Meet the Team

Golfshake Staff

DRDarren Ramowski (MD, IT Tech, Marketing & Digital)

Darren is the cog that keeps the site, score tracker and apps ticking over.  Darren is focused on playing more golf in 2017, playing better and hopefully getting his handicap below 18.

The site started life way back in 1999 when Darren wanted somewhere to record his scores and know his social playing golf handicap.  Golfshake was born in 2007 which saw the site expand outside of the golf score tracking providing a community feel, golf news and editorial content and an online golf course directory.

KCKieran Clark (Writer, Social & Community Editor)

Kieran looks after the daily editorial content on the site, weekly editorial emails, forums and community interaction and all aspects of the Golfshake social channels.

Kieran began playing golf at the age of five on the Isle of Bute in Scotland. It was the start of a relationship that hasn’t waned, with it becoming a mission to tick off as many courses as possible, with the Old Course at St. Andrews being the stand out so far.  To read Kieran's latest editorial & features visit here.

KPKevin Paver (Content, Digital and Video Editor)

Kevin is a super keen golfer and on a quest to get down to single figures!  Kevin looks after all things digital for Golfshake including all video as well as carrying out product tests and golf course reviews.

He also began a challenge to get from hacker to single figures started in 2014 when he was playing off 22 with the hope of dropping to single figures in a year.  The challenge was harder than predicted and in 2019 Kevin is now back in full challenge mode to get his 14 handicap down to a single figure handicap.  To read Kevin's latest feature reviews for Golfshake visit here.

Ryan RastallRyan Rastall (Equipment Expert and PGA Professional at Howley Hall Golf Club)

Ryan is PGA Pro and Head Professional at Howley Hall Golf Club in Leeds and the gear expert for Golfshake.

He's a self confessed golf geek and technology is something he is massively passionate about, utilising Trackman for coaching and having set up a custom fitting studio at Howley Hall. 

To find out more about his custom fit at Howley Hall then visit:



Golfshake Writer Team

Derek Clements

Derek Clements is a sports journalist with a particular passion for golf with many years of experience covering golf and other sports. He is a keen, single-figure handicap golfer who has played the game all over Europe and in America and has reviewed many fabulous golf courses.

His favourite courses are Aldeburgh in Suffolk and the K Club, near Dublin. He is Chief Sub-Editor on the sports desk of The Sunday Times.  To read Derek's latest tour previews, wrap-ups and editorial pieces visit here.

Andy Waple

Andy is an experienced journalist who has reviewed golf resorts and courses in many parts of the world for more than 40 years.

He has been a member of Hallamshire GC in Sheffield since his youth but can’t resist the urge to play other courses and compare their merits. His favourite destinations are South Africa and Portugal, the latter being the subject of his guest blog at but he is just at home playing in the UK and Ireland.  Read Andy's Golfshake articles here.

Alex PickenAP2

Alex is currently majoring in Sports Management with a minor in Communications at Pfeiffer University in North Carolina. He is completing his degree in America whilst also playing for the Pfeiffer Falcons University golf team.

He is a keen golfer and single figure handicapper who has a passion for sports journalism and writing about all things golf.

To read Alex's latest editorial & features visit here.

Will TrinkwonWT

Will is an unrepentant lover of all things golf and has been playing the game since he was 13.

He’s now considerably older, not very much wiser and plays to a (very lapsed!) handicap of 3. If you’re willing to listen to him, he will also be happy to tell you about the time he played golf for Cambridge University’s first team, for which he eventually earned his full blue.

When he’s not on the links, Will channels his considerable passion for the game into writing about the sport on Golfshake, keeping up to date with tour gossip and binge-watching old videos of Tiger Woods on YouTube.

To read Will's latest editorial & features visit here.


Golfshake Ambassadors

MattyMatt Holbrook (Handicap 8.0)

Matt is a long serving Golfshake ambassador having contributed to Golfshake for over 8 years.  He regularly writes course features and well as product reviews - as well as the odd appearance on the Golfshake Podcast.

A self proclaimed golf nut currently plays his Golf at Stowmarket Golf Club in Suffolk.  Matt has tracked over 550 rounds on Golfshake over the year in his quest to #GoLow and achieved his long term ambition of getting to single figures during the 2019 season.  To read Matt's latest feature reviews for Golfshake visit here.

APAndrew Picken (Handicap 18)

A Golfshake member since 2011 Andrew's a real golf addict playing whenever and whereever he can.   Andrew regularly writes full golf course reviews for Golfshake as well as trip reports and destination guides around Europe.

Having played golf for over 25 years Andrew is also a member of several golf societies and also organises a society and helps with several charity events each year.

He loves challenging his golf game and his keen to promote the sport of golf as widely as possible so that others can hopefully experience the benefits he gets from the game.

To read Andy's latest feature reviews for Golfshake visit here.

MDMelvyn Davies (Handicap 12)

Mel's been playing golf for 25+ years and a present member at Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club.

He loves anything and everything to do with golf and regular plays at his club, socially with his friends and as part of a large work based society running their annual championship golf day.

For Golfshake Mel regularly writes feature course reviews recently playing Handsworth, The Astbury and Ingor Manor.  He's currently on the quest to reach every golfers "holy grail" of single figures.

To read Mel's latest feature reviews for Golfshake visit here.

Rob Treanor (Handicap 18)

Rob is a passionate golfer who typically manages over 100 rounds a year. He travels a lot and has played golf in four continents with favourite tracks including Woburn, Aphrodite Hills (Cyprus), and Clyne (Wales).

Rob loves playing a scramble or better ball socially with his mates but also competes regularly. In 2017 he won the regional final of the Audi Quattro Cup earning a place at the UK national final of what is the largest amateur golf competition in the world.

To read Rob's latest feature reviews for Golfshake visit here.

Robert CrossRobert Cross (Handicap 7)

Rob has been playing golf "seriously" for 10 years. Based in Bedfordshire where he is a member of The Millbrook GC, previously holding a Category 1 handicap. With a putting green in his back garden, golf really is an everyday activity!  

Being an IT geek, Rob loves nothing more than analysing his game (using Golfshake) and is striving to return to Cat 1.

To read Robert's latest feature reviews for Golfshake visit here.

Kevin HeggieKevin Heggie (Handicap 18)

Kevin has been playing golf since his early 20s, picking up the game as a great way to stay in contact with school and university friends around the country.  

Over the years the golfing bug has bitten stronger and stronger, and when not playing around the Warwickshire and West Midlands areas he'll be either planning golf trips and crossing off Bucklist courses, watching golf YouTube videos, or reading reviews of the latest tech and gadgets which might help bring his Golfshake handicap down.

To read Kevin's latest feature reviews for Golfshake visit here.

Richard MooreRichard Moore (Handicap 14)

Richard is a golf enthusiast and is on a mission to get from 14 to 12 handicap in 2020 and then single figures  in 2021.

He began golf 30 years ago but took a big break  when he had a young family, but is now on a mission to improve and to experience golf wherever and whenever. He loves to travel with his clubs and  has played golf in 14 countries to date and is always looking for the next experience.

To read Richard's latest feature reviews for Golfshake visit here.

Golfshake Contributors

KMKevin Markham

Kevin Markham is an Irish golf writer and photographer. He has played every 18-hole course in Ireland - writing two books about his travels - and played many more courses around the world. Kevin writes for Irish and UK golf websites & magazines and he is a regular contributor on Golfshake.

He started playing golf at the age of five and, today, rarely passes a golf course without taking the opportunity to tee it up. His books are 'Hooked' and 'Driving The Green', and his blog is

To read Kevin's latest feature reviews for Golfshake visit here.

Kevin Diss

Kevin Diss is an experienced photographer specialising in golf course photography and sporting events.

His golf course library features many of the top courses in the UK he's attend golfing events including the BMW PGA Championship, RICHO British Womens Opens, Seniors Open and the British Masters.  For more information visit:



To find out more about Golfshake opportunities, roles and the writer program visit here.