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Tag: Golf Club Membership

Why You Shouldn't Give Up Your Golf Club Membership

Due to rising costs and other reasons, some golfers may have already or could be considering leaving their golf club. But Golfshake's Derek Clements believes that would be a mistake as he explains why ending your membership could be the worst possible thing you can do. read more ...

6 Major Challenges That Golf Clubs Are Facing

The health of golf clubs remains the truest way to assess the current state of the game. And things currently look pretty strong. However, it would be remiss not to reflect on the continued challenges that golf clubs are presented with, all of which have a potential impact in the shorter, but particularly longer term. read more ...

How Do Golf Clubs Balance The Needs of Members And Visitors

When it comes to costs and tee times, it's a constant challenge for golf clubs to successfully balance the needs of their members alongside ensuring that they continue to attract visitors. But is this really achievable? Golfshake's Derek Clements has some thoughts on the subject. read more ...

Where You Can Play Golf With a Flexible Membership

Traditional memberships at clubs are robust, but there is a growing segment of the golfing population who are seeking alternatives. That's where flexible, or points-based memberships are becoming more common, essentially allowing golfers to buy a certain number of credits that can be redeemed for rounds as they go. read more ...

Are Flexible Memberships The Future For Golf Clubs

The traditional model of golf club membership has retained its place at the heart of the game, but there is a nagging question about whether it's the most suitable way to conduct business as we look towards the latter half of the third decade in the 21st century. read more ...

My Journey Back to Golf Has Been Painful

Golfshake's Derek Clements has recently returned to the game after several years of injury problems. Having joined a club and deciding to make his comeback to the golf course, Derek shares an update on his journey that many of us can probably relate to. read more ...

Council Cuts Threaten Future of Golf Courses

Golf survived a global pandemic. However, the cost of living crisis is taking its toll in a way that COVID never did. You will no doubt be aware that many councils across the UK face serious budget shortfalls and are looking to make cuts. You also probably will not be surprised to learn that several municipal golf courses are under threat as a result. read more ...

Why Do Golfers Give Up Their Club Memberships

The most traditional form of experiencing golf is through a club membership, which offers plenty of incentives to retain your interest throughout the year. However, some clubs are seeing a drop in memberships across the country, which poses the question - why do golfers give up their club memberships? read more ...

The Benefits of Being a Nomadic Golfer

Whilst many golfers prefer the lifestyle of belonging to a club, there are clear benefits that only nomadic golfers can experience. Of course, nomadic golfers may miss out on the social benefits that are so rampant through membership - but there are plenty of positives too! read more ...

This is a Golf Club That You Would Never Leave

Our recent survey was a real eye-opener, revealing many things about what you consider makes a good course. There were also plenty of areas of concern for you, with joining fees, increased subscriptions and slow play among your bugbears. It got us thinking about what makes the perfect golf club, the one that you would never consider leaving. read more ...

Points Based Golf Membership Continues to See Growth

Golfers are increasingly searching for alternatives to the traditional club membership model, with the QHotels Group's Fairway Membership being among the most prominent, and it has continued to grow alongside the patterns outlined by the latest Sporting Insights Report for Q3 2023. read more ...

12 Things That Would Make Your Golf Club Perfect

As spring approaches and we get the chance to get out there and play more golf, some of us may be drawing up wish lists for what we hope to see at their golf clubs in 2024 - all the more so as subscription renewals start to drop through our letterboxes or pop into our in-boxes. Here are a few of the things that you might be hoping for in the months that lie ahead. read more ...

The Biggest Issues That You Want Golf Clubs to Address

Whether you are currently a member or have been in the past, there is no question that golf clubs remain at the heart of the sport, serving as the bedrock that supports the recreational game. However, there are clearly some issues that clubs need to address. And here are the specific areas that you most wanted to see golf clubs tackle in 2024. read more ...

Golfers Describe Concern at Rising Cost of Club Memberships

Perhaps more than anything, the overriding concern among golf club members this year is cost and the general unease around the rising expense that many are facing to maintain their current subscription at a club in addition to the lofty barriers that may prevent newer players from joining in the first place. read more ...

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