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Titleist has recently launched its all-new Tour Soft Golf Balls, which have been engineered to deliver optimum feel and distance, and rival the more established products of Callaway's Chrome Soft and TaylorMade's TP5. Stated to be softer, longer and better, the Tour Soft has arrived on the market with significant hype and fanfare.

We recently got our hands on them and dispatched several Golfshake Ambassadors to test and review them for us. 

Tour Soft Golf Balls

What Titleist Say:

Category-leading soft feel, commanding distance, and excellent short game performance.

  • The largest Titleist core ever produces category-leading soft feel and high ball speed for commanding distance. In developing Tour Soft’s core, the Titleist Golf Ball R&D and Operations teams were challenged to break through previously accepted core size limitations in order to produce a golf ball that feels better and is longer or just as long as the competition.
  • A new ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover made with TCU Process Technology generates advanced short game control. Innovations in the manufacturing process at Titleist Ball Plant 2 in Massachusetts allowed engineers to mould the extremely thin, very soft cover formulation uniformly across the surface. The Tour Soft cover – a proprietary blend of four different materials – is just as thin as some urethane-covered balls currently on the market.
  • A new spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design, optimised for the new Tour Soft construction, delivers a penetrating trajectory and consistent flight.

Matt Holbrook - 11 Handicap

Feel - The ball felt great when I was hitting some chips and putting before I put it into play. I instantly noticed how 'soft' it felt off the putter face. Early on, I struggled to get my distance control compared to the normal ball I play. Though it did take a bit of getting used to, this helped with putts from a longer distance as I didn't feel the need to hit it as hard as I normally would. 

Performance - The longer putts I felt really confident that didn't have to hit really hard. The Tour Soft almost seems to fly off the putter face. Anything from 100 yards and in stopped quickly, with the ball producing significantly more spin around the greens. However, this greater spin resulted in a bit of dispersion and forgiveness with longer clubs and woods.

Pros - Super soft and generates a lot of spin around the greens.

Cons - Extra spin led to higher dispersion with longer clubs than my current ball. 

In summary - Overall this is a great new offering from Titleist. I feel this ball could offer the improving golfer that extra needed as far as short game is concerned and comes in at an affordable price.

Matt’s Rating - 8

Mel Davies – 13 Handicap

Feel - Feels superb, especially around the green. I’m not a golfer that gets much check or spin on chip shots but these balls sure put a stop to that. Tee shots and irons shots felt great off the face. Very impressive.

Performance - Great feel around the green, flight on full shots was consistent. Used the same ball for a round and not a mark on it at the end.

Pros - Excellent ball and at the price it has to be up there for all players to put in the bag. The feel around the green for me was a massive plus point.

Cons - As of yet there aren’t any to report.

In summary - This ball is a great addition to the Titleist range. Good price for what I feel is a premium product. If you don’t get much “check” around the greens give this ball a try, I personally don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Mels Rating - 9

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