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The Benefits of Being a Nomadic Golfer

By: | Thu 01 Feb 2024

Whilst many golfers prefer the lifestyle of belonging to a club, there are clear benefits that only nomadic golfers can experience.

Nomadic golfers are unique in that they can freely roam from one golf facility to the other, feeling no guilt for spending money at another club that they don’t officially belong to.

Of course, nomadic golfers may miss out on the social benefits that are so rampant through membership - but there are plenty of positives too!

Discounted Tee Times

Accessing affordable tee times has never been an easier task. Discounted tee times enable golf clubs to fill out every tee time throughout the day - so keep a close eye on apps. You should also look out for twilight rates and special offers available directly from clubs.

Play Wherever

Nomadic golfers have the privilege of playing golf wherever they like. Typically, as a member of a club, you may be reluctant to spend money elsewhere - after all, you are paying for a membership fee with one facility. Nomadic golfers are not financially tied to any one club, meaning they can move between facilities more freely.

Different Experiences

Would you rather play the same 18-hole course every Saturday or play a more prestigious one every other week? Members of golf clubs will typically stay with their club throughout the year, but they are missing out on some wonderful experiences. If you’re someone who enjoys playing reputable courses throughout the year, then the nomadic lifestyle should appeal to you.

Nomadic Golfer

Demanding Schedule

If you’re someone who has a busy schedule and therefore cannot plan trips to the golf club in advance, then being a nomadic golfer is undoubtedly the better option. Sometimes we simply can’t make the weekly round-up or always make that Saturday round, so it’s better to play to your own schedule and feel no guilt for visiting alternative facilities.

Recreational Rounds

Playing golf infrequently helps it become a fun and informal activity. If you spend endless hours at the course, you’ll likely find serious golfers who are often not too enjoyable to play golf with. Nomadic golfers typically attract each other through their shared interests - and they often make the best company out on the golf course!

Improved Benefits

The days of belonging to a golf club in order to receive an official golf handicap are over, meaning the nomadic lifestyle may be more alluring today than it was previously. The World Handicap System enables golfers to update their handicap, which allows them to witness their growth. Improved benefits for nomadic golfers are making this direction more desirable. 

No Joining Fee

No matter what you sign up for - whether that be a golf club or a gym - the dreaded joining fee has plagued our society for quite some time. However, as a nomadic golfer, you’ll only be asked to pay the green fee each time you play golf, saving yourself a hefty amount. This is yet another saving that only the nomadic golfer gets to enjoy.

Traditional golf club membership will always be a great option for golfers who are social beings that enjoy the company of others.

Whilst there are clear pros and cons to joining a golf club, if you’re someone who can not afford a lot of time to the sport, then the nomadic lifestyle will suit you more.

Being able to play at numerous venues without feeling like you’re wasting money is a nice feeling and not one that every golfer can enjoy.

Whether you belong to a golf club or not, the most important thing is that you continue playing golf and improving your game!

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