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6 of The Best Golf GPS Apps

By: | Sun 08 Jan 2023

GPS technology has become a huge part of golf and is regarded as very important to the majority of amateur golfers looking to improve their game. Knowing your yardages and which club to pull is one of the best ways to improve your scores and course management. To help with this you can either purchase a specific golf GPS device or download a golf GPS app to your mobile phone.

There are many apps to choose from, available to anyone with a smartphone. Most of the best GPS apps are also free meaning anyone can improve their course knowledge and nobody is priced out.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like carrying their mobile phone around on the golf course, many of these apps are also available on a smart watch if you have one.  Below we round up six of the best available in 2023.

Motocaddy GPS App

Motocaddy App

The Motocaddy app does not actually require the user to own any of their products, it is completely free for anyone to use. The app has flyovers available for over 40,000 courses, offers front, middle and back yardages and hazard information, all of which are very useful.

The interface is user friendly and the app runs smoothly. It also allows for simple score tracking, so the player doesn’t have to mess around with scorecards as well as their phone on the course. Another positive is the apps ability to track stats, very important for a player looking to improve their gam and handicap. The new app has also been completely redesigned and now includes a host of updates like lifesaving AED & CPR features.

The information provided on yardages and hazard information is very accurate and up to date. It seems Motocaddy’s ability to create high quality products is not just limited to electric golf trolleys.

Available on both iOS and Android.

Visit their website here

Arccos Caddie


Arccos Caddie uses smart sensors which are screwed into the end of each of your clubs. The app is free and once downloaded you create an account, before scanning the sensor with your smartphone to pair each club in your bag.

When on the course, the app provides accurate yardages and information on things like hazards, conditions and elevation. One plus point is once the app has gathered your data from multiple rounds, it will actually recommend a club depending on your yardage. Not only that, the app is compatible with a smartwatch and works smoothly.

In recent years, strokes gained has been a key piece of data used by professional golfers and on TV. The Arccos app uses and provides strokes gained data once your round is over which could prove invaluable to those looking to improve.

Available on both iOS and Android.

Visit their website here

SkyCaddie Mobile

SkyCaddie Mobile

SkyCaddie are known for their rangefinders and GPS watches, so it comes as no surprise that they offer a quality mobile GPS app. Loaded with thousands of precise course details and interactive holes, the interface is simple but great for the user. The app also offers score tracking and allows the user to save and track their stats.

A huge positive of this app is the lack of power needed to run it, it won’t drain your battery. This can be a big concern for golfers using any GPS device nevermind a smartphone.

Available on both iOS and Android.

Visit their website here

Golfshot Golf GPS


Golfshot is a very popular app with over four million users. The app contains the standard features such as accurate yardages, distance to hazards and other targets on over 45,000 courses. But what makes Golfshot unique is its use of augmented reality, making the app more visually appealing than other GPS apps.

The AR uses your smartphone camera and turns it into a detailed 360-degree course map, allowing users to take a virtual walk through a hole to identify targets and hazards. This could be very important to new players or even improving players when trying to get around the course.

Available on both iOS and Android.

Visit their website here


Golfph App

Golph is one of the newest GPS apps on the market. It’s interface is very simple, clear and user-friendly. This easy to use app provides accurate yardages, information on wind speeds and hazards and allows for score tracking.

What makes Golph unique is the ability to compete with friends. You can compare your results with friends and take your place on the leaderboard by collecting badges. Each badge equates to a certain a mount of points, the more difficult the achievement, the more points it is worth.

Available on iOS.

Visit their website here

Hole 19 Golf App


Hole 19 is a precise GPS app which provides its user with key distances to the flag, front and back of the green and to hazards. It boasts a sleek, simple design so there is no confusion when it comes to numbers.

The app is very popular with over 2.8 million users worldwide. The app is compatible with smartwatches and has a great live leaderboard feature where you can compete with friends.

Available on both iOS and Android.

Visit their website here

While all doing a fine job of giving accurate yardages and allowing for score tracking, each of these six apps have their own unique features. So when picking which one to download, it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Do you use GPS apps? If so, which ones? Let us know in the comments.

What do you think? post your thoughts and feedback on the Golfshake Forum: https://forum.golfshake.com/

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