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Articles by Barry Rhodes

Rules: Attending the Flagstick

Resident rules expert, Barry Rhodes offers some advice on attending the flagstick on and off the green.

Rules: Fairly Taking a Stance

Resident rules expert, Barry Rhodes offers some advice on Rule 13-2 which focuses on playing the ball as it lies and fairly taking a stance without lie, line of play and the area of the stand and swing.

Rules: Known or Virtually Certain

Resident rules expert, Barry Rhodes offers some advice on the change to the term and surrounding rules related to - known or virtually certain.

Rules: Before Commencing a Round

Resident rules expert, Barry Rhodes offers some tips on what to do before commencing a competitive round of golf and where the rules come in to play.

Are Rules Made to be Broken?

Resident rules expert, Barry Rhodes discusses the importance of Golf's set of rules and why, for good reason there are so many. 

Golfing in Bad Weather - Rules to be aware of

Unfortunately winter is upon us meaning that we are all going to have to play in bad weather every now and then. Barry Rhodes details some rules we should know when playing winter golf.

Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructions - Which is which?

How often have you been confused by loose impediments and moveable obstructions? Which is which? Barry Rhodes explains what a loose impediment is and how you should be interpreting the rules of the game.

Just where should you place a rake after playing from a bunker?

It may seem like a small matter, but we have all use rakes in bunkers and occasionaly they interfere with play. Rules expert Barry Rhodes explains the rules around rakes and shares his view on where they should be placed.

Rule 22 - Ball Assisting or Interfering with Play

There is often confusion between players as to when you may lift your ball. Barry Rhodes offers some help with Rule 22.

Preferred Lies and Winter Rules

Guest post from Barry Rhodes author of the book, ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’. Players are often confused by the subject of ‘Winter Rules’ or ‘Preferred Lies’ therefore Club, Society and course Committees should anticipate the arrival of adverse course conditions and have properly worded temporary Local Rules prepared that spell out exactly what is, and what is not permitted.

10 Golden Rules of Golf

If all golfers were to learn these 10 Golden Rules, George Peper estimates that they would be able to resolve 90% of the Rules situations that golfers routinely encounter in the course of an 18-hole round. I present them here to remind readers of some of the most basic principles of the game we love.

Rules Relating to Water Hazards

It is apparent to me that many golfers have played the game for years without properly understanding what to do if their ball lies within the margin of a water hazard. If you are amongst them I think that you will find this summary of the main issues helpful.

Rules Relating to the Putting Green

Most golfers will take at least one third of their strokes in any round on the putting green. It therefore stands to reason that golfers should understand the Rules of Golf relating to this area of the course.

Rules Relating to the Score Card

Any golfer who regularly plays in their Club competitions will have heard hard luck tales concerning a prize that would have been won if there had not been a mistake concerning a score card.

Golf Rules - Lifting and Dropping a Ball

There is more to lifting and dropping a ball than many golfers realise. Here are answers to some of the questions that may arise.

Causing Your Ball to Move

In most circumstances, when a golfer causes their ball in play to move, whether accidentally or purposely, in either stroke play or match play, there is a penalty of one stroke under Rule 18-2 and the ball has to be replaced.

Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) – The Facts

With the increasing use of Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) on the golf course there is much confusion as to what is permitted by the Rules and what is not. Barry, author of the book, 999 Updated Questions on the Rules of Golf 2012 - 2015, talks us through the facts.

Slow Play and the Rules

Barry Rhodes author of the book, ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ talks us through the rules of golf in relation to slow play.

Golf Rules Embedded Balls

With 'embedded balls' a regular occurence of winter golf and some minor confusion around the rules Barry Rhodes offers some advice on the rules of golf in relation to embedded balls.

Main Amendments to the Rules of Golf 2012-2015

Revisions to the Rules of Golf, which thankfully are now unified across the world, are published by R&A Rules and the USGA every four years. The latest revisions are effective from 1st January, 2012. The good news is that there are few changes that will cause golfers any difficulty in understanding and remembering. The majority of the changes are amendments aimed at improving the clarity of the Rules. I am pleased to present my summary of those changes that are most likely to affect golfers, whatever their handicaps or playing status.

You Cannot Declare Your Ball Lost

There is a common misconception that a player may declare their ball lost, either to indicate that they intend to play out the hole with another ball played provisionally.

Local Rules

Guest post from Barry Rhodes author of the book, ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’. Let us consider why it is so important to familiarise yourself with Local Rules by posing a few questions.

Nearest Point of Relief

Guest post from Barry Rhodes author of the book, ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ 

Every Golfer Is a Referee

As someone who has become increasingly involved with the Rules of Golf over the past ten years I am often asked whether I am interested in becoming a golf referee. This has never been my intention.  However, the truth is that I am a golf referee, and if you play competitive golf then so are you!

Barry Rhodes

Barry is author of the book, '999 Updated Questions on the Rules of Golf 2012 - 2015' and writes a regular blog of miscellaneous content on the rules of Golf at www.barryrhodes.com

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