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Golfshake Services

Providing services to all golfers for over 15 years, Golfshake is the #1 place online to get a golf handicap for free. Join today.

Over 130,000 golfers have already tracked their scores & golf handicap on Golfshake plus accessing our website to read the latest golf features, finding golf courses to play and organising their golf groups/societies. Registering with Golfshake is free of charge and all members automatically receive a standard account which allows golfers to track their rounds, basic stats and gain access to a golf handicap and Golfshake handicap index.

Golf Handicap Online

The free standard will track unlimited rounds on multiple courses and track your golf handicap plus provides access to all community functionality. To view a full comparison of our services and accounts click here.

Click here to register free today


What Golfshake Provides

Online Golf Handicap Calculator

Free online golf handicap and score tracking service. Get a golf handicap and find out your handicap index. Plus track your scores, analyse rounds & improve your game!
More information

Golf Score Tracker

Track your scores online and compare them to your friends. Add unlimited rounds and track your advanced stats including; GIR, FIR and putts. View all of your stats in an easy to use charts.
More information

Golf Society & Group Software

Get you own group website for free and track your members' scores and handicaps. Compare playing stats, organise golf days online and post news, pics chat and more.
More information

Stat Tracking Cards

Tracking scores and more importantly the stats whilst on the course is a great way to analyse weaknesses in your game on the way to playing better golf and ultimately lowering your handicap.
More information

Golf Course Directory & Reviews

Search over 30,000 courses worldwide in our directory and view over 10,000 user reviews. Get club information, maps, pics, score cards and playing tips.
More information

Live Tee Time Search

We partner with Golfnow to bring you tee times from thousands of courses across the UK. Find the right course, at the right price and at the right time
More information

Golfshake Service Yearly Pricing

Track unlimited rounds on multiple courses and track your handicap for free joining over 80,000 golfers are already tracking their scores on Golfshake. All members receive a standard account - so join us now and see how Golfshake can; improve your game, track your golf handicap, run your golf group or just join the community.

Free Standard

  • Free Golf handicap Online
  • Track unlimited rounds on multiple courses
  • Track scores for 2 friends
  • Track optional stats
  • Basic reporting & analysis


  • All Standard features
  • Digital Handicap Report
  • Printable Handicap Report
  • In-depth game analysis
  • Access over 50 reports
  • Basic group/society system
  • Track scores for 7 friends

£17.95 £19.95 **

  • All Premium features
  • Member Handicap Card **
  • 1 Card Renewal per year **
  • Golfshake Stat Card Pack **
  • Up to £50 Golfbreaks.com voucher

£29.95 £39.95 ***

  • All Platinum features
  • Group Society System
  • 3 Card Renewals per year
  • Up to £50 Golfbreaks.com voucher
  • £100 Mizuno Golf Pairs events discount
  • £20 TourCaddieExperience
  • Exclusive discounts & offers

Full Service Comparison

Premium Service Features

The Premium Service is perfect for golfers who want insights into their game; round data, handicap history & in-depth stats.

The Premium Account Service provides additional analysis of your golf game and for society organisers allows you to run all aspects of your society or event online. As a Premium Member you will receive, 12 months' subscription to our Premium Account service, including:

  • Golfshake recognised handicap & full online golf handicap report
  • A PDF printer friendly golf handicap certificate
  • Record your advanced stats such as; putts, FIR, GIR, bunkers & sand saves
  • Additional handicap and in-depth round analysis (in easy to use graphical format)
  • Compare and analyse your rounds with those of your buddies
  • Track scores for up to 7 golf friends
Plus access over 50 charts, reports and indepth data from your stats. See more ....

Basic Stat Analysis

  • Rounds
  • Holes
  • Score
  • Score Nett
  • Front 9 Score
  • Back 9 Score
  • Stableford Pts
  • Pts per hole
  • Hole in ones
  • Holes at Par
  • Holes over par
  • Holes under par
  • Albatross
  • Birdie  
  • Par
  • Bogey  
  • Double Bogey
  • Triple Bogey+++
  • Par 3 score av.
  • Par 4 score av.
  • Par 5 score av.
  • Nett Par Run
  • Nett Bogey+ run

Advanced Stat Analysis

  • FIR
  • GIR
  • GIR per FIR
  • Scrambling
  • Up and Down
  • Sand Saves
  • Putts Per Round
  • Putts per hole
  • Putts per stroke
  • Putts per GIR
  • Putts per GIR missed
  • 0 Putts
  • 1 putts
  • 2 putts
  • 3 putts
  • 4 putts
  • Penalties per round
  • Penalties per hole
  • Pars made
  • Birdie chances converted
  • Bounce back
  • Head drop (reverse bounce back)

50 Stats Analysed

  • FIR par 4 av
  • FIR par 5 av
  • GIR par 3 av
  • GIR par 4 av
  • GIR par 5 av
  • Putts par 3 av
  • Putts par 4 av
  • Putts par 5 av
  • Dashboard - snapshot, rounds overview
  • Year Analysis - rounds, par, hcp etc
  • Handicap report - up to last 100 rounds
  • analysis of recent rounds
  • analysis of last 5 rounds
  • analysis of last 5 years
  • analysis of current & years
  • analysis of year month by month
  • Round list/secletor - by score, points, stats
  • Snapshot analysis by course inc graphs

30 Reports & Charts

  • Eclectic score by course
  • Overview of courses played
  • Handicap & stats history report
  • Rounds by course list
  • Graphical analysis: Scoring
  • Graphical analysis: Putting
  • Graphical analysis: Advance scoring
  • 10+ old reports and graphical analysis
  • Trend: Visual snapshot of stats
  • Trend: Target/handicap performance
  • Trend: Scoring distribution
  • Trend: Putting distribution
  • Individual round score card
  • Individual round stats card
  • Individual round round snapshot
  • Individual round full stats
  • Individual round how did I do
  • Compare friend scores, points, handicap

Platinum Service Features

Golfshake Member Card

The Platinum Service provides all Premium features and a credit card sized handicap member card

The Platinum Account Handicap Card Service provides a credit card sized handicap certificate. It features a credit card sized golf handicap certificate that you can keep in your wallet at all times. Ideal if you are ever asked to produce proof of handicap, play golf overseas, or want to play in golf events and competitions.

As a Platinum Account Member you will receive:

  • 12 months’ Premium website membership
  • Member handicap card sent in the post
  • A recognised handicap certificate
  • A Golfbreaks.com Voucher giving you up to £25 off a golf break ***

International members: please note that if you are a resident or have a mailing address outside of the UK there is an additional annual delivery fee of £6 on top of your membership fee to cover international postage costs.

Club Golfshake Features

The Club Golfshake Service provides all Platinum features, society/group software, handicap card renewals and more.

The Club Service provides all Premium and Platinum features but allows up to 3 additional member handicap card renewals during the subscription. The Club service also provides:

  • All Premium and Platinum features
  • 3 additional handicap member card renewals
  • Access to the Golfshake Group/Society software
  • A Golfbreaks.com Voucher giving you up to £50 off a golf break ***
  • More exclusive offers & deals from Golfshake partners

International members: please note that if you are a resident or have a mailing address outside of the UK there is an additional annual delivery fee of £6 on top of your membership fee to cover international postage costs.

See terms for further information on the Platinum and Club services.

*** For full Golfbreaks voucher redemption terms access the Golfshake member area.

Full Service Comparison

The matrix below provides a full overview of the service including our free standard service. Additionally, see these common questions:

Standard Account
Premium Account
Platinum Account
Core Service        
Track golf scores and view basic round stats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track stats: putts, FIR, GIR, bunker shots, sand saves Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add unlimited rounds to multiple golf courses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track scores via the Golfshake website or Apps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maintain your golf handicap online Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track your golf handicap for unlimited rounds on multiple courses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly handicap report sent via e-mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Golfshake Member Services        
Credit Card sized Golf Handicap (welcome pack and card) No No Yes Yes
Up to 3 handicap/member cards renewals during subscription No No No Yes
Golfer's CBD Discount No No No Yes
Up to £50 Golfbreak.com voucher No No No Yes
Monthly Online Score Leaderboard Competition No No No Yes
Weekly Curated Email Editorial Roundup No No Yes No
£100 Mizuno Golf Pair Events Discount No No No Yes
£20 Tour Caddie Experience Discount No No No Yes
2 Year HIO (Hole in One) membership for the Price of 1 No No No Yes
20% Max Golf Protein discount No No No Yes
15% SwingPlate Discount No No No Yes
Track scores & handicaps for friends (max 2) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Handicap history - full breakdown of rounds & data No Yes Yes Yes
Handicap certificate online & in print friendly format No Yes Yes Yes
Track scores & handicaps for friends (up to 7) No Yes Yes Yes
Track scores & handicaps for group/society members (unlimited) No No No Yes
Score Tracking        
Basic round analysis and round snapshot Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track shot tendancy; off the tee, approach and putting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Round analysis including graphs and charts No Yes Yes Yes
Reporting and Analysis        
Basic stats and analysis of your game Yes Yes Yes Yes
List all rounds, recent stats and handicap Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stats dashboard showing recent performance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic overview/snapshot of career stats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eclectic scores by course tee/scorecard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Career stats by month, year, last 5 rounds, last 5 years No Yes Yes Yes

Full history overview

No Yes Yes Yes
Stats and analysis by course tee/scorecard No Yes Yes Yes

Full career stats and peformance overview

No Yes Yes Yes
Graphical analysis of score performance No Yes Yes Yes

Graphical analysis of par analysis and score distribution

No Yes Yes Yes
Graphical analysis of putting analysis and distribution No Yes Yes Yes
Hole length analysis; how do you stack up on long pars 3 etc No Yes Yes Yes
Performance analysis; scoring breakdown over 3, 6 and 9 hole loops No Yes Yes Yes
Shot tendancy analysis; distance, approach accuracy and putting analysis No Yes Yes Yes
Scoring trends graphical chart No Yes Yes Yes
Stats Intelligence & Challenges        

Game Improvement Dashboard

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Goals & Targets - set targets based on handicap levels Yes Yes Yes Yes

Awards & Accolades - focus your game with our preset challenges

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Challenge: Par Birdie Bogey Yes Yes Yes Yes

Challenge: Birdie Challene (advanced eclectic score challenge)

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Leader Board - stats analysis compared against 1000s of other golfers Yes Yes Yes Yes

Strengths & Weakness - insights into your game

No Yes Yes Yes
Goals & Targets - in-depth analysis based on handicap targets No Yes Yes Yes
Play Your Best - data on best rounds and stat performances No Yes Yes Yes
Data Snapshot analysing recent rounds, benchmarks and trends No Yes Yes Yes

Me Vs - updated insights against your golf mates (COMING SOON)

No Yes Yes Yes
Golfshake Academy - Video tuition tips based on your stats & performance (COMING SOON) No Yes Yes Yes
Groups, Leagues and Societies        
Create basic groups and invite members to join Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create accounts for non computer using friends (up to 2) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create accounts for non computer using friends (unlimited) No No No Yes
Track handicaps of society managed accounts No No No Yes
Access in-depth member analysis and handicap reports No No No Yes
Create premium groups with full society management functionality No No No Yes
Add rounds and track handicaps for your group members No No No Yes
Create group leaderboards and analyse members' scores No No No Yes
Send messages to all group members No No No Yes
Create events/competitions for groupsof golfers No No No Yes
Event scoring, leaderboards and order of merit system No No No Yes
Event reports and score analysis in a print friendly format No No No Yes


Common Questions

Can I get a golf handicap for free?

Yes. We have been providing handicap services for over 15 years and believe everyone should be able to gain their handicap benchmark completely free to be able to take part in this great game and compete against others.

Which service do I need to print my handicap?

A printed handicap is available in our Premium service which starts at £9.95 or as part of our Platinum or Club service.

Can I track scores for my friends?

Yes the app and web will allow you to track scores for upto 2 friends for free. The Premium service allows unlimited.

Which service do I need if I want to track my group online?

The Club Golfshake account will allow you to run your golf group/society and events online. This service is £39.95 per year.


What Our Members Say

I am a club member but find Golfshake very good for 'realtime' measure of how playing, not just competition rounds and occasional supp. rounds. Allows me to keep track of all the different courses I have played, best scores on each.

Brilliant for maintaining an up to date view of how your game is at the moment in time and also showing where the extra practise is needed.

Good platform. Enjoy using it for score/stats/handicap tracking.

Excellent, very easy to use. I am a nomad golfer and only use the site to record my scores and, as not a club member, a virtual handicap to see if I am improving.

I am very happy to use Golfshake I can see my progress over the years months weeks of my game. It’s just easy to use and it’s a plus aid in improving your mindset in each round you play.

I have tracked my scores over a number of years to see I am performing on my regular course/s. It’s a good tool to have and saves me keeping hundreds of old cards and having to go thru them to see how you are doing. The system shows this visually straight away.

I have used Golfshake a lot over the years, initially to track my own handicap but as I have played more and understood the functionality, enjoy comparing myself to my friends who also use Golfshake, whilst ensuring we can compete fairly by tracking our handicaps in one place. I also read the feedback on courses other people have played before booking them, which I find really useful.

I use Golfshake for my own benefit to track my scores and trends over the year. It is an excellent tool for this.

I’ve always used Golfshake as a tracking tool to record my scores and analyse my game. The plus for me is knowing my handicap and viewing previous rounds where would I be without it !!

Click here to register free today

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