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5 Mental And Physical Health Benefits That Golf Provides

By: | Mon 20 Mar 2023

We take a closer look at five outstanding benefits that the game of golf provides for your mental and physical health. Golf, although frustrating at times, offers a multitude of benefits for both fitness and mental well-being. Here are five reasons to get you back out on the course in time for the new season.

  • Relaxation

“What’s so relaxing about shanking your 7-iron out of bounds?” We hear you say.  

Well, not a lot in all honesty. However, as you traverse the course across a three-hour period, there is no denying just how relaxing the game of golf can be.

Firstly, we’re fortunate enough that our sport is completely played outside - which will naturally improve your mood by reducing feelings of stress.

Of course, how could we possibly forget the beautiful surroundings that each golf course is seamlessly carved into?

Being at one with nature and all the sounds that reflect the peaceful way of life is a serene experience.

Whether you opt for a buggy or choose to peacefully walk the fairways, the extended amount of time you spend outside positively impacts your mental health.

Golf Health Benefits

  • Mental Health

There are so many evident mental health benefits from playing golf, which all combine to release endorphins that help reduce stress, improve well-being and relieve pain.

Golf can be attributed to lessening stress and anxiety levels, meaning you’ll be feeling more confident in your approach towards the rest of the day, week or even month.

The sport also improves self-esteem and it definitely provides a sense of accomplishment as we see that heroic shot soar through the air and finish two-foot from the cup.

Perhaps the most obvious and beneficial is the social interaction that the game of golf provides for everyone.

Whilst you can certainly tee it up by yourself, golf will always be a sport that is more enjoyable with others.

It doesn’t matter if you partake in a monthly roll up, feature in a weekly four-ball or you’re a member of a golf club, there are many avenues to boost your social interaction.

We haven’t even discussed societies that typically travel to different venues, experiencing alternative courses whilst playing in larger groups for prizes.

If you’re on the hunt for a new group of friends, then the golf club will always be the recommended first stop.

  • Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the most recorded benefit of playing golf, which isn’t hard to understand when you’re walking for more than three hours!

A lot of golfers are surprised to hear how many calories a round of golf burns off, which is approximately between 1,000 - 1,500 calories dependent on weight.

Moreover, it also helps build strength if we’re carrying our golf bags with us, whilst undoubtedly bolstering leg muscles after lengthy exercise.

If you can couple gym work with your golfing routine, then you will see some seriously good results out on the golf course.

A weekly round of golf - including a few visits to the range - could be all you need to do if you wish to gain some strength or enhance fitness levels.

  • Mobility

Whilst mobility could be covered by physical fitness, we believe the mobility benefits are so huge that it deserves its own category.

The older you are, the more your mobility will improve as you continue playing golf.

For senior golfers, this is a noteworthy benefit to the game of golf, which will help you with rotational turn and general stability.

Mobility is highly important for a golfer, as it creates powerful movement in the swing and enables your body to position itself correctly.

If you’re using your body efficiently, then you’re likely to produce lower scores out on the course… which should bring a smile or two alongside it!

  • Enjoyment

There is so much negativity in the world that it remains highly important that you schedule time to enjoy yourself.

Golf can provide endless amounts of fun as you catch up with friends or look to break 80 for the very first time.

You don’t necessarily have to get out on the course either; considering the surge in technology installed at driving ranges, there are plenty of fun games to be had from the bays.

Sometimes a short practice session to work on a single element of your game can be a very fun and productive way of spending your free time.

If you’ve had an especially poor week and you’re looking for a boost, dust off your clubs and head to the golf club - endless enjoyment awaits!


Amongst the disappointment of duffing a chip, the overall benefits of golf are sometimes lost.

However, golf can improve mental health, bolster fitness levels, boost social interaction and issue a sense of accomplishment amid many other advantages.

If you’re feeling low, grab your sticks and head to the golf club - the pursuit for perfection continues! 

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