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Tag: World Handicap System

At Last - Positive Feedback About The World Handicap System

We can say, without fear of contradiction, that no subject within the game of golf has exercised the minds quite like the introduction of the World Handicap System. However, there is some encouraging feedback. There are growing signs that we are learning to live with the WHS, although the slope rating system continues to cause some confusion. read more ...

World Handicap System Continues to Cause Confusion

Last year's introduction of the new World Handicap System was a significant moment for the game, a process that was engineered to make the sport fairer and more accessible. But now, essentially a full season into the new era, how successful has that been and has the everyday golfer embraced the WHS? read more ...

The World Handicap System - Golfers Have Their Say

The World Handicap System was introduced last year in an attempt to simplify matters and make golf a fairer game for everybody who plays it. We recently conducted a survey designed to find out what golfers make of it all. Unsurprisingly, we got a real mixed bag of results. Some of you believe it is a fairer system, others still cannot make head nor tail of it, while others still struggle to understand why things were changed in the first place. read more ...

The World Handicap System Officially Launches

Following a lengthy development and education process, the World Handicap System (WHS) has officially launched in the UK, marking the most significant change for handicapping since the process was introduced over a century ago. read more ...

Golfers Give the World Handicap System a Thumbs Up

Following months of debate and scrutiny, the World Handicap System is finally here, but will this new process be a positive for golf worldwide? All in all, on closer inspection, golfers have given it an endorsing thumbs up, with many believing that it's a welcome step that is heading in the right direction for the game. read more ...

View From The Fairway - Time to Embrace the WHS

Golfshake's Derek Clements reveals his latest View From The Fairway, where he takes a closer inspection at the World Handicap System, winter golf, Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson, TV golf commentary, and makes a pick to win the Masters. read more ...

Golfers Just Want a Handicap System That is Fair

The World Handicap System has generated much discussion on what it means for golfers going forward, but the vast majority of players simply want a process that is fair to everybody, reducing the number of trophy hunters and so-called bandits. Will the WHS deliver on that? That is something the governing bodies are determined to achieve. read more ...

World Handicap System - A Step Forward Or Cause For Confusion

The World Handicap System has been designed to make the game more accessible and inclusive, but the reality is that a significant number of golfers don't agree, with a worrying proportion not understanding the changes or why they have been introduced, believing that the new process will only make things more complicated and contentious. read more ...

The World Handicap System - Your Questions Answered

Launching in the UK this November, the World Handicap System is a major introduction for the game, which is designed to be a unified and inclusive process across the sport. But do golfers completely understand it? We put key questions to Gemma Hunter, Head of Handicapping at England Golf, hopefully clearing things up. read more ...

England Golf Launches World Handicap System Education Campaign

Ahead of the World Handicap System launching in November, England Golf has sought to educate golfers by revealing its new 'Know the Score' campaign to help increase wider understanding of the process. read more ...

World Handicap System Toolkit Launched for Golf Clubs

Ahead of the World Handicap System (WHS) being introduced later this year, England Golf has launched a new bespoke toolkit for clubs, furthering a nationwide education campaign that has been named 'Know the Score' to help golfers and get ready for the major change. read more ...

Are You Ready For The World Handicap System

With golf now back, a big talking point among everyday golfers remains the World Handicap System (WHS), which is being rolled out across the world in 2020. Golfshake has surveyed 2,000 golfers to gather their thoughts on the new system, whether they understand it, what they hope it will achieve, and whether they think it's good for the game. read more ...

Slope Rating - What Does It Actually Mean

Ahead of the World Handicap System being introduced this year, golfers had raised concerns about understanding the changes, specifically the slope rating system. Golfshake's Derek Clements explains what the slope rating is and how this will affect your handicap from November for golf club members. read more ...

What is Wrong With Golfers Having a 54 Handicap?

Coming in November, the World Handicap System is destined to change the game as we know it, with one of the early main concerns being the increase of a maximum handicap to 54. But is this a problem? Golfshake's Derek Clements explains why he doesn't understand what the fuss is all about. read more ...

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