Titleist Launches New Tour Soft and Enhanced Velocity Golf Balls

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Titleist has taken its performance breakthrough into a new era with the launch of Tour Soft Golf Balls, which have been engineered to deliver optimum feel and distance, while the leading brand has also unveiled enhanced Velocity Golf Balls, which are even faster than before and cover greater yardages with the striking option of a high visibility colour.

Michael Mahoney, Vice President of Titleist’s Golf Ball Marketing, said on the Tour Soft: “We knew based on breakthroughs being made in R&D that there was an opportunity to deliver a brand new high-performance golf ball that would lead the category in terms of soft compression feel. Ultimately, because of our exhaustive and iterative prototyping process, we were able to deliver everything we wanted in Tour Soft – and more. It’s not only the softest ball in the category, it’s better and longer than Chrome Soft, TP5 and Tour B RXS.”

With regard to Velocity, he added: “Everything we do with Velocity is to generate speed and distance. When we spoke to Velocity golfers at the beginning of the development process, they told us they wanted even more distance, especially off the tee. Our R&D team responded with new core technology and the fastest cover of any Titleist golf ball on the market to give them that added advantage.”


Category-leading soft feel, commanding distance, and excellent short game performance.

  • The largest Titleist core ever produces category-leading soft feel and high ball speed for commanding distance. In developing Tour Soft’s core, the Titleist Golf Ball R&D and Operations teams were challenged to break through previously accepted core size limitations in order to produce a golf ball that feels better and is longer or just as long as the competition.
  • A new ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover made with TCU Process Technology generates advanced short game control. Innovations in the manufacturing process at Titleist Ball Plant 2 in Massachusetts allowed engineers to mould the extremely thin, very soft cover formulation uniformly across the surface. The Tour Soft cover – a proprietary blend of four different materials – is just as thin as some urethane-covered balls currently on the market.
  • A new spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design, optimised for the new Tour Soft construction, delivers a penetrating trajectory and consistent flight.


  • The softer, high speed LSX core produces fast initial velocity with extremely low spin for deep downrange distance on all full swing shots.
  • A new, faster NaZ+ cover provides higher ball speed for longer distance.
  • A spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design optimises Velocity’s aerodynamic performance, producing high flight and long carry for shots that fly far and land more softly on the green.

Tour Soft, available in both white and high-optic yellow, replaces and improves upon the prior generation NXT Tour and NXT Tour S golf ball models in the Titleist golf ball family.

Titleist Velocity is now offered in four colour and preference options: standard White plus three new high-visibility colours – VISI-White, Velocity Orange and Velocity Pink. VISI-White also features an orange sidestamp and will be available in double-digit play numbers (00, 22, 77, 99) which were selected based on their popularity among members of Team Titleist.

Michael Fish, Titleist’s Golf Ball Product Manager, noted: “Tour Soft doesn’t happen without the close proximity of our Golf Ball R&D and Operations teams based in Massachusetts. There was a point in the development process where we knew we could make Tour Soft in small batches in R&D but faced some challenges in terms of implementing the new TCU Process technology into our mass manufacturing environment at Ball Plant 2. The ability for our teams to collaborate and innovate on a daily basis was critical in bringing this product to market and delivering the performance, consistency and quality that golfers expect from a Titleist.”

When it came to the upgraded Velocity, he added: “We’ve seen an increasing preference among golfers in general to play products that they truly identify with and colour is a big part of that. We’re confident these new colour options combined with the improved performance of Velocity will only make the game more enjoyable for these golfers.”


New Titleist Tour Soft and Velocity golf balls will be available in golf shops throughout the UK & Ireland from February 1st 2018. Tour Soft models include white and high-optic yellow options with play numbers 1-4. Velocity models include White, VISI-White, Velocity Orange and Velocity Pink.

Tour Soft

  • SRP £32.00 per dozen


  • SRP £26.00 per dozen

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