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The Best Game Improvement Irons of 2021

By: Golfshake Editor | Fri 11 Jun 2021 | Comments

Most of us could do with that extra bit of help on the golf course, so we're grateful that manufacturers produce irons that offer the support!

Ryan Rastall, Head Pro at Howley Hall Golf Club and Golfshake's Equipment Expert, has picked out the clubs that have most impressed him this year, the irons that could make a significant difference to your game.

Wilson D9, £469 (6 Irons - Steel)

Wilson D9

Wilson have taken a revolutionary design to their iron production, which is best highlighted by the D9 Irons. Hundreds of head shapes and Power Hole layouts have been tried and tested – all in the ultimate pursuit of creating the greatest game-improving irons on the market. These irons launch higher and spin lower, while simultaneously improving stopping power for pinpoint accuracy. 

Urethane-filled Power Holes, that have been strategically positioned, promote maximum face flex which improve ball speeds. The sweet spot has been expanded to make missing as difficult as ever. The lowest centre of gravity that Wilson have ever released are in the D9s, improving launch angles and delivering a steeper angle of descent for improved control around the greens. To summarise, the D9 Irons contain all the game improvement features you want yet are concealed in a player’s iron aesthetic you’ll love.  

What Golfshake Say:

“The D9, whilst it suits a mid-to-higher handicapper range, still looks great and there is lots of technology still packed into them. I honestly don’t think there is much out there on the market that can rival this performance for the same price. Excellent irons.” 

For more, see Ryan's Full Review!

Callaway Apex DCB £859 (6 Irons - Steel)

Callaway Apex DCB

Callaway’s Apex DCB are game improvement irons. Now, you might believe that less effort goes into these clubs – you would be wrong. Apex Irons are known for their incredible feel and Apex DCB shares that quality. Up to 50 grams of tungsten is placed into each iron, helping the brand to precisely position CG to help promote fantastic launch throughout the set - as well as forgiveness from unclean strikes. 

Apex DCB delivers the look, feel and performance of a forged players club with all the forgiveness of a deep cavity design – Apex DCB is the most forgiving Apex Iron that Callaway have ever released. Similarly to the other models, the A.I. designed Flash Face Cup is present – and it makes its first appearance ever in a game improvement iron. The deep cavity back and enhanced sole width have been engineered to produce effortless launch and consistent surf interaction from a variety of lies. If you’re new to golf – or you have taken a lengthy hiatus away from the sport – then the Apex DCB can take your game to the next level. 

What Golfshake Say:

“DCB stands for Deep Cavity Back and it’s an iron that will help the majority of golfers. The face will have more forgiving and thicker contours that will help us when we strike away from the heart. The sole is also slightly wider, which helps to move the weight from the leading edge and transferring it under the ball, which will help with improved flight.”

For more, see Ryan's Full Review!

Cobra Radspeed, £649 (6 Irons - Steel) 

Cobra Radspeed

Cobra’s Radspeed Irons are the most forgiving of the collection. The irons utilise radial weighting technology – that feature in all of Cobra’s products – which will help to deliver the perfect balance of ultra-low spin, radial ball speed and unseen forgiveness. Radial weighting is the intelligent placement of weight relative to the CG – which will optimise speed, forgiveness and flight direction. 

The distance between the toe and the heel weighting has been increased, which will unlock faster ball speeds and further forgiveness. A 3D printed nylon medallion features a lightweight and intricate lattice structure that saves weight and also damps vibrations – providing invaluable impact and excellent feel on well-struck shots. 

What Golfshake Say:

“If you’re a player who spins the ball too much, these clubs can help reduce that. They are very accurate, which can also be contributed to the spin control but also the launch angle. They feel great, they’re forgiving and also easier to hit straight. If you are a player who likes to shape the ball, you won’t get much success with these irons, however.”

For more, see Ryan's Full Review!

Srixon ZX4, £899 (6 Irons - Steel)

Srixon ZX4

Srixon believe that the ZX4 Irons are the new ‘face of forgiveness’. That’s a bold statement. These hollow irons offer a sleek, narrow look along with the forgiveness that you’d typically find located into a game improvement iron with larger designs. These irons look beautiful from an address profile yet they still boast the most power forgiveness design in Srixon’s history. 

The combination of all the features within these irons have finally enabled Srixon to release irons that cater to the entire golfing community – with their more advanced models always in high demand. Within the ZX4 Irons, you can expect: extra forgiveness, improved distance and satisfying feel. These irons also feature a compact, hollow shaping with a wide sole and a clean address view – injecting you with confidence before any shot. 

What Golfshake Say:

"Extremely good iron! I couldn’t believe how easy they were to flight and strike solidly. They also look great and blend seemlessly with the other irons in the Srixon range."

Orka CTI, £659 (6 Irons)

Orka CTI

These are the third generation of the CTI series (Combined Technology Iron) which indicates that the market love what Orka are releasing. They continue to include as much technological advancements as possible, making these entry level clubs as easy to strike as feasible. A thicker top line has been produced, with the hope of increased confidence when the player is addressing the ball. Moreover, the CG has been moved closer to the face through the use of ports, which will give users a penetrating ball flight by having less weight below the equator of the ball. 

Softer lofts have been implemented intentionally, to help players of all levels to carry the ball as far as possible. These irons are made from soft cast 431 stainless steel and they also boast a polished finish – although marketed towards higher handicappers, these irons can perform for players at any level. In fact, Orka believe that these clubs will suit players from a 6 to a 28 handicap. 

What Golfshake Say:

"Another extremely solid performer. The wider sole will help players who struggle to launch the ball properly and the fantastic looks will appeal to a very wide range of players. These are a definite must try for all game improvers."

Hear more from Ryan and the Golfshake Team on the latest equipment releases by visiting the Golfshake Gear Section for more content OR stopping by our YouTube Channel for new videos and reviews!

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