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Discover Odyssey's 2021 Putter Range

By: Golfshake Editor | Tue 03 Aug 2021 | Comments

Odyssey recently travelled to Howley Hall Golf Club in Leeds for a demo day and a chance to proudly showcase their unrivalled range of superior putters.

Golfshake’s Gear Expert, Ryan Rastall, had the opportunity to review the products and give valuable insight into their appeal and how they perform against one another.

Odyssey can proudly state that they are the most utilised brand on both leading men's tours and the versatility of the company has helped them secure that title.

With an array of head, neck and insert options, Odyssey truly cater for the entire golfing community - regardless of ability.

Below, we look at the technology packed into the range and the best suited product for your game.

Stroke Lab

The Stroke Lab shaft was designed to make the shaft of the putter lighter and therefore a smoother swing through impact. It was made by an innovative multi-material design that has combined both graphite and steel to a maximum weight of just 75g.

Callaway have stated that the Stroke Lab technology will help improve the consistency of the back swing by 21% compared to normal Odyssey putters. If your tempo, pace and rhythm is improved, then, as a consequence, so will your judgment. Therefore, you’ll be holing more putts.

Ryan Rastall: “This is a technology that has been around for a couple of years now and it’s where the carbon fibre in the centre of the shaft will redistribute that weight away from the putter - helping to counterbalance it. It will help the golfer to repeat the stroke more effectively and when Odyssey have tested this - not only with your average golfer but some of the best in the world - they were successful in repeating the same putting motion consistently.”

Triple Track

The Triple Track range was created to provide the golfer with a further alignment aid when they are lining up putts. As you stand over the ball, the three lines make it simple for you to address and will inject you with confidence in regard to what line the putt should start on.

This technology utilises Vernier Hyper Acuity which will easily improve putting accuracy. The design for the putter came directly from Callaway’s popular golf ball line and, providing you are using the correct ball, the alignment from the putter to the golf ball will provide additional comfort and confidence as you line up that tricky putt.

Ryan Rastall: “There’s a reason that Odyssey are the most popular putter brand and that is because they offer something for every golfer. When we move into the Triple Track range, which accompanies the Triple Track golf ball, the pair will improve your alignment. It incorporates Stroke Lab and it’s also available in lots of different shapes - 2Ball Blade and Marxman.”

Ten Series

This collection of putters is new for 2021 and it showcases extraordinary alignment systems that include both 2-Ball and Triple Track technology in the head construction that’s both more aesthetically pleasing and performance enabling.

These putters are packed with all of the latest technology and the Microhinge Star Insert will help to promote a forward and quicker roll which will subsequently improve both control and speed. The golfer will also have the option of the New Stroke Lab Shaft, which is seven grams lighter, stiffer and its increased stability will enhance consistency within the putting stroke.

Ryan Rastall: “Ten is the shape that Odyssey realised was the most popular on both the premium tours. It’s offered in many different designs but they all share the same footprint. We’ve got 2Ball, single line, Triple Track and 2Ball with the singular line - which is my personal favourite. All of these putters are available in different neck types to accommodate all golfers.”

White Hot OG

The White Hot OG range includes the original insert’s composition that is proudly presented in a range of impressive putters. It is the most played and most decorated putter insert of all time and is widely popular through both the professional circuit and the amateur game.

Due to its immense popularity from its original release 20 years ago, Odyssey have reintroduced the insert back into the market through White Hot OG and the performance benefits are endless. Available in such an array of shaft, neck and head options, the OG collection could not return sooner.

Ryan Rastall: “The OG Range is celebrating the 20th anniversary of White Hot coming onto the market. The White Hot OG insert technology is really soft and it has been very popular with all of the players on Tour as well. It’s one that they have used a lot throughout the years and again, it’s available in a lot of shapes, so there’s lots of variety.”


Toulon is the absolute highest quality putter available from Odyssey and it’s easy to see why considering the technology that resides within them. The Deep Diamond Mill is present across the face and the cross-hatch grooves have been engineered to further control sound and feel. The small groove has been directly designed to improve the quality of the roll and to get the ball rolling as fast as possible.

The Toulon range is commonly applauded for its stylish and sleek aesthetics and this can be contributed partly to the Charcoal Smoke Finish, which complements and demonstrates just how much craftsmanship goes into the finish of these putters. With Strobe Lab Weighting also packed in, the Toulon range is a premium brand of putter that provides the highest quality.

Ryan Rastall: “Sean Toulon, the key designer for these putters, introduced his own putter company into Callaway and it has now become their premium, top-end putter range that they offer. It is milled faced and using Stroke Lab but these truly are a thing of beauty. There’s lots of head shapes and neck designs available - something to suit all types of golfers. They still proudly boast a really different feel and performance from the other putters within this vast collection.”

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