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The Items You Need For Winter Golf

By: | Fri 29 Oct 2021

As we depart the prevalent sunshine and elongated daylight, it becomes apparent that it’s time to adjust to the winter golf season.

While many will outright refuse to take to the fairways, we think that’s an unwise choice as there’s still plenty of enjoyment to take from the cooler period.

However, without the correct tools at your disposal, our argument falls flat on its face - so it’s vital you prepare efficiently for what’s ahead.

Below, we choose eight essential items that will undoubtedly bolster your enjoyment of playing golf as the temperature hits freezing.

Waterproof Clothing

Winter Golf

(Image Credit: Kevin Diss Photography)

It makes sense to start with the most useful addition to the golf bag this winter, waterproof clothing.

If you haven’t purchased any new waterproofs for a reasonable amount of time, you may be surprised with how far the technology has advanced with the clothing.

Not only will they keep you dry but the majority of available waterproof apparel options will also act as a barrier of warmth too.

Furthermore, they’ve been enhanced to be less restrictive in movement so there’s no excuse for a lack of mobility whilst in the clothing.

Layers of Clothing

This one might seem obvious but it is really important that you prepare efficiently for the weather, which means ditching the shorts and putting a jumper or two on underneath your winter jacket.

Ideally, and it really is dependent on your location and the typical winter you’ll experience, but a golf top, jumper and jacket/fleece will provide you with the warmth that you desire.

If you are situated up north then you will experience colder winters and if that’s the case, feel free to add another layer - or five!

Woolly Hat

Winter Golf

(Image Credit: Kevin Diss Photography)

The perfect addition to the golf bag, I can’t believe I ever played winter golf before purchasing one.

The last thing you want to experience on a cold and wet day is your ears burning and effectively feeling like they might fall off.

The woolly hat provides the ideal solution to that, as you protect your ears from ferocious wind - which can actually help to prevent potential ear infections too.

The hat does not interfere with performance at all and, considering you’ll be warmer for the duration of your round, it’ll only boost how you’re playing on the course.

An essential, without a single ounce of doubt.


Winter Golf

(Image Credit: Kevin Diss Photography)

While an umbrella should be a component of your golf bag all year round, it becomes especially relevant during the wetter months.

Playing golf in the rain is frustrating but there are decisions you can make that will limit the annoyance - with the inclusion of an umbrella taking the top spot.

There’s nothing more disheartening than your clubs being rained on, becoming wetter and wetter.

Torrential downpour even holds the potential of damaging your clubs, so please keep your prized possessions dry and protected out on the course.

An umbrella, of course, would fill that role perfectly - so equip your bag with one immediately!

Golf Balls

I know, I know. We need golf balls regardless of season so what are they doing in this list?!

Well, while that is true, it’s important to discuss the difference models of golf balls and why they should be thought of.

There’s not much fun in hitting good golf shots yet still losing your ball - we have all been there - so why not opt for a yellow ball during the winter months?

Additionally, why not utilise a yellow distance ball during the colder period?

Distance balls do exactly what they say on the tin - they improve distance. Although that is usually at the expense of softness.

However, if you don’t carry the golf ball that far then distance balls are an excellent resource for winter rounds, which should make the course feel a little shorter in the process.


The majority of mentions in this list revolve around keeping the golfer warm, and the flask is the ideal addition to further contain heat.

A sip of hot tea/coffee during a chilly winter morning can be all the added motivation you needed - considering you managed to drag yourself out of bed!

Moreover, as long as you’re not driving, who said it had to be a regular flask? Why not a hip flask?

That warmness/burning sensation of going down the body will either keep you warm and motivated or completely ignite your insides.

Either way, you’ll be more awake and ready for that challenging tee shot - a win/win situation!

Winter Golf Glove

The assistance of a winter golf glove should not be underplayed, considering it can help to improve grip in wet conditions and thus, improve the quality of the strike.

Furthermore, they are constructed with material that helps prevent the harshness of the wind on your hand, which is another benefit.

To add to this, the material used will help keep hands warmer and you’ll keep the sensation in your fingers - which will greatly assist with touch/feel around the greens.

Wave goodbye to your standard golf glove and replace it in the spring, ‘tis the season for winter golf gloves!

Change of Clothes

If you have committed to a round of golf and you are aware that the weather will take a turn for the worst at the halfway stage, then we salute your bravery.

Allow us to also salute your intelligence if you have prepared and brought a change of clothes with you ready to swap out your wet golfing gear.

This is especially crucial if you plan to head to the clubhouse after the round, although you also don’t want to be driving home in soaking wet apparel.

Moreover, a change of clothes can help prevent an illness as you really don’t want to be in wet clothes for too long or you’ll risk a cold.

A change of clothes should be mandatory if it’s going to rain, but we would argue to always keep an outfit spare in case the forecast hasn’t got the prediction correct.

There you have eight essential items that will equip you ready for the cold season out on the golf course.

While the wetter months threaten to dampen the enjoyment of golf, it truly is what you put into it and we implore you to continue to take to the fairways.

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