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REVIEW: The Strike Plan

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Review by Golfshake Ambassador Andrew Picken

Having previously reviewed The Practice Manual for Golfshake I have been eager to review and adopt the principles of Adam Young’s latest project The Strike Plan. I love his work and have benefitted from time with him on the driving range.

The Strike Plan

The Strike Plan

Although this product will suit all levels of golfer, it is difficult to describe as it is so different to the usual golf instruction videos.

There are literally hundreds of books and videos that will teach you how to “rebuild” your golf swing.  The Strike Plan is different. In this video series, Adam Young provides you with a simple, effective tool to significantly improve your ball striking with the swing you currently have.

This is a radical change from the norm and it takes some digesting. However, IT WORKS. Adam has a global reputation and  The Practice Manual is still No. 1 best seller on Amazon. He currently is based in California. I asked him what he thought were the key points of his program.

He replied: “Simply put, Quality of Strike is the number one reason most golfers lose shots."

  • hitting fat/thin/heel/toe
  • inconsistency with the driver due to gear effect
  • lost distance with both driver and irons
  • missed greens (biggest correlation with score)

All these issues can be helped by improving your strike quality. Improve the moment of truth; i.e. the ball to club impact and many good things will happen. There is no such thing as an identikit golf swing, we are all individuals and we should concentrate on the important part: “The strike on the ball.”

The programme is designed to have a long term developmental outlook, but also improves results immediately. My short game, particularly chipping improved massively using some of his practice drills.

He is an expert on motor learning science and has adopted many of its principles to help speed up learning and performance. Skill improvement automatically leads to better coordination resulting in a more consistent technique.

Included are many drills that you can do at home/on the range at winter, as well as some which you can do on the course under non-tournament play.

Lesson Content & Presentation

The Strike Plan is organized into six modules –

  • Face Strike
  • Low Point
  • Arc Height
  • Combinations
  • Shallowing, (How to shallow the golf swing)
  • Driving

Each of these modules contains a video on Concepts, Techniques, and Drills. The Concept videos are short, 5 minutes or less, and the Technique and Drill videos are mostly around 10 minutes.

One of the big takeaways from The Strike Plan is that you need to develop skill, not techniques.

Adam Young does a great job breaking down the techniques that will, for example, shallow your downswing, but he’s more interested in giving you drills so that you can steepen and shallow on command.

This is the essence of the concept. Learn the skill to alter your swing on demand.

There are excellent images and the videos clearly illustrate the concepts, there are no wasted words. Every video is crammed with practical, impactful information.

Skills, not Techniques

Adam is not trying to get you to swing a golf club a specific way. He doesn’t want your hands to reach a certain position, or use any of the intensely technical information you might have seen on the golf swing.

Adam uses functional drills to promote skill training, not technique training. And there’s a huge difference. By focusing on skills around the strike it make things less complex for the everyday golfer. Like me!

In one video he states: “There are no perfect mechanics, our swing is effectively a soup of infinitely moving varying parts. It’s our brains' jobs to organize all of these movements, and our brains operate better with a global goal.”

In other words, you can’t swing a golf club effectively by thinking about five different swing thoughts. However, it can work more efficiently if given a simple task like trying to brush a blade of grass in a certain spot.

Simple Thoughts, the Kind I Like!

This KISS principle runs throughout the programme. (KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.)

Simply put, Adam wants you to “get obsessed with the task, not the technique.” I’ve seen this work myself in my own swing. When you can shift your focus away from the mechanics, it allows your brain and body to do its job, and not get in the way of that.

For those more technically proficient amongst us there are detailed explanations of some important golf concepts. The images supporting these discussions are superb.

If you want a flavour of the product check out this trailer video .

I genuinely think this product represents excellent value for money. Compare the costs involved with mainstream coaching against the cost of this programme.

It simplifies the game in the quality of its explanations and will become a resource that you will visit time and again. If you are looking to improve for the new season this is an ideal product. I am an average golfer and it has helped me in many ways. I am now able to diagnose issues on the course. Something I could never do before. This is the real deal. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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