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Tag: Grow Game

Are These the Issues Golf Clubs Still Need to Address

Golf clubs have made significant strides during the past decade to address concerns raised by the wider community of golfers, working hard to deliver a contemporary product that reflects the times, but continuing analysis of the 2019 Golfshake Survey, responded to by over 3,500, there are several key issues that need tackled in the future. read more ...

Is Shortening Golf the Way to Grow the Game?

Gathering the views of thousands of golfers in the 2019 Golfshake Survey, when asked if the game should be developing more 'starter' courses, 78% of people responded with a very positive yes, raising the idea of creating shorter or adapted layouts to encourage a pathway for beginners. read more ...

Why Do We Play Golf?

Why do you play golf? Can you identify the specific appeal, or is it a multitude of reasons that make the game such an enriching part of your life? Finding that answer may help to understand methods of expanding the reach of the sport in future. We asked thousands of golfers in the Golfshake Survey to discover what draws them to golf. read more ...

Should You Take More Responsibility on the Golf Course?

When to comes to customer satisfaction, golfers rate the quality of greens and condition of the course as the two factors they most value, but a majority believe that some venues aren't good enough. But how much is that the responsibility of the club to deliver, and to what degree can we all do more to help? read more ...

Potential Closure of Glasgow Municipal Courses is Devastating

Five of Glasgow's six municipal golf courses are facing potential closure, with a Council decision imminent. Golfshake's Derek Clements was born in the city and grew up playing these public layouts, and he describes the devastating impact that losing them could have on the wider community. read more ...

Don't Expect Senior Golfers to Solve the Game's Problems

Golf clubs are searching for routes to increase revenue, but is there any weight to the idea of charging those who play the most, more for their memberships? Golfshake's Derek Clements rejects the thought of senior golfers paying more, describing the vital benefits they already bring to the game. read more ...

6 Things Your Golf Club Must Do in 2020

We all want to see golf growing, but can your club achieve that objective? Despite reports that golf continues to see declines, we look at six things that golf clubs should be doing in 2020 to ensure they thrive and grow into the new decade. read more ...

Are Fewer People Playing Golf in the UK?

It's a great time for British sport, but is that being reflected in the world of golf? Golfshake's Derek Clements reflects on the newly released Golf Participation Report by KPMG to see how the UK compares with the rest of Europe. read more ...

Is Golf Doing Enough?

Knowing that something needs addressed and actually doing something about it are two different things. There has been much said and written about how we can grow the game, but despite those lengthy debates, is golf collectively doing enough? read more ...

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