2017 Best New Golfing Apps

By: Alex Picken | Thu 17 Aug 2017 | Comments

As the game of golf gets more and more technologically advanced, so do the golf related apps that millions of golfers around the world use daily.  Ranging from GPS yardage systems, score tracking facilities and animated golfing games, the list is incredibly varied. With 9 out of the 10 being completely free to use, make sure you check them outand see if you can use these apps to enhance your golfing experience in 2017.  All apps listed are available in the UK Apple store for iOS devices.

ShotTracer App

Golf Clash

Golf Clash is the new game from Playdemic, a colourful and quirky interactive golf game. With brilliant animation and exciting graphics, you will love competing against friends and other Golf Clash competitors in their multiplayer facilities, unlocking new clubs, balls and courses to enhance your gaming experience. (Free) Apple download link

Golf GPS Range Finder, Scorecard and Course Locator

The first golf app to have the option for you to link in your Apple Watch technology when out on the course. Using simple and useful google map technologies you can get precise and clear yardages whilst simultaneously analysing your golfing statistics over time. (Free) Apple download link

PGA Tour Mobile

Get all the detailed and up-to-date information directly from this mobile app regarding every aspect of the PGA tour. With tracking facilities for your favourite players, specific and in-depth statistics along with highlights and live video coverage, you’ll never miss another minute of PGA tour action. (Free) Apple download link

Shot Tracer

The shot tracer app allows you to apply your own pro tracer technology on your own videoed golf swings. With the help of brilliant track and trace technology, you can create amazing videos of your golf balls flying down the fairways just like the professionals on tour. (£6.99) Apple download link


Caddy+ Shot Tracking, Caddy+ Custom Club, and Premium Advanced GPS

With a course database of over 35,000, 18Birdies has a wide variety of golf courses to choose from to utilise their impressive GPS technology which maps out all areas of every golf hole. Inputting data into the app will store all the information to help you analyse each shot, helping you see where improvements in your game need to be made. (Free)  Apple download link

European Tour App

European Tour App

Giving you constant information from all European, Challenge and Senior Tour events this app will give you all the news you need to keep up-to-date with golf in Europe. With exclusive LiveHub features and player tracking you’ll never miss a minute of action from your favourite European tour players. (Free) Apple download link

WGT Golf Game

TopGolf media has released their golf simulation game built with the best GPS and 3D technology. The app allows you to play famous golf courses like Chambers Bay and Pebble Beach, all with incredibly detailed graphics, anywhere in the world if you have access to your mobile device. (Free) Apple download link

Decisions on the Rules of Golf, 2016/17

Instead of having to carry around a heavy and outdated golf rulebook around with you on the course, simply download this free R&A detailed and interactive rulebook for all the golfing questions and rulings you will ever need answering. (Free) Apple download link


We couldn't leave our own app off the list.  The Golfshake app allows you to utilise all Golfshake’s score tracking systems on your mobile or tablet device. Giving you the ability to analyse your game by recording each round, getting great statistics and results from the stored information. The facility also allows you to maintain and update your Golfshake handicap all via the mobile app. (Free) - App store download

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