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Do You Change Your Golf Glove Often Enough

By: | Tue 27 Feb 2024

Unless you follow the Fred Couples or Lucas Glover approach and quite simply never wear a glove on the golf course, then you can ignore this article or read on to gain some insight behind the agonising decisions the rest of us have to make. 

For a majority of golfers, wearing a glove is an essential part of your routine. Most of this group tend to use a glove for longer shots, before then electing to take it off for enhanced feel over chipping and putting. That is, of course, if you don't follow the lead of the great Jack Nicklaus who even wore his glove on the greens.

Just like balls, clubs, or any other piece of equipment, your gloves don't have an indefinite lifespan. They will quickly start to show signs of wear - especially if you're someone who plays regularly.

But do you change your golf glove often enough?

How to Make Your Gloves Last

Generally speaking, a rule of thumb is that gloves perform well for around ten rounds before you should consider replacing them, but this certainly isn't a universal statement as everyone is different and the environments you play in can have a major influence.

Should it be wet or the heat results in significant sweat, then that additional moisture can affect the flexibility and grip offered by your glove. Should the conditions be especially inclement, then a standard golf glove may be rendered obsolete after just one round.

Keeping your glove dry is key to making it last, while extra care should be taken when you're removing and putting it on to avoid stretching the material and making it less effective.

Ensuring you follow these two pieces of advice will help you get the most value and use from any product.

Jon Rahm Golf Glove

(Image Credit: Kevin Diss Photography)

How Often Should You Change Your Glove?

Many golfers will follow that unwritten rule of about ten rounds, which depending on how often you play could cover a fortnight, month or even a full year!

That was emulated by the feedback we received from Golfshake Ambassadors when we asked them back in 2020. Most of the guys who responded to us changed theirs on average between ten and fifteen rounds - unless sweaty hands during summer quickened up that process!

Some golfers like to begin their season with a new glove, or even wear a fresh one for a golf trip or a special round, while others adopt what we could term a rotational system.

What do we mean by this? Golfers choose to switch gloves depending on whether they're practicing or playing a proper round. You may have a glove for the range and one for the course. Or maybe even one for competitive play and use an older one for when you're just out for a recreational hit.

One of our ambassadors took that to a greater level by purchasing six new gloves and wearing a different one for every round he played!

That might be an extreme example of a rotation policy but think of it like socks. If you wore the same pair every day without fail - they wouldn't last for long and you would quickly know about it. Perhaps we should look at golf gloves in the same way. But ultimately, don't be a hoarder who keeps them all in your bag even when they're long past their best.

Think about your approach to wearing gloves, how regularly you change them and what you can do to help make them last for longer.

It's the little things like this that could assist you in getting a touch more from your game this season.

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