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The Best Golf Lasers of 2021

By: | Fri 02 Jul 2021

Rangefinders have become a common accessory for golfers. Without knowing the correct yardage, it’s tough for those birdies to sink so satisfactory in the cup. Moreover, not knowing how much carry for a hazard can also be a card wrecker – and we don’t want that, do we? They have quickly become a part of most golf bags and if you don’t currently own one, you could be losing shots out on the course. Below, we list six models that we think offer not just performance enhancing capabilities, but also don’t break the bank to acquire either.

Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder, £449

Bushnell PRO XE

The Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is an innovative and industry leading golf laser that provides exact measurements for all potential shots. This product was the first 7x magnification rangefinder on the market, and it offers the perfect blend of size, speed, accuracy and all of the latest technology. To add further accuracy, Bushnell has added temperature and barometric pressure to their patented Slope Technology.

This helps to compensate distance measurements from a horizontal position, vertical height and different angles to give you the most precise measurement. PinSeeker Technology also provides the golfer with short vibrating bursts to confirm that it has locked on to the flag correctly. Furthermore, a visual red ring will flash around the target, providing confirmation that you have locked on to the flag correctly and not a tree in the background. The Pro XE also features integrated magnet technology that enables you to fix your device straight to the handle or bar of your trolley for ultimate convenience. Finally, with the slope switch in the ‘off’ position, these rangefinders are legal to use in tournaments.


  • Slope Technology with Elements
  • PinSeeker Technology (with Visual Jolt)
  • Ranges 500+ Yards & 7X Magnification
  • Integrated BITE Magnetic Cart Mount

GolfBuddy Aim L10V Rangefinder, £269.99

GolfBuddy AIM LV10

The GolfBuddy Aim L10V Rangefinder is the world’s first talking laser rangefinder that also comes with a vibration mode. The Aim L10V allows you to see distance through a wider LCD display and has a Voice button to read out distances aloud for total ease of use. It has an athletic and ergonomic design which doesn’t only look fantastic, but also fits great in the hand. It has three targeting modes: Standard, Scan and Pin, which will help you to lock on intended targets.

The Slope technology within the rangefinder provides slope-adjusted distances for elevation changes on the golf course – and this can be toggled on and off for more accuracy. Clear 6x magnification and a wider LCD display allows you to view every detail with the upmost precision and it is also compliant with USGA/R&A for legal use during competitions. To save battery life, it will automatically switch off after 15 seconds if it has been left unattended.


  • Pin Finder with Vibration Mode
  • Simple Audio Distance Measuring Device
  • Slope Adjusted Distance (with on/off switch)
  • 6x Magnification & Wider LDC

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Rangefinder, £249.99

Motocaddy Pro 3000

Motocaddy have expanded their brand and entered the rangefinder market, releasing a seriously impressive laser to rival established brands such as Bushnell. The Pro 3000 offers distance you can trust, class-leading optics, Slope Compensation and Pin Lock technology with both vibrational and visual confirmation. It is a compact and lightweight device which boasts rubber textured grips to sit comfortably in the hand.

The Slope Compensation mode is a feature that allows the golfer to target the flag with more ease, resulting in precise distance reading. Moreover, every time you target the pin, the device will vibrate and give a visual alert to say you have locked onto the correct position. The class-leading optics offer a clearer view of the course, with 7x magnification and an adjustable eyepiece adjuster to provide the ultimate viewing experience. The range distance capability is anywhere between a whopping 5-1300 yards, with a range of 450 yards to lock onto the pin position. Finally, the device comes with a premium hard-shell carry case with a big clip and a 3v lithium battery is included upon purchase.


  • Slope Compensation Mode (on/off switch)
  • Pin Lock (with vibration & visual confirmation)
  • 7x Magnification (class-leading optics)
  • Impressive Range Capability

Shot Scope Pro L1 Rangefinder, £199.99

Shot Scope Pro L1

The Shot Scope Pro L1 Rangefinder proves that cost does not effectively mean quality. This compact device is a quick-fire class-1 laser rangefinder that easily acquires targets which results in less guesswork around your golf game. It features adaptive slope technology and locks on to targets with vibration for total ease of usage. The adjustable eyepiece allows for a clearer view when determining the yardage of each target.

The sporty and ergonomic design fits seamlessly into the hands and the device is also water resistant – meaning you can use the rangefinder in turbulent conditions. It also utilises slope technology which provides slope-adjusted distances for elevation changes on the golf course, and this feature can be toggled on and off for further accuracy.


  • Adaptive Slope Technology
  • Target Lock Vibration
  • Range 875 Yards (accurate to 0.1 yard)
  • 6x Magnification/ Red & Black Dual Optics

Zoom Focus X Laser Rangefinder, £199.99

Zoom Focus X

The Zoom Focus X Laser Rangefinder slots into this list in the mid-range tier, although it is a good price for a high-quality laser. As opposed to more expensive models, this rangefinder offers premium features at an affordable price. The device boasts premium optics and offers clarity with 6x magnification optics that come with an eyepiece adjuster and an LCD display to provide easy to read distances.

The Zoom X delivers straight distance calculations to within .5m/y of accuracy and it also has a range of 600m. The slope mode means that the Zoom Focus X can provide adjusted distance values that will correctly measure the disparity if playing on slopes. The flagpole scanning results in an easy and efficient way to lock on to intended targets for the fastest experience possible. Finally, to power the device, a 1000mA Lithium battery will need to be utilised.


  • Premium Optics (6x magnification)
  • Slope Compensation/Flag Scanning (with vibration)
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Distance Range 600M (accuracy to .5m)

Fazer XR2 Rangefinder, £109

Fazer XR2

The Fazer XR2 Rangefinder is quite comfortably the cheapest in this list – it’s also one of the most inexpensive on the market too. We’ve included this because - no it does not offer the same capabilities as more expensive models - but it has the same basic function as those listed. Realistically, all you need is to identify yardages for an approach shot, the rest is just a bonus.

The XR2 is a highly accurate laser device, which will give the golfer confidence to select the right club for the best results. It boasts extensive range and offers reading in both yards and metres to help you get the best results out on the course. It comes equipped with power and measurement buttons, different modes and it also boasts an eyepiece adjuster to give you clear and precise performance when you need it the most.


  • Objective & Receiving Lens
  • Mode/Unit Switch Button
  • Eyepiece Adjustment
  • Ergonomic Design

There you have six models of rangefinders that should give you more confidence as you stand over the ball, knowing the correct distance to set up that birdie opportunity. Please remember, regardless of price, they all offer the same basic function. To lower scores, you need to know your distances. Whether you opt for the Bushnell range or the Fazer range, both provide this function to get you playing more and playing better.

What do you think? post your thoughts and feedback on the Golfshake Forum: https://forum.golfshake.com/


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