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8 Essential Golf Accessories You Need For This Season

By: | Thu 28 Mar 2024

With spring within touching distance, it is almost time to welcome the 2024 golf season!

With only a few weeks left to prepare, now is the ideal time to restock your equipment and make a positive start to the season.

We have selected some of the best golf accessories that will help you out on the course this year - do you currently own any product that makes the list?

Northern Golf Bamboo Graduated Golf Tees White

Northern Golf Bamboo Tees

When it comes to wooden tees, you cannot go wrong with purchasing bamboo tees. Firstly, they are the more environmentally friendly option, thanks to being made from a fast-growing renewable source. Additionally, they should last much longer as opposed to traditional tees - and it’s not unheard of to have a single bamboo tee last the entire round.

Buy Online at Scottsdale Golf For £1.99

Vega Tour Golf Towel

Vega Tour Golf Towel

Golfing without a towel can be a very frustrating experience. Although they are a necessity for winter golf, it’s still highly advised that a towel is clipped onto your bag during the warmer season too. After every shot, you should give your club a quick clean with your towel and even clean out the grooves… you’ll be thanking us in the long run!

Buy Online at Scottsdale Golf For £18

Callaway Double Prong Divot Tool

Callaway Divot Tool

No matter the time of year or your location, you should never arrive for a round of golf without a divot tool. If we don’t repair our pitch marks, then the quality of greens will rapidly diminish. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to play on a green that has been battered by balls without repair, you’ll understand why divot tools are an absolute necessity every time you head out on the course.

Buy Online at Scottsdale Golf For £9.99

Northern Golf Compact Ball Retriever

Golf Ball Retriever

Believe it or not, there are many golfers who take as much pleasure in finding balls as they do when acquiring birdies! If you’re someone who keeps a keen eye on their golf ball stock, then you will almost certainly want a ball retriever to become part of your golf bag. These devices can help retrieve your balls from water hazards - or even somebody else’s Pro V1!

Buy Online at Scottsdale Golf For £13.99

Under Armour Men’s Medal Golf Glove

Under Armour Golf Glove

With the new season on the horizon, it might make logical sense to stock up on gloves, which would save you from the inflated prices that pro shops naturally have to charge. Whilst there are hundreds of great deals, this glove from Under Armour is lightweight and breathable, whilst being enriched with stretch to ensure performance remains unhindered.

Buy Online at American Golf For £9.99

Fazer Dual Canopy Golf Umbrella

Fazer Golf Umbrella

Whilst we all hope the rain can stay in the season of winter, the realistic take is that it will continue to rain throughout the summer - sometimes even more! It’s always a sensible idea to have an umbrella become part of your golf bag, as you never truly know when the next shower could dampen your round of golf. Umbrellas are necessities during winter golf, but they also have their usage during peak season too.

Buy Online at American Golf For £19.99

Pure 2 Improve Chipping Net With Target

Chipping Net

It is worrying how many amateurs neglect their short game… but that does not have to be you! It can sometimes feel a little gruelling to travel to the club and work on your short game, which is why chipping nets are sound alternatives. Simply set the net up in your garden and you can chip away the evening. Please be considerate as to where you will deploy the net!

Buy Online at American Golf For £21.99

Brand Fusion Tour Golf Alignment Sticks

Alignment Sticks

Despite how tempting it may be, the best method of improving at golf is not that new shiny £500 driver, but to actually work on your game. At Golfshake, we are huge advocates of seeing a pro to help resolve your swing issues, which will be met with advice on how to implement the changes. A lot of amateur golfers struggle with alignment, which can cause big problems out on the course. Alignment sticks help confirm that we are set up right and should offer increased confidence - which will improve scores out on the course.

Buy Online at American Golf For £9.99

With the new season steadily approaching, we can all feel the springtime excitement as we prepare to walk the fairways.

There’s still a few weeks before the season is officially unveiled, so make sure you are healthily stocked up on all your favourite accessories.

May the 2024 golfing season be your best yet!

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