The 18 Hardest Greens in the UK

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What is the most treacherous green you have faced? There is always one that we can never master, no matter how many times we’ve played it. Those breaks can be subtle and deceptive, or wildly sloping and quick, making a three-putt an inevitability after a slightly misjudged approach shot.

There is no exact science to determine what makes for a difficult green, but we have delved into the Golfshake Score Tracker and taken data from 125,000 rounds of golf to pick out some recurring greens that consistently drive alarming putting stats from regular golfers across a spectrum of abilities.

Most Difficult 1st and 18 Holes in the UK

Analysing players with handicaps between scratch and 20, across 9,000 golf courses, these holes (specifically the greens) have all been tracked on Golfshake at least 200 times. Worth noting that 4% of rounds saw a four-putt. Obviously, this doesn’t factor in proximity to the hole etc, so is more of a fun way to pick out some examples. Let us know which greens particularly trouble you with a putter in hand!

The 18 Hardest Greens in the UK – Average Putts.

Hole 1 - Tinsley Park: Average 2.23
Hole 2 - Pine Ridge: Average 2.08
Hole 3 - Surrey National: Average 2.08
Hole 4 - KP Club: Average 2.17
Hole 5 - Gotts Park: Average 2.18
Hole 6 - Tracy Park Cromwell: Average 2.20
Hole 7 - Pedham Place Champ: Average 2.07
Hole 8 - Paultons Champ: Average 2.14
Hole 9 - Chesfield Downs: Average 2.33
Hole 10 - Players Codrington: Average 2.16

Hole 11 - Macdonald Ardene: Average 2.13
Hole 12 - Allestree ParkAverage 2.19
Hole 13 - 3 Rivers Jubilee: Average 2.13
Hole 14 - Barnsley LimesAverage 2.14
Hole 15 - Bulbury Wood: Average 2.14
Hole 16 – Darrington: Average 2.11
Hole 17 - Gotts Park: Average 2.14
Hole 18 - West Midlands: Average 2.09

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