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Why You Should Still Play Golf in The Autumn Season

By: | Fri 01 Oct 2021

The arrival of October has spelt the end for the current golf season, but that does not necessarily mean that all golf should cease.

In fact, golf should continue to be played and flourish during the cooler period and there are plenty of positives that would support this argument.

Sure, the sunshine won’t be as prevalent and you probably won’t get as much roll out from those long drives, but the sport is still possible during the autumn period and we encourage every golfer to take to the fairways.

Below, we provide more information on some of the standout benefits of playing golf after the departure of summer.

Better Access to Courses

Autumn Golf

The term ‘fair weather golfer’ references the type of golfers that will be deterred by even the slightest bit of rainfall; while wet conditions can dampen a round, it still presents the opportunity to play golf.

When the autumn season rolls around, the business of the course usually decreases as a consequence.

We all know that golf has experienced a needed boost since the advent of COVID-19 and securing tee times - as a member or nomadic golfer - has often been troublesome.

Thankfully, October should see bookings become more available and offer the chance to golfers who had struggled to get out during the warmer months.

We have experienced waiting on every tee and the autumn season allows us to find our rhythm and continue the flow with limited stoppages between holes.

What’s not to like?

Cheaper Rounds

Autumn Golf

It is no secret that the post-COVID world has come with price hikes in almost every aspect of life; golf is certainly no exception to that.

We have recently looked at the perceived increase in cost and due to the unprecedented demand for tee times, prices have largely increased.

However, with a decrease in golfers taking to the course, clubs will once again look to fill out the booking sheets with visitor green fees.

Through this, off-season prices will be available. Typically, you’ll save anywhere between £5 to £10 and even more for some of the revered courses.

Of course, the compromise with the savings is the unpredictable British weather but generally, saving money while experiencing a round with minimal stoppages results in the autumn season being ideal for golfers.

Continuing to Refine Skills

Autumn Golf

We’ve all worked hard during the regular season. Whether we are looking to generate a consistent shot shape; improve our short game or reduce our overall handicap, our relentless work in the sun has hopefully improved our ability as golfers.

Considering how much time we have delegated to improving, why would we risk our newfound skill because the weather is a little colder?

It is imperative to continue to build and further improve on our skills, so neglecting our game during the autumn period seems counterproductive and a waste of the summer months.

Even if you have been deterred to get out on the course due to the weather, make sure you still visit the driving range frequently.

It’s also important to continue to refine your short game too, so spend some time on the chipping and putting greens if the weather is too unpleasant for a round.

Whatever decision you make, do not compromise your progress due to the weather.

Additionally, playing in poorer conditions will improve your game during ideal weather and when summer rolls around, you will be well equipped for those short spells of rain.

Progress, progress, progress. 


Autumn Golf

One of the biggest positives about golf is the beautiful, picturesque environments that we play in. Simply put, they are unbeatable.

As the leaves alter colour and the nights close earlier, the breath-taking scenery on offer is nothing short of mesmerising.

While you enjoy the benefits of the warm weather during the summer months, seldom will you get to experience views and vistas that can compare to the autumn season.

Anything that can supplement a round of golf is welcomed, and the months of September and October provide a unique environment for a round of golf.

Negatives of Autumn Golf

While there are plenty of positives between the relationship of the autumn season and the golf course, there are a few negatives that we must detail.

When the leaves begin to fall, identifying balls - even located in the fairway - can prove to be problematic.

There are ways around this, however. Some players have an agreement that if the ball was struck well and the group saw it down, then a free drop would be available if the fallen leaves prove troublesome.

Additionally, although we should be less-prone to it during autumn, waterproofs are an excellent resource for the golf bag.

They’ll protect golfing attire from wetter conditions and also keep you nice and dry as you battle through the elements.

While the main golf season will always be the ideal time for a round, it does not need to be the exclusive period for golf.

Playing golf during the autumn will see green fees reduced, facility usage shortened and the continuation of our progress as golfers.

Of course, the fallen leaves and occasional rainfall are irritating, but the reasons above prove why you should still play golf during the autumn season.

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