G3 Flex Head Tees Review

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Review by Golfshake Ambassador Mel Davies

G3 Flex-Head Tees are an unbreakable, American designed and manufactured product. They are essentially indestructible and after having sold tens of thousands of them in Europe only had five reported breakages!

The G3 Series is the result of direct customer feedback and extensive materials and physics research. The new G3 Series come in a variety of heights and is a culmination of several years of successful sales of the previous G2 Series tees loved by thousands of golfers worldwide. All Flex-Head tees are made in the US by local suppliers and manufactured to exacting specifications.

Suggested changes from customers included a wider ball set - 50% larger than the G2 - increased width of 20%, and height shoulder. These have all been introduced to enhance the produt, which offers a lifetime warranty, such is the confidence of the manufacturer when it comes to potential breakages.


Quite a strange looking set of tees but when you get your head around that you can see they have been designed and made very well.


Bendy as you would expect but very sturdy and like they claim unbreakable.


These tees performed very well. I have used them on numerous rounds now and am yet to lose or break one. The tee pushes into the ground and gives the same tee height every time. The ball sits nicely on top and I have not seen any performance issues with the ball leaving the tee.



Gives you the same height tee time after time. Once bought you never need another tee!


You have to put the tee into the ground without using the ball which can be a bit awkward at times. At £19.95 for the players pack of eight different height tees some will see this as expensive.

The Bottom Line

A well designed and produced tee that will last forever and the main thing for me is you get a consistent height for every one. Some will see it as a gimmick but it really does do the job they say it will.

Rated 8/10.

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