A Simple Way to Custom Fit Yourself

By: Yorkshire Golf Coach | Tue 04 Jul 2017 | Comments ()

For many average golfers, the custom fitting process is a very expensive and somewhat confusing process for people who lack understanding about the intricate details of the golf swing. However, Ryan Metcalfe's simple and easy tip helps you not only understand the basics about custom fitting, but also the subtle nuonces in your own golf swing. 

By using just a pen, ball and club you can get immediate results from this drill. First, draw a bold vertical line on the golf ball and line this up accurately straight down your intended target line on the range or couse. After hitting your shot you will see a marked line along your club from the impact of the ball. This line is the key to giving you the effective results you need. 

On the video we see that Ryan's line on his club is almost perfectly vertical and in the middle of his club face, highlighting a very effective swing from an experienced PGA professional. However, the fact the line is only perfect when the heel is raised indicates to Ryan that there is a flaw in his swing which causes him to hit the ball with the toe slightly lower at impact than it typically should be.

Although this probably wouldn't suggest to Ryan that he needs to be custom fit, it can highlight to other golfers who perhaps have a larger margin of error on the line of their club face that their swing is slightly flawed. More importantly it indicates to golfers who may not be using the right equipment that they may need a professional club fitting to combine with their golf swing helping them to improve. 

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Ryan Metcalfe (aka YorkshireGolfCoach) is an experienced & passionate PGA Professional who's been based at The Manor Golf Club in Yorkshire since 2013.

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Ryan Metcalfe (aka YorkshireGolfCoach) is an experienced & passionate PGA Professional based at The Manor Golf Club in Yorkshire.

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