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The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs - 2023

By: | Thu 16 Mar 2023

Hybrids are the perfect addition to your golf bag if you’re someone who notoriously struggles with longer irons out on the course.

They can be used off the tee, from the middle of the fairway, in the rough and - for the more confident players - they can even be deployed as a touch club around the greens.

Now that we have the full list of 2023 hybrids, we have selected some of the very best that we think could creep their way into your bag!

You can also hear the insightful thoughts and analysis of Golfshake Equipment Expert, Ryan Rastall, in our latest video, either on YouTube, or at the bottom of this page.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Rescue, Stealth 2 Plus Rescue

The Stealth 2 hybrid collection from TaylorMade includes all the successful technology from the original Stealth series, with slight tweaks to enhance forgiveness across the entire face. A real focus point has been placed on an advanced Inverted Cone Technology and precision CG, which will see these clubs launch higher than before. We turn to our hybrid for a variety of reasons, and whether you’re going for the par-5 green in two or attempting to find the putting surface on a long par-3, the Stealth 2 hybrid collection provides a solution for a catalogue of scenarios.

The aforementioned CG has been positioned lower in the head compared to the previous year, which helps to produce a more centred CG projection for unprecedented launch and controllable spin. As previously stated, the Stealth 2 collection is an upgrade on the original release, with a mass pad being introduced towards the rear of the club to increase MOI for both playability and forgiveness.

The Stealth 2 Rescue offers forgiveness in mass, as it’s been designed with a slightly larger shape as opposed to the Stealth 2 Plus. However, the Plus is marketed towards better players, and the adjustable loft sleeve is an added bonus that will offer personalisation to tweak trajectory and face angle.  

TaylorMade Stealth

Key Tech:

What Golfshake Say:

“The Stealth 2 Plus is quite easy to get into the air and I think the distances are a bit more uniformed in the Plus, meaning I’m hitting it a similar distance. With the Stealth 2, I hit a few that went a long way and a couple that were short, so there’s quite a bit of variance between the longest and the shortest.”

Callaway Paradym, Paradym X

When it comes to hybrids, a large bulk of amateur golfers are looking for a golf club that is easy to launch whilst remaining packed with forgiveness. For fans of Callaway, Batwing technology has been introduced for the very first time - and it comes with explosive results, too! The Paradym hybrid collection is for golfers who want a mid-sized, wood-shaped rescue that offers ultimate control and distance.

The CG has been pushed low and forward and that’s delivered by incorporating high-density tungsten. It results in lower spin and ferocious ball speeds that will see this club perform reliably from the fairway, in the rough or even off the tee if you’re playing for placement. To further help interaction, an all-new Cutwave Sole has been designed specifically to glide through the turf with ease, and this is especially true for thicker rough.

Both the Paradym and Paradym X come with an adjustable hose, so you’ll be receiving the same customisation benefits whatever club you opt for. However, it is important to note that the Paradym X is tailored towards higher handicappers, as it places an emphasis on forgiveness to ensure you’re constantly in play. If you’re a lower handicapper, then the standard Paradym quite easily makes a comprehensive argument for becoming a permanent fixture in your bag.

Callaway Paradym

Key Tech:

What Golfshake Say:

“The Paradym X definitely seems to fly a little higher than the Paradym did, and it’s also much easier to turn it over and get it going left. For those of you who struggle with a slice, the Paradym X could be a little bit easier for you to use than the standard Paradym.”

Wilson Dynapower Hybrid

Wilson will look to rival the more popular brands in the hybrid market, and this generously priced club is packed with technology to do just that. The hybrid is equipped with internal low CG weighting and variable face thickness to help deliver fast ball speeds and easy launch to accommodate higher handicappers.

A new high MOI head design is responsible for an increase in forgiveness, which should interest those golfers who hold a higher handicap. Artificial Intelligence has been deployed to analyse thousands of different thickness of the Carpenter 455 Face to find the perfect section for each part of the club, which has resulted in fast ball speed across the entire face. Finally, the head has been tour-inspired, with Wilson having received feedback from players during testing. The end product is a flatter head profile that produces a cleaner look in the address position.

Wilson Hybrid

Key Tech:

What Golfshake Say:

“You get a real crunch off the face as you hit it; the feel is very, very good. In terms of looks behind the ball, I would say it looks really nice. It’s quite a classic look and I love the paint job on the top.”

Cobra Aerojet, King Tec

Cobra is the king of speed, so you’ll be unsurprised to hear an increase in power across the hybrid selection. The Aerojet hybrid has been designed with forgiveness in mind, enabling golfers to reach ground-breaking distance whilst keeping your ball in play too. The club is easy to launch and this should be of special importance to higher handicappers and golfers who generally struggle to get the ball bursting through the air.

The Aerojet features PWR-BRIDGE weighting and has a forged PWRSHELL face insert that helps to deliver more flexibility across the face, where the sweet spot has been enhanced to issue more forgiveness to the golfer. Additionally, the forged H.O.T face has been created through artificial intelligence, which will increase speed and spin significantly.

For better players, Cobra’s King Tec hybrid will be the more appealing option of the two. Whilst it contains the same technology as the impressive Aerojet, there are additional bonuses that will peak the interest of lower handicappers. Firstly, the club has been designed with a multi-material construction that features a lighter carbon crown fiber; this introduction allows weight to be redistributed for a lower CG. Furthermore, the Forged Tec hybrid features an adjustable weighting system, which will issue the golfer with plenty of freedom to fine-tune both the trajectory and spin performance.

Cobra KING Hybrid

Key Tech:

What Golfshake Say:

“The adjustability factor from the King Tec is something that could arguably make it stand out more so than the rest. The Aerojet is also very easy to get into the air and the gloss finish on the top of the club looks very good.”

PING G430, G430 HL

The ever-reliable brand of PING is back with their latest batch of hybrids, and higher handicappers will be particularly interested in the G430 HL. We’ll start with the HL, which stands for High Launching. This club is packed with the utmost of forgiveness, which means this is an ideal club off the tee or in the fairway. It has been specifically designed for golfers with slower swing speeds and those who can’t generate enough speed and ball velocity from traditionally weighted clubs. The overall system weight has been lowered to help generate more ball speed for higher launches and longer carries. If you’re someone who struggles with long irons, this could be the club that reinstalls your confidence from longer distances.

Better players will certainly like the look of the G430, which also promises faster ball speeds and enhanced forgiveness. Let’s start with the Carbonfly Wrap, which saves eight grams of weight that has been reallocated to lower the CG for increasing speed whilst simultaneously providing a joyful sound. Spinsistency Construction is what enables this club to boast such fantastic forgiveness, as the variable roll radius creates reduced loft lower on the face for additional distance from off-centre strikes. Forgiveness has been further reinforced via a tungsten backweight, which expands the perimeter weighting to minimise damage from poorly timed efforts.

PING Hybrid

Key Tech:

Titleist TSR2, TSR3

Titleist unveiled two new hybrids in February 2023, with both being tremendously popular for amateur golfers across the globe. We’ll start with the TSR2, which is packed with forgiveness and is naturally more tailored to higher handicappers. Firstly, a longer blade length has been introduced to help move the impact centre further from the shaft, which promotes more face flex whilst boosting speed and forgiveness. The TSR2 features a deeper and more forgiving CG, which results in this rescue being much easier to launch. You’re also not always going to hit the fairway, which is why the manufacturer has included added sole relief pockets that are designed to get the club to the ball cleaner and quicker.

The TSR3, on the other hand, is aimed at better players and those who like precise control and workability. It features a Tour-inspired shape that promotes confidence the moment you address the ball. Added sole relief pockets are also present on the TSR3 too, which will completely revolutionise how we strike hybrids from the rough - what was once a weakness has transitioned into a strength thanks to this advanced inclusion. Finally, the body construction is much more stable thanks to a higher inertia; when playing in more challenging conditions, the body will create more forgiveness and less deflection.

Titleist Hybrid

Key Tech:

Srixon ZX Hybrid

When we turn to our hybrids, we’re looking for a reliable club that can get us out of a tough spot. The ZX Hybrid from Srixon does just that. The club is an incredibly powerful and compact tool, and the fresh look inspires confidence the moment you address the ball. Rebound Frame is responsible for increasing ball speeds whilst remaining resilient in the forgiveness category. The decision to reshape the club has a multitude of benefits, including being able to position mass deeper into the clubhead, which significantly improves launch and carry distance.

A new face radius ensures quality of strike regardless of point of contact, which is crucial when facing daunting carries across hazards. The overall design of the hybrid features a smaller footprint, straight face angle and a squared-off toe.

Srixon Hybrid

Key Tech:

Hybrids are very useful tools, but not nearly enough golfers have one in the bag. If you’re someone who struggles with longer irons, then hybrids should be a welcome addition to your set up.

Remember, each model offers something different to the last, so please consider all the specs before purchasing.

If you’re unsure on what hybrid to buy, then head to a fitting studio to trial out a selection - or watch Ryan's video below!

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