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10 Things That All Golfers Should Do in 2024

By: | Mon 18 Mar 2024

With the month of April just around the corner - and the clocks finally going back an hour - we are agonisingly close to the season of spring.

As golfers around the world will know, early spring indicates the start of the golf season, and we have all suffered enough through the misery of winter.

It’s a good idea to set challenges for the impending campaign, and there’s plenty of things that you can introduce to help you improve at the game of golf.

Below, we list ten different ideas that all golfers should do in 2024.


For the more ardent golfers, they may be very surprised to see us asking you all to practice. The truth is a large majority of golfers only play golf when they’re at the course. They will then complain and moan that they are not getting any better, whilst refusing to put the time into practice. Playing an actual course will always produce more fun than a range session, but those nights hitting balls into a floodlit practice area is where you’re going to see real improvement.

Preparing For The Round

How many of you arrive at the golf club with only minutes to spare before your scheduled tee time? You’ll be starting your round tense and rushed, which typically ends with a topped tee shot and a wave of unrelenting anger. Although some golfers are restricted for time, we do recommend getting to the course 30 minutes before you tee off. You’ll be able to hit 20 balls on the range (really no need for any more) in addition to learning the pace of the greens from the putting green.


(Image Credit: Kevin Diss Photography)

Setting Goals

If you’re someone who wants to improve at golf but aimlessly hit balls on the range, you may need to adjust your approach. Setting goals can help bring success and keep you accountable as you partake in the journey. The goals could be as easy as breaking 100, not losing a ball off the tee or even trying to keep three-putts down to just once or twice per round.

Boosting Fitness Levels

Fatiguing with only a few holes remaining can be a painful experience - especially if you’re on the cusp of carding a personal best! Boosting your fitness levels can help mitigate the fatigue that golfers typically experience, but there are more benefits too. Gaining strength can help add distance to your game, which should make the game of golf that little bit easier.

Cleaning Clubs

Whilst it is not guaranteed that you will play better with clean clubs, you can definitely expect to produce a better relationship between ball and club once all the mud has been removed from each groove. When the grooves of the golf club are covered in muck, it seriously hinders the performance of each stroke. We highly recommend you wash your clubs after every round, it really can be a rewarding experience.

Gain a Handicap

Unlike other sports, players of all standards can freely compete against each other in the game of golf thanks to the brilliant handicap system. After each round, you input your score via the app or at your golf club, and your handicap will update. The greatest thing about handicaps is the ability to work away at your game. You may have started the season as a 20, but you could finish it at 14; viewing such progression helps to keep golfers hungry for success and improvement.

Join a Golf Club

Although nomadic golfers have plenty of fun throughout the year, belonging to a golf club is a great feeling. You’ll be entitled to discounts at the bar and on the range, in addition to being able to compete in tournaments that the club hosts. It’s also a great way to meet like minded people and expand your social circle. Joining a golf club can help freshen your love for the game, so it is something we highly recommend to recreational golfers.

Attend a Golf Trip

There is no better feeling than travelling away for the weekend knowing you will spend the following few days playing nothing but golf. Typically, the venues that you will visit are of first-class quality, with tremendous practice facilities complementing the beautiful golf courses. You’ll also enjoy the evenings, where you’ll spend extensive time with friends and family. Nothing beats a golf trip!

Play With Friends

Golfing by yourself can be a great experience, but it is always better when shared with a friend. You can play little games between yourselves or even just enjoy the company. When you’re out by yourself, you can rush your game a little, which would have a negative impact on the score you produce. Playing with friends provides a relaxing atmosphere and a fantastic opportunity to catch up with one another.


(Image Credit: Kevin Diss Photography)

Play With a Smile on Your Face

Golf is supposed to be fun. Yes, it can be the most frustrating sport in the entire world, but we partake in the activity because it brings us joy. A lot of golfers get angry on the golf course and we think that every golfer has experienced this during their time, but some do take it too far. If you no longer gain any enjoyment from the sport of golf, rather than increase your blood pressure, it’s best for you to take a short break from the game. Always play with a smile on your face, you’re privileged walking the fairways!

The new golf season looks set to be one of the best as we can finally say goodbye to the wettest winter in recent memory.

Will you actively try to do new things this season or are you a seasoned veteran who has done it all?! 

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