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This year, Golfshake Ambassador Matt Holbrook has taken the opportunity to try out a new golf focused food and energy product, NUROCO, which is marketed as providing 'fuel for focus' to help your game without 'sugar rushes'.

NUROCO is an energy-based fuel gel that has been claimed to provide "direct energy to the brain to support cognitive function" by consuming their product which is packed with MCTs. MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) gels and oils are on the rise in the health market for their stated benefits of being a source of energy in general and specifically related to brain energy. Research is limited at present, but Matt took the time to see if this new product could deliver a positive upside to his game and ensure that he remains focused throughout a round.

Review by Golfshake Ambassador Matt Holbrook

When Colm, the founder of a small and innovative start-up, NUROCO, contacted me a few weeks ago, I had only seen a few things about them on social media. My initial reaction, being brutally honest, was along the lines of: "I’m not sure if something like this can help me, but what have I got to lose?” Especially when they claim to 'nourish your mind' and help provide clear thinking for the whole round.

The NUROCO product is an easy to consume gel that is packed with a fuel that provides direct energy to the brain to support cognitive function. The energy comes from MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), a unique and beneficial fat, typically found in coconut oil, that can provide an incredible alternative to sugar but with less chance of a sugar rush or crash, just calm, composed, clarity.

You can find more information on the product, the science behind it and previous research via this link:

After my first use of the product I wasn't sure - maybe because I don't understand the science and claims behind it (and to be honest, the type of person I am, I probably don't want to/need to either?!) or maybe I was using it wrong/at the wrong times.

When NUROCO initially asked for feedback, deep down, I wasn’t convinced it was having an effect, or at least I hadn’t noticed it. However, after playing a few more rounds I have changed my way of thinking about this. Maybe they are indeed onto something?

I used one half an hour before playing, then again on the 8th tee. I also had my protein drinks and some water that I normally consume. So I found myself asking the question after this round: "Why did I feel I made great and decisive decisions on the course and shot a great round?" Thinking back to each shot, I was a bit more methodical in my approach - something which I normally start my round with but then fades away towards the end. I took my time lining up putts, didn't do anything stupid. Could there be something in the NUROCO Gel?

Let’s face it, we are all capable of playing good golf, regardless of handicap. But it’s stringing two good rounds in a row that maybe we struggle with.

I decided to repeat the process the following day for my next round, one gel 30 mins before play and again, one on the 8th tee. Two protein drinks and some water, leading to similar results. I was calm, even after making a double bogey on our SI 18 150 yard par 3 11th, and I was composed. I made clear concise decisions and what was the result? A +4 score (4 under my handicap) and a cut coming my way - EVEN WITH THE DOUBLE BOGEY.

Now, this may be a coincidence, but I can't help but feel that after these two rounds I had felt and seen a massive impact on the way I have handled certain situations. Previously the double bogey would have knocked the stuffing out my round, or I would have got to the 17th tee and started to think about my score and messed up the finish (my local 17th is a 450-yard par 4 SI 6, which during this round I birdied).

Some may argue this is simply a 'placebo effect' but I now feel like I need to make NUROCO a mainstay in my golfing routine moving forward.

NUROCO are available online to buy and priced at £17.50 for seven sachets. Similar to other health products, such as protein bars, it is recommended to gently introduce them into your routine to minimise any side effects.

I won’t apologise for my initial thoughts, without that I may not have been writing this in such a positive light.

For more information and to find out about NUROCO visit:

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