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The Best Wedges of 2021

By: Golfshake Editor | Tue 08 Jun 2021 | Comments

The importance of wedges needs no explaining. The art of finesse around the green should never be underestimated and the correct weapon of choice is always needed not just from a confidence perspective, but a performance one too. When we look to purchase wedges, we are looking for feel and versatility, as shots can range from 10 to 130 yards. Below, with the expertise of Golfshake Equipment Expert Ryan Rastall, we list just five models of the best wedges on the market for 2021. 

Titleist Vokey SM8, £139

Titleist Vokey

When it comes to wedges, Titleist have mastered the craft of production. Their Vokey range continues to be a leader on Tour and it’s prevalent throughout the amateur game, too. There are six grinds to choose from: F, M, S, D, L and K which will appeal to the entire golfing market. Titleist highly recommend that you get fitted for your wedges – as you should for your entire bag. SM8 wedges are available in four unique finishes for both right and left handed golfers and they feature a centre of gravity that has been located slightly forward from the face – producing a more consistent, pure strike that will see you hitting greens more frequently than ever. 

Each new Vokey line improves on the last, but there is one constant: every spin milled groove on every wedge is inspected to the most minute detail to deliver exceptional quality and precision in each and every club. Designed for maximum spin, this model will have you more dialled in than ever. If you struggle inside 100 yards, then Titleist may offer a solution for a common, yet frustrating problem. 


  • Models – Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge 
  • Lofts – (46 °- 48 °), (50 ° - 52 °), (54 ° - 56 °), (58 ° - 60 °- 62 °

What Golfshake Say:

“In the Vokey line, we have seen some slight changes in the shaping of the wedge. The reason they have done that is to try and move CG and to make this wedge more playable and more forgiving. These wedges are for the player who struggles to square the face on a wedge or get the correct start line – they achieve these improvements through the way that they are weighted, shaped and ground.”

For more, see Ryan's Full Review!

Cobra Snakebite, £109

Cobra Snakebite

When it comes to deciding what wedges to put into the bag, Cobra would not have necessarily crossed your mind initially. However, with their new Snakebite Groove technology, the company are hoping to rival more popular brands like Titleist. The grooves of the wedges have been sharpened by 40%, which utilises a new cutting method that tightens groove tolerances, maximises groove volume and produces the most accurate groove production possible. The new design has resulted in 11% deeper grooves and, as aforementioned, 40% sharper. 

The traditional grooves are narrower and deeper which will help to optimise spin on lower lofted wedges. Additionally, the toe has been extended to add further spin for shots with an open face, where the ball is more likely to come in contact with the toe or the immediate surrounding area. There are three grinds to choose from: Versatile, Widelow Grind and Classic Grind, offering three outstanding varieties to find the wedge that is best suited to your game. 


  • Lofts - 48 °, 50 °, 52 °, 54 °, 56 °, 58 °, 60 °

What Golfshake Say:

"These wedges are the best from Cobra in a long time! The shape and look are very familiar for the diehard Cobra fan but the full face groove in particular offers more consistency and spin when we don’t strike the centre of the face. These have been extremely popular at retail and I sold out within a week of having them in my shop. A fantastic price point and great product as always from Cobra."

Callaway MD5 Jaws, £129

Callaway MD5 Jaws

Callaway continue to deliver with their wedge production, and this year is no different with the MD5 Jaws soaring in popularity on tour. Using 8620 carbon steel, each wedge has been precisely shaped for a beautiful look and sensational feel to give you ultimate confidence around the greens or short approaches. The premium heads exude quality and superiority from every angle, while also delivering an extremely soft touch. The Jaws MD5 come in 23 different loft/bounce combinations and five impressive grind options: C-Grind, Low-Bounce W-Grind, W-Grind, S-Grind and the X-Grind. 

The head shaping has progressed from traditional shaped lob and sand wedges to help transition seamlessly into the iron set. After extensive testing groove-in-groove technology on Jaws wedges, Callaway have made slight alterations to the microfeature of the face. The new microfeature is similar to what has been used in the PM Grind wedge and through additional testing, they have found that it adds more spin on partial shots and around the green. The main groove, however, will remain to be the Jaws groove and all future MD5 wedges will use the new offset groove-in-groove. 


  • Lofts - 46 °, 48 °, 50 °, 52 °, 54 °, 56 °, 58 °, 60 ° 64 °

What Golfshake Say:

“There’s been a slight improvement in the shaping but also you’ll notice Jaws imprinted on the back. Callaway, in the past, have used Jaws technology in their wedges but this is the first time that the technology has featured in the MD range. It basically means that there are grooves within the grooves of the golf club which will result in more spin and particularly on shorter pitch shots. Having used these wedges myself I think the performance is amazing and spins more than any other I have tested on short range pitch/chip shots.

For more, see Ryan's Full Review!

TaylorMade Hi-Toe, £139

TaylorMade Hi-Toe

TaylorMade have expanded their wedge range this year, to include lofts from 50 ° to 64 ° - a common trend that we are seeing with other brands, too. The Hi-Toe range has also expanded the toe area to deliver high-spin performance – whether it’s full swing approaches or playing finesse shots around the greens. Full-face scoring lines of 56 ° to 64 ° will ensure consistent ball contact from the tightest of lies. By increasing the toe height by 5mm, the centre of gravity has been engineered for lower launch and increased spin. 

The Standard Sole (50 °, 52 °, 54 °) is an all-purpose grind that is perfect for full shots into the green. Additionally, the sole is well suited for both normal and soft turf conditions and all of the lofts feature standard scoring lines. The 4-way Sole (56 °, 58 °, 60 °) is a new cambered sole with a mid-bounce design of 10 °. The leading edge has less bells with a blunt contour and this new sole has an increased trailing edge and heel relief – which will be excellent for players with average or steep swings from both normal turf and softer sand. Finally, the ATV Grind (58 °, 60 °, 64 °) has a mid-sole of 12 ° and the ‘V’ shaped leading edge moves through the turf more seamlessly for an improved contact. 


  • Lofts - 50 °, 52 °, 54 °, 56 °, 58 °, 60 °, 64 °

What Golfshake Say:

“When we take a look at this new range, it’s quite a familiar finish of the wedge. Personally, I think it looks fantastic and certainly the glare reducing finish that the wedges have on them make the clubs stand out. The Hi-Toe wedge has been very popular since it was introduced for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it makes the wedge very forgiving as they are able to move the CG up to help with the trajectory but also – and you would have seen this a lot on Tour with players and their sand or lob wedges – they have the full face groove, which means we will get spin across the entirety of the face.” 

For more, see Ryan's Full Review!

Cleveland RTX Zipcore, £129 

Cleveland RTX

While Cleveland may not compete with Titleist, TaylorMade or Callaway in every department, their wedges provide a valid alternative to those listed. Awarded Gold in Golf Digest’s Hot List, these are a series of wedges that will rival any on the market. Couple that in with the recent Masters win from Hideki Matsuyama – who was utilising these wedges – then you know you have a quality product. Featuring UltiZipgrooves, an extended toe shape and using ground-breaking Zipcore technology, Cleveland Golf have created the ultimate wedge. 

The ZipCore is a low-density material at the heart of RTX. It’s an inside-to-out solution that’s elegant in form and function. By replacing heavy steel with a lightweight core, ZipCorerepositions mass for unprecedented levels of design freedom. Plenty of MOI has been pumped into the clubs and that’s how they repositioned the CG so more shots find the sweet spot. As a result, all shots will spin more, you will experience more dialled in distances, have supreme feel and control and, in general, be using a superior golf club. The UltiZip grooves are Cleveland’s sharpest yet and they cut through grass more effectively. If you’re looking for new wedges, then Cleveland Golf have created the perfect product. 


  • Lofts - 46 °, 48 °, 50 °, 52 °, 54 °, 56 °, 58 °, 60 °, 62 °

What Golfshake Say:

"Fantastic look and feel from a company renowned for their fantastic wedges. The slightly higher CG location helps to control ball flight and encourage continuity in pitching distances. Plenty of options in bounce and sole width also means there is something for everyone." 

These are just five models on the market but there are plenty more to choose from. Remember, to get the most out of any potential purchase, it is highly recommended that you get fitted for your clubs, so you can have them adjusted to the size that is optimal for your game.

Check out the Golfshake Gear Section for more content OR visit our YouTube Channel for the latest videos and reviews!

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