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Have You Achieved Your Golf Goals This Season

By: | Mon 21 Aug 2023

We’re now in the final month of summer and the big question is where on earth did the summer season go?!

Considering the season will soon draw to a close, we’re asking golfers if they have achieved their goals for this season?

Below, we talk about ten common goals and what it means to achieve them.

Lower Your Handicap

The bread and butter of seasonal goals, lowering your handicap. In March, as the golf season slowly approaches us, there will be thousands of golfers throughout the country who have set themselves the target of lowering their handicap. Whilst it seems like an effortlessly easy task, it’s actually quite the opposite. To improve at golf - like all things in life - you’ll need to delegate time to practicing and honing the skill needed to be deemed a decent golfer. If you have hit your target, a huge congratulations! If not, there’s still time to get your handicap down to where it belongs!

Play a New Course

We all love our home course, but incompetence can set in when we know a layout too well. Not only that, but understanding the best misses sometimes takes the fun away… and you won’t be able to pull off those hero shots either! Playing a new course is a breath of fresh air, with a different design and routing to challenge you. You may play more tentatively, deciding to understand the danger before pulling driver on every hole possible. Sometimes, it’s just nice to golf in a different environment.

Break 100/90/80/70

Break X videos are becoming very popular on YouTube, and we always aim to break a certain number for the very first time. Whether you’re a newcomer who would love to break 100 or a veteran who can’t quite get it under par, breaking a certain number for the first time brings an exhilarating rush alongside it. So, if you’ve managed to break a new number for the first time, well done to you. If not, then try and squeeze as many rounds in as possible. Sadly, autumn is coming.

Golf Goals

Go on a Golf Break

Going on a golf break is like playing a new course but even better. The likelihood - unless you’re returning to a favourite - is that you’ve not played this course before. Whilst you get to enjoy the thrill of seeing and playing a golf course for the first time, you’ll also enjoy your evenings as the majority of golf resorts boast on site restaurants and bars to keep guests entertained in the evening. Look for companies such as The QHotels Collection or Darwin Escapes for really good golf deals at a number of their resorts.

Take Golf Lessons

When golfers feel the need to improve, there are two steps that they can take. They will either invest in golf lessons, knowing the valuable information the professional holds can help unlock lower scores, or they’ll go and spend £500 on a new driver. We cannot stress this enough, but please consider the cheaper option and sound out a pro for some great advice. Your game won’t become faultless overnight, but with enough work and commitment, you’ll be twice the golfer with a great feeling of accomplishing something important to you.

Update Your Equipment

We too see the irony of putting these back-to-back, but there does come a time where you should update your golf equipment. The general rule of thumb is to replace your driver every five years if you want to benefit from modern technology. The breakthrough in technology has been exemplified since the turn of the century, and golfers will be missing out on valuable, forgiving clubs if they have not updated for more than a decade. We know a new golf set is not cheap, so this is one that should be planned and prepared efficiently.

Improving Your Golfshake Stats

There’s already been so much data inputted into the Golfshake Score Tracker this year - have you kept up to date with yours? The tracker, which you can gain free access to, enables golfers to keep a keen eye on their performances by detailing niche stats such as Fairways in Regulation and number of putts. You can even set goals for your game and then monitor the performance across the season. If you haven’t been using the Golfshake Score Tracker, then get on board and join the party today!

Perform Consistently

You may laugh when we ask if you’ve performed consistently, but that question poses two different meanings to amateur and professional golfers. Whilst the pros will be looking for consistent finishes or yardages, we’re simply asking you if you’ve managed to keep the absolute horrors off the card. For example, if you’re an 18 handicapper, have you managed to stay under 100 all season? To perform consistently, you may need a few lessons or reliable gear, so all of these points do merge with one another.

Improve Pace Putting

This is actually really important and once you can rely on your speed, your scores should start to plummet. If you’re someone who three-putts four- or five-times a round, working on your speed could shave you 3-4 strokes alone. The best method to work on your speed is to spend more time on the putting green, and not giving too much attention to the line of the putt. Of course, you don’t want to be six-foot off-line, but if the pace is good you’ll typical produce more two-putts - and more smiles in the process too!

Continuing The Fun

The first thing about golf is that it’s a fun activity. The moment the fun ceases to be had, is the moment you may need to consider a different hobby. Whilst golf is one of the most frustrating sports in the entire world, it’s also supposed to be very fun. Of course there will be times when it’s not and you may even question your love for the game. It’s completely normal to have those wobbles but the main thing is that the fun returns. Unless you are continuing the fun, you will not get the enjoyment you desire from golf. 

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