2007

Many thanks for your help. I have recomended your site to other golfers.
Ray Bugg - Sep 2007

i've been using your website for a few months and think it is really good. Its really informative and has helped my game alot.
Lee - Aug 2007

I have been using your site for about 5 months and would like to thank
you for excellent service you provide
Barrie - Aug 2007

May I congratulate you on producing one of the best web-sites I've used to-date. As I am no longer a member of a club, you have saved me an awful lot of number-crunching to keep a check on my handicap!
Thanks again,
Adrian - Jul 2007

Keep up the good work - GolfShake's a great website.
Neil -Jul 2007

congrats on a great site. I'll def recommend it to my friends.
Kenny - Jun 2007

keep up the good work. The site is great.
Tony - Jun 2007

thank you for an excellent website.
Andrew - May 2007

First of all, well done on the new website. Great resource and
delighted I'm a paid up member.
Adrian - May 2007

Well done on the continued improvements to the website love the virtual
Paul - Apr 2007

It may be me going MAD, but have you updated the STATS page on the
web-site, or have I just not seen all the in-depth info before ????
Either way it is cracking. There is so much info for my golf game on
this site. It is a cracking effort by you and anyone else involved. Keep
up the good work.
Mat - Apr 2007

I would like to say what a great site this is!!
Darren B - Mar 2007

Handicaps have always been confusing at the best of times!! Great site.
Nick - Feb 2007

Since joining GST it has given me the opportunity to play different courses and meet new golfers. Also I find the analysis pages of assistance in an attempt to reduce my handicap.
Tony - Feb 2007

Excellent...............Keep up the good work
David - Jan 2007

would like to complement u on a fabulous service u run... i love the site to bits :)
Alex - Jan 2007

Very good - a godsend - I can throw away my old scorecards (but still don't, for some reason...)
Samual - Dec 06

Thanks for your continued efforts in making your site such a huge success
and hopefully continued growth for 2007.
Andrew - Dec 06

I find the GST system very useful, especially allowing me to focus on areas of my game that statistically need improvement.
Tony - Nov 2006

The site is great. As you can see we all are using it a lot!
Janusz - Nov 2006

I think the whole site is great, just dissapointed that I can't normally find enough time to use it to its full potential.
Peter - Oct 2006

an exellent service of all golf features
Ean - Oct 2006

GST is a great toll for recording and analysing your scores as well as others in a Society competition format.
John - Sept 2006

Darren, Just wanted to say that GST is a great website, as a golf nut but non
club member I find it extremely useful for tracking my handicap. You deserve lots of praise for all the work done on this site.
Simon - Sept 2006

keep up the good work, I've found your website to be a really helpful tool in working out where my game needs improving.
Adam - Aug 2006

I would just like to say what a great website you have and great value for money too. I told a friend about it a couple of months ago and he signed up and every time we play together he tells me his putting average, his GIR percentage etc. etc.. He loves it.
Joe - Aug 2006

Thanks for a very useful and well designed site.
John - July 2006

Hey guys, Great site you have hear, Keep up the good work :-)
Mat - July 2006

I am really impressed with your site. In fact I have been recommending the site to few of golfing fraternity. I think it is a value for money.
Vishu - July 2006

Just wanted to say a very well done on what is a fantastic service it is that you provide. I think the reports and stat info that your website provides is the business,Its great for individuals like to plot performance over a period of time to track how I'm doing.....it really does help you to focus on certain aspects of your game........whether its Putts per round,Greens or Fairways in regulation etc etc. I really look forward after a game entering and then viewing my stats. Excellant I love what you do just keep up the great work guys/girls.
Andrew - June 2006

Thanks Darren, and well done on the excellent site.
Tony - June 2006

I wanted to let you know that your website has been great for our small society giving everyone a chance to get a handicap and monitor their progress.
Simon - May 2006

Very pleased with the overall!
David - May 2006

Many thanks and keep up the good work on your excellent site.
John - May 2006

I just wanted to say how great this site is, and I'm not in the least surprised at the massive growth. I have recommended to friends, who have also expressed how useful this has been in developing their games. The use of statistics such as FIR, GIR, Penalties etc, is not something I have paid too much attention to in the past, but once you can add those statistics to the site and you become aware of the difference one or two shots make to a round, it creates greater levels of concentration once addressing the ball on the course. Fantastic.
John - Apr 2006

The new look and features are great. Keep up the good work ....!
Kevin - Apr 2006

Changes are great, I can't play a round these days without entering it onto GST, one of the best £5 I've ever spent online! I'll keep mentioning the site to other members at my club. Keep up the good work.
Michael - Apr 2006

Brilliant site. Keep up the good work.
David - Apr 2006

I am finding the site most useful but when do you have time to actually play! Best wishes
Esmond - Apr 2006

Just started using your service it seems very good. I will tell other members at the course about your service.
Michael - Dec 2005

Good website, I’ve already forwarded the link onto several of my golfing mates…Thanks and regards
Ian - Nov 2005

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