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These Are Some of The Best Black Friday Golf Deals

By: | Fri 17 Nov 2023

Black Friday is often the best time to replenish your golf stock as there are some incredible deals to be found during the hectic period. Golfers can also purchase brilliant training aids and accessories that will help produce lower scores and issue confidence in their golf game.

This Black Friday, there are four specific products that provide outstanding benefits - and all can be purchased at a discounted price! So, if you’re in the market for a new GPS device or you just want to improve your putting, there are some amazing deals to be had.

GolfBuddy Aim W12 GPS Watch

£80 discount on original retail price

GolfBuddy Aim W12 Watch

GPS devices such as rangefinders and watches are becoming essential tools when playing golf, as knowing your distance from targets or hazards is vitally important if you wish to produce lower scores. The GolfBuddy Aim W12 is a neat bit of kit that is easily applied to your wrist, meaning you won’t need to keep dipping into your bag if you deployed a rangefinder. Green Undulation is a brilliant feature that displays the gradation of the slope on the green through different colours, which encourages golfers to aim at certain sections of the putting surface for easier birdie putts.

The Hole Feature is also very handy; as you move over to the next hole, the device provides a flyover to give the golfer an idea of what to expect - and where to avoid! Previously, watches were criticised for failing to provide measurements to hazards, but the W12 has implemented new technology through Touch IP (Intersection Point). Touch IP is simple to use as golfers only need to tap anywhere on the hole to gain a distance to the point, which is further supported by displaying the distance from the hole at your selected area. Furthermore, this watch can be used as a fitness tracker as it details how many steps have been taken and the number of calories burned during a spell of exercise.

Key Features:

  • Touch IP shows you the distance to a target point of your choosing, while also showing the distance from the target point to the green.
  • Automatic course & hole recognition.
  • 10-hour battery life in Golf Mode.
  • Distances to the front/centre/back of green.
  • Distances to targets and hazards.
  • Know your distance with automatically calculated slope-adjusted distances.
  • Green Undulation to show the slopes on the greens.
  • IPX7 Waterproof.
  • Easy-to-use Digital Scorecard.
  • Clock, pedometer and calories counting function.
  • Preloaded with 40,000 courses worldwide with free updates.
  • Was £279.99 and is now £209.99.

GolfBuddy LASER Lite2

Leading laser range finder for only £127.49

GolfBuddy LASER Lite2

Whilst the convenience of a watch cannot be denied, many golfers prefer the manual use of the rangefinder - and seldom will you find a better product for its price range than the GolfBuddy LASER Lite2. In contrast to previous designs, the Lite2 is thinner and features a more compact design, whilst continuing to deliver industry-leading technology that can elevate every golfer’s game. Slope-adjusted distances is valuable information in golf, and this feature is present in the LASER Lite2 to ensure golfers are equipped for any challenge they may face.

Vibration Alert notifies the golfer that they have chosen the right target by producing a slight vibration, which is especially handy when a green contains lots of background movement or there are numerous objects positioned behind.

Key Features:

  • Faster measurement speed with ZST Technology.
  • Compact design for optimal grip.
  • Press and hold power/measurement button to active Pin Finder Mode.
  • You can also measure the distance while putting.
  • Accurate measurement with Vibration Alert.
  • Press and hold the MODE button for 5 seconds to turn the slop feature on/off.
  • Clear measurement with bright 6X magnification viewfinder.
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant.
  • USGA/R&A legal for handicap & tournament play.
  • Was £169.99 and is now £127.49.

Me And My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat

Award winning training aid under £90

Me And My Golf Breaking Putting Mat

A large majority of golfers are guilty of practicing their putting at home, typically with a glass acting as the hole. Whilst it’s great that they’re working on their stroke, the lack of break fails to emulate a true putting experience. For the first time ever, Me And My Golf have successfully reenacted breaking putts on their Breaking Ball Putting Mat. More than 90% of putts have some break to them, but that isn’t all the product helps golfers to work on. A small blue zone encourages golfers to work on their speed whilst the Supreme Start Line teaches golfers the importance of starting their putts on line and how to achieve it.

The mat produces left and right breaking putts to ensure golfers are confident with both movements, which also promotes a pre-shot routine. When working with mats that only produce straight putts, it’s easy to reload and continue to putt. This habit can easily be transferred to the golf course, which will produce rushed shots that will dampen your scoring. The golf balls are unique too, as they are weighted differently and depending on what side the weight is pointed at, it will break in that direction. Moreover, the mat comes equipped with downloadable lessons to help teach you how to use the product efficiently and properly. Every golfer should work on their putting and the Me And My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat produces breaking putts from the comfort of your own home!

Key Features:

  • Breaking ball putting mat.
  • 3 Breaking Balls.
  • Protective carry case.
  • Free mini-series golf lessons.
  • Putting mat.
  • Was £139.99 and is now £83.99. (11FT mat)

ExPutt RG

Save 25%

ExPutt RG

Recreating accurate putting experiences at home has long been a problem for those who wish to master their touch with the flat stick. However, through innovative technology, ExPutt RG has found a solution to that long-standing problem. Golfers will be able to practice long-range putts on greens that slope heavily in either direction, and their touch will be tested even further when putting on daunting multi-tiered greens.

The innovative creation follows a simple process. By utilising a high-speed camera and industry-leading tracking software, your stroke is accurately displayed on the screen and you’ll be playing your favourite courses in no time. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or someone new to the game of golf, the Exputt RG is the best way to improve your putting game. The compact size means the RG is also transportable, allowing golfers to work on their short game wherever they desire. Additional features such as slope options and online capabilities to play with up to three friends highlights the impressiveness of the Exputt RG.

Key Features:

  • Ease and compact set up.
  • Home, office or hotel room.
  • Innovative tracking software.
  • High speed camera.
  • Practice on real-life greens.
  • Challenge slope mode.
  • Tempo practice.
  • Real-time online challenges.
  • Various distance change modes.
  • Practice putting mode.
  • Play online with up to 4 players.
  • Was £449.99 and is now £337.49.


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