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Tip to Drive the Ball Bubba Long

James Whitaker talks through the swing, shoulder turn and technique of Bubba Watson and how the average amateur golfer can use this technique to hit the ball further.

Dustin Johnson Driver Drill

James Whitaker explains a driving drill that will help you go some way to acheiving the sort of power that Dustin Johnson enjoys. 

Learn to strike your irons like Justin Rose

Check out this great video from James Whitaker Golf explaining what you can learn from Justin Rose to help you be come a better ball striker with your irons. 

How to set up like Rory McIlroy and driver it longer

We take a look at what you can learn from Rory McIlroy's driving to help you hot it longer and straighter this season. 

Rickie Fowler driving Drill

Our friends at James Whitaker Golf explain how Rickie Fowler and Butch Harmon worked on a very simple drill to transform his game make him a real force at the very highest level! 

Jordan Spieth Putting Drill

In this video James Whitaker demonstrates a putting drill used by jordan Spieth that helps him free his stroke. 

Tee it high - Driving tips to hit it longer and straighter

James Whitaker talks through teeing the ball higher to help you hit longer and straighter drivers and use the Trackman to provide additional stats and analysis.

Improving Long Iron Shots

James Whitaker talks through playing long iron shots getting the optimum ball position and improving the angle of attack to help improve distance, flight and confidence.

6 tips to help you enjoy your winter golf

PGA Professional, James Whitaker shares some great tips to make your winter golf that little bit more enjoyable. 

11 Practice Drills to Improve Your Game

This series of 11 videos from James Whittaker focuses on practice drills to give focus to your practice sessions which you can use when out; on the range, the practice area, chipping green, practice bunkers or on the putting green.

Video: Landing Target Chipping Drill

In this video James Whittaker provides a great drill to help with landing control when chipping.

Video: Scrambling Great Scoring

A great practice drill to help you improve your scrambling and get you up and down around the green from PGA Pro James Whittaker.

Video: Pitching Distance Drill

In this video James Whittaker shows us a great drill to help with carry distances when pitching.

Video: Strike Your Chips Every Time

PGA Pro James Whittaker talks us through a technique to help chip over a bunker every time - a shot almost ever golfer dreads!

Video: Consecutive Putting Drill

The consecutive putting drill which James Whitter talks us through in this video is a great way to build putting confidence.

Video: 12 Ball Putting Drill

In this video PGA Pro James Whittaker talks through a great drill to improve your putting and putting stats with the 12 ball putting drill.

Video: Ball Parade Chipping Drill

James Whittaker talks through the ball parade chipping drill which will help improve your chipping through this simple effective drill.

Video: Bunker Practice Drill

In this video PGA Pro James Whittaker shows us the bunker challenge which is a great way to practice and gain confidence when playing bunker shots.

Video: Distance Control from Bunkers

In this video James Whittaker talks through a drill to help with distance control from bunkers especially when the pin is close to the bunker.

Video: Bunker Shot Ball Below Feet

This video from James Whittaker talks through playing a bunker shot when the ball is below your feet.

Video: 9 Shot Range Drill

In this video James Whittaker talks through the 9 shot range drill which you can do anytime you practise at the range. Focusing on effective practise can really help improve your game when out on the course.

Video: The Box Putting Drill

James Whittaker offers a drill to help with a common problem most amateur golfers face with the ball not reaching the hole with long putts. The box putting drill is a great way to learn to control your speed when putting on the green.

Video: Bunker Parade Drill

In this video from James Whittaker he talks through the bunker parade drill which will help to improve your feel out of the sand.

James Whittaker

James Whitaker is a UK PGA member, Nike Golf Ambassador and runs the JWhittaker Golf Academy in West Yorkshire.

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