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How to Learn a New Swing in 4 Easy Steps

PGA professional Ryan Metcalfe gives you his tips on the best way to incorporate a new golf swing into your game. Using 4 simples stages, Metcalfe highlights the key points needed to achieve optimum success with a new golf swing.

Orka Reflex Hybrid Review

PGA professional Ryan Metcalfe gives you his review of the new Orka Reflex hybrid from Orka.

Feature Review - FatPlate Mat

PGA professional Ryan Metcalfe gives you his expert opinion and review of the new training mat from FatPlate Golf.

Add consistency to your game with this hand path drill

A correct hand path is something that is vital to any golf swing to hit consistent and successful golf shots. PGA professional Ryan Metcalfe shows you his best drill to help with this movement.

Downswing and release drill for more consistent shots

The downswing and release are two of the most important components of any golf swing, PGA professional Ryan Metcalfe gives you his best drill to improve your downswing and release for more consistent golf shots.

3 Tips to help you play the perfect bunker shot

The greenside bunker shot is one that can cost a lot of amateur golfers many shots on the course. Ryan Metcalfe tells you his best 3 tips to make getting out of bunkers simpler, and much more effective.

How Important are your divots and what can they tell you?

PGA professional Ryan Metcalfe gives you his description of the importance of checking your divots after your shot and what they are actually able to tell you.

How to Stop Shanking and Slicing

For many golfers, the slice or shank can become the most frustrating and damaging shot to any golfers game, however, PGA professional Ryan Metcalfe has a simple drill to combat this shot and fix your golf swing.

How to Fix Your Chipping Yips

The yips is typically associated with putting, however it is also evident in some amateur golfers short games. Ryan Metcalfe gives you the best tips and drills on how to fix your short game yips.

The Best Way to Chip - Air or Ground?

Ryan Metcalfe examines the best way to chip around the greens. Metcalfe highlights the positives and negatives regarding both chipping techniques, and explains why the old fashioned 'bump and run' might not always be the best option for the modern game.

Power Drill: Creating Lag Through Your Grip

Ryan Metcalfe helps you create lag in the golf swing by utilising a more successful and positive left hand grip, influencing the lag you generate on the downswing. 

Why You Can't Hit a Draw

Ryan Metcalfe, a PGA professional at the Manor Golf Club helps you cure your constant slice by explaining how to hit a consistent draw, all based on tips that help you create a more successful spine angle. 

A Simple Way to Custom Fit Yourself

Ryan Metcalfe, a PGA professional at the Manor Golf Club gives you his best tip to help you understand the custom fitting process, along with helping you address the flaws in your golf swing. 


Ryan Metcalfe (aka YorkshireGolfCoach) is an experienced & passionate PGA Professional based at The Manor Golf Club in Yorkshire.

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