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Articles by Phillip Akers

4 Week Chipping Programme

In this series of videos, Philip Akers, Senior Teach Professional at The Belfry talsk through how you can start make drastic improvements to your chipping in just four weeks. 

Four Week Chipping Programme: Week 4 - Find the Average Game

Phil Akers shows you a great drill to help you practice a variety of short game shots, along with understanding what your current level and knowing how to improve that level on the course. 

Four Week Chipping Programme: Week 4 - Your Own Short Game Handicap

Understanding where your short game strengths and weaknesses lie is a massive part of helping you become a better short game golfer. Phil Akers helps you understand and create your own short game handicap. 

Four Week Chipping Programme: Week 4 - The Ladder Drill

Practicing your short game is the key to getting better when you're out on the golf course. Phil Akers simple ladder drill is a great way of practicing your technique with a bit of added pressure, to resemble being out on a golf course. 

Four Week Chipping Programme: Week 3 - The High Lob Shot

The high lob shot is a chip shot that demands a lot of confidence and great execution. Phil Akers explains the key fundamentals in order to play the shot correctly and effectively. 

Four Week Chipping Programme: Week 3 - The Low Check Shot

Being able to play a variety of shots around the green is crucial for any amateur golfer to be successful when chipping. Phil Akers teaches how to execute the low check shot to give you another shot option when chipping around the greens out on the course. 

Four Week Chipping Programme: Week 2 - Improving Strike

Phil Akers helps you understand the best way to become a better striker of the golf ball when chipping around the greens. By making sure your club is in the correct position at setup, your success with ball striking will naturally improve along with it. 

Four Week Chipping Programme: Week 2 - Chipping High and Low

The ability to vary your chip shots both high and low can dramatically help you improve your shot selection and shot success around the greens when out on the golf course. Phil Akers gives you his tips to achieve the best results when hitting your chip shots high and low. 

Four Week Chipping Programme: Week 1 - The Chip and Run

The chip and run is one of the simplest and most effective chip shots a golfer can play. Phil Akers shows you the best tips to execute this shot successfully and consistently. 

Four Week Chipping Programme: Week 1 - Assessing The Situation

Phil Akers begins his 4 week chipping programme with his first video regarding assessing the short game situation. Phil encourages you to read the situation in front of you before you choose your intended short game shot. 

Feature Interview: Phillip Akers - How to get your child started with Golf

Phil Akers answers all your questions regarding junior golf and how to help your child progress and become the best golfer that they can be. 

Course Strategy: Controlling First Tee Nerves

The first tee shot of any round is always a nervous one for the majority of amateur golfers. With the help of Phil Akers however, you will be able to combat those nerves and be more positive and confident when starting your future rounds. 

Fix your slice with the Diagonal Ball Drill

Phil Akers highlights a simple drill to help you understand why you are causing the golf ball to slice, and the technique to counteract this unwanted golf shot. 

The Cane Drill: Learn how to avoid a Slice

Phil Akers teaches you all about your club face and what effect that is having on your golf shots. With the help of his simple drill, you can start to understand and develop your knowledge of the club face and its relationship with the slice shot.

The Belfry 10th Hole Course Strategy: Risk and Reward Shot Selection

The 10th hole at the Belfry is famous for it's clever design that entices the golfer to chance their arm or play more conservatively. Phillip Akers highlights the pro's and con's to both methods. 

Learn how to take your practice to the course

Phillip Akers shares his tips to help you take a successful mindset from your practice out onto the golf course. 

Driver Drill - Learn to 'launch it' for longer drives

Every golfer wants to launch their ball high into the air like the pro's. By using this drill from Phil Akers, you can work towards hitting your driver high and far with more consistency. 

Bunker Tip - Learn to play the high launching bunker shot

When you've been short sided in the green-side bunker and the high launching and soft landing bunker shot is needed it can be a very precise and delicate shot. Phil Akers gives you all the tips you need to successfully execute this tricky bunker shot. 

Driver Drill - Improve your strike and stop your slice as a result

Constantly connecting with the heel of the golf club typically results in a slice for the majority of golfers, but with Phil Akers simple and effective tips and drills, you can start to understand your golf swing more, and instantly correct your slice off the tee. 

Escape from trouble - How to play the Low Punch Shot

The low punch shot out of the trees is a shot every golfer will eventually need to play, Phil Akers informs you on the top tips needed to keep the ball low and escape from trouble. 

Driver Drill - Learn sequence correctly for straighter drives

With the help of this sequencing drill from Phil Akers, you will start to feel your lower body working more efficiently in the golf swing and maximising your distance and accuracy off the tee. 

Driver Drill - How to hit LONG and HIGH!

Phil Akers shows you how to hit your driver like the pro's, with one simple drill you will start to see yourself hitting your driver much better and a lot further. 

Effective Practice for Shot Shaping

Phil Akers, a senior teaching pro at the Belfry talks about making your practice more effective and efficient to help improve your shot making abilities on the course. 

Golf Pro: Phil Akers

Phillip Akers is the Senior Coach at The Belfry and he is experienced in coaching all levels of player, specialising in Junior Development and Elite level coaching.

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