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20 Golf Challenges For You to Achieve in 2024

By: | Fri 19 Jan 2024

The Christmas tree is little more than a distant memory, the chime of the New Year bells faded long ago, all of which means that we have now embraced 2024 and both the challenges and opportunities that it will bring.

For golfers, the beginning of each season can be an effective reset button, where you establish goals for the months to come alongside hopes and dreams for what you can derive from the game. Many of you are likely working away at the range or keeping yourself ticking over with routine winter rounds, but once springtime makes a welcome appearance, the excitement will be palpable. 

But what should you desire to achieve this year? We have decided to set a few objectives for you to tick off - some of which are more testing than others, but we're pretty sure that conquering any of them would qualify the 2024 golf season as being a resounding success.

Play More Rounds Than 2023

This is (hopefully) the simplest one to have on your list. However many rounds you played last year, make sure you get out there for at least one more this season. Some golf fanatics are already pushing the limits of what's possible, but for those of us who don't get out there often enough - make 2024 the year when you do fulfil that dream!

Shoot Your Lowest Ever Score

Thousands of you keep track of your rounds on the Golfshake Score Tracker, but what is your lowest ever score? Whatever that may be, try and better it this year - and let us know about it when you do!

Improve Your Golfshake Stats

If you're a regular user of the Score Tracker, then you likely keep a record of your statistics round-by-round, season-by-season. Take a look at them - set a few benchmarks - and aim to improve on them this year. Whether you want to enhance a strength or defeat a weakness, hit more fairways and greens and hole more putts!

Play Multiple Rounds Without Losing a Ball

We naturally enjoy stats, but this is always a useful barometer to ensure that you're not making catastrophic errors on the golf course. Have a new box of Titleist Pro V1s or Callaway Chrome Softs? Let's see how many rounds you can get by without losing one! If you manage to get through multiple days, then we reckon that is probably a sign that you've played solid, consistent golf.

Play 18 Holes Without a Three-Putt

Arguably the most frustrating way to lose strokes is on the greens, especially when you three-putt from a relatively modest distance. Work on your pace control and line reading and set yourself a target of getting through your round with no worse than a two-putt. If you manage to accomplish that, then you'll save yourself plenty of squandered shots on the card!

Take on a Longest Day Challenge

Looking forward to June, the longest day of this year will technically be on the 20th of that month, but anything in the vicinity is relevant for this discussion. You often see golfers taking on challenges to play 72 holes a day - regularly for charity - but we'd like you to have a go at one yourself. Play at your pace, even if it's just two rounds, and make the absolute most of the summer daylight!

Play More Courses This Year

How many golf courses did you play in 2023? Whatever the number, endeavour to play more! You could return to old favourites or even - most excitingly - tick off some new ones. And if you do visit different layouts this season, don't forget to leave a review in the Golfshake Course Section!

Get a Golf Lesson

Golf Lesson

Perhaps you're struggling with a common fault, are desperate to improve, or maybe even fancy a check-up to make sure you are maintaining solid fundamentals. Golf lessons with a registered professional are invaluable and we recommend that you book at least one this year!

Be Fitted For New Golf Clubs

Have you thought about buying yourself a new set of golf clubs? Then why not put yourself through a proper custom fitting session! It's the only way to get your hands on equipment that is guaranteed to be most suited to your technique.

Attend an Elite Tournament

Playing golf is the pinnacle, but watching the best in the world compete can also be inspiring. Maybe you're a regular at tournaments or haven't been to any, why not add one to your diary this year. Some of you may have tickets to The Open at Royal Troon, while others make sure they're at Wentworth each season for the BMW PGA Championship. Personally, we'd recommend the AIG Women's Open at St Andrews - that will be an exceptional showpiece event at the Home of Golf.

Reduce Your Handicap

Golfers love to improve - and so do we - which is why the Golfshake mantra is Play More & Play Better. The acid test for the latter is whether your handicap is lower than it was at the beginning of the season. Become more consistent, shoot better rounds, and maybe even finally accomplish that one-established handicap goal. If you've always wanted to reach single figures - then make this the year!

Play a Round Without Yardage Markers, Books, or Devices

Some of us so-called traditionalists (guilty as charged) bristle a little at rangefinders and distance measuring devices, even though they do make the game easier. For an experiment, why not simply trust your eyes and feel and play a round without consulting any piece of technology or yardage markers. It might just make you a more creative and better golfer!

Play a Round With Only a Handful of Clubs

Likewise, another thing worth trying is playing with a reduced number of clubs. This could be in competition, a fun match with friends, or even just on your own. Using fewer clubs will enhance your imagination and shot-making skills. Channel your inner-Lee Trevino or Seve Ballesteros and just see what happens!

Go on a Golf Break

When did you last embark on a golf break? Whether it's your first or umpteenth, make sure you go on one this year. Perhaps you'll choose from more local, UK-based options, or maybe you'll prefer to experience fresh (and potentially warm) pastures abroad. Our travel partners Golfbreaks are always the people we look to for a recommendation or two.

Play at Dawn & Dusk

If you're someone who routinely plays during the late morning or early afternoon, you're missing out on the delights available at both extremities of daytime. Why not book the earliest tee time one day and sweep the dew with the course laid out empty before you, or chase the sun for a twilight round in the evening. Either way, you'll get to sample what photographers refer to as 'golden hour' - when the light is at its most majestic.

Dumbarnie Links

Play a Highly Recommended Golf Course

Want to play new courses, but aren't sure where to start? Why not play a layout that comes Highly Recommended on Golfshake, based on the reviews of everyday golfers like you

Play a Golf Course You've Always Wanted

Have you always dreamt of striding down the fairways of The Old Course or The Belfry? Then why not treat yourself to a bucket list tee time in 2024. Indeed, the course you've long wanted to play doesn't have to be a marquee one either. Whatever that place is, make sure you visit it this year!

Expand Your Golf Social Circle

One of the great appeals of golf is the social side, with the game bringing different kinds of people together by a shared passion. You can make friends for life on the course, so why not endeavour to meet a new one this year, expanding your circle of golfing acquaintances and making your time playing even more rewarding.

Play Somewhere Unique


There are golf courses out there that may not register in many households, but have a story to tell. How about the startling Cleeve Hill in the Cotswolds, or Bramshaw in the New Forest where deer, ponies and pigs roam the fairways. Or what about the sensational Brora far north in the Highlands that is home to cattle with electric fences protecting the greens? Maybe you would prefer to visit one of Scotland's islands for a golf experience - and we can personally point you in the direction of Bute.

Have Fun

Ultimately, the most basic objective for the year is simply to enjoy the game. Have fun out there. Make the most of your time on the golf course and relish the company of others you share it with. That's an achievement we should all look to master throughout the 2024 season.

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