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The Phantom GPS is the new distance measuring device from Bushnell, a powerful yet pocket-sized GPS device that is sure to improve your game through accurate and easy-to-read distance information.

A similar design to the Neo Ghost GPS, the Phantom GPS device includes all the original features of the Neo Ghost model, along with many other unique and innovative functions. The Phantom is a definite upgrade from its predecessor, both technologically and aesthetically.

Immediately I was impressed with how quickly the GPS technology picked up the golf course I was intending to play, along with five other courses that were close by in the local area. With the help of the clear and easy-to-use interface choosing the correct course and immediately getting started identifying yardages such as hazards and fairway bunkers takes no time at all and gives very accurate results.

Bushnell Golf Launches Stylish and Innovative Phantom GPS

Having previously always used a Bushnell laser rangefinder, I had become used to guessing yardages when it comes to blind tee shots or blocked out views of greens. This is where the Phantom GPS excels, the yardages to the front/middle/back of the greens were incredibly accurate and precise and enabled me to get on with my round quickly and commit to my intended distances without any indecision or lack of trust in my estimated yardages.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

One of the strongest features for the Phantom GPS device was the incredibly clear on-screen display which shows you all the yardages you need. The middle of the green yardages is in the centre of the screen, clear and obvious for you to easy see it at a glance. The device also gives you front and back numbers for the green, allowing you to gain an accurate estimate for where tucked away pins might be lurking on the greens.

The battery life of the Phantom GPS was outstanding. Charging the device fully is simple and incredibly quick, simply find any USB port and plug in the Phantom GPS for just a few hours and the device has enough charge for at least 36 holes.

In my opinion, the standout feature for the Phantom GPS model is the integrated BITE magnetic mount which sticks to any metal surface, perfect for attaching to a buggy, trolley, belt buckle or even a carry bag like I chose to use. The device can easily be magnetised to any metal surface directly, securely sticking to the surface whilst simultaneously being simple to attach and re-attach. The other option is to simply use the magnetic clip provided, attach that somewhere safe and secure on your bag or belt and the powerful magnet does the rest.

One of the downsides of this magnetic clip however, is that accidentally knocking it off can be easily done, leaving you potentially searching a vast golf course for a very small and expensive device. This is something that can be easily rectified by making sure you attach the Phantom device to somewhere secure where you are unlikely to brush it off and lose it.

Another one of the standout features of the Phantom GPS is the in-built Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect directly to the Bushnell mobile app for a more detailed overview of the layout of specific golf holes instead of just knowing yardages. The app is incredibly detailed with overviews of where potential hazards and bunkers may be hiding clearly marked out. The layout of the app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate through, however, spare some time when initially linking the app to the Phantom device, as this procedure was slightly time consuming and fiddly to understand at first glance.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Bushnell Phantom GPS is incredible value for money. Compared to many other distance measuring devices on the market, the Phantom excels in nearly all categories. Its small size makes it unbelievably portable, perfect for fitting to your golf bag or even carrying around with you in your pocket. The in-built BITE magnet is powerful enough to grip onto any metal surface securely, whilst also being easy enough to take-off and use in between shots. Its Bluetooth feature just expands the technology of the device, allowing you to have an even clearer view of the golf course by utilising the free Bushnell app as well as.

For more information about the Bushnell Phantom GPS, visit the following link; https://bushnellgolf.com/products/handheld-gps/phantom/

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