Review: FatPlate Training Aid

REVIEW: FatPlate

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Review completed by Golfshake ambassador Mel Davies October 2017

The FatPlate is a new visual training aid on the golf market that encourages golfers to improve their strike and compress the ball, whilst providing feedback when this is not achieved through the use of the innovative practice plate training aid.

The training aid focuses on feedback, through sound and additional visual StrikeStrips, allowing you to continually strike the ball off the synthetic strike zone and gain immediate feedback on your strike, whether it be long iron shots or delicate chip shots.  Additionall the FatPlate is perfect for practise in all weather conditions.

FatPlate Golf

This product suits just about everybody from low handicappers and tour pros to high-mid handicappers eager to perfect the perfect strike.  Ex-Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke has used it, as well as European Tour player Sam Walker.

There are numerous versions of the FatPlate on offer. These are:

  • FatPlate / Lady FatPlate - core product with synthetic turf strike-zone
  • FatPlate Lite / Lady FatPlate Lite - allows you to hit directly off the turf
  • FatPlate Sand - bunker training aid
  • FatPlate StrikeStrips - these provide additional visible feedback through tape strips

How it works


You simply place the ball on the FatPlate as you would for a normal shot on the synthetic turf strike zone. The synthetic turf, not available on the Lite version, is a great addition and gives a great feel when striking the ball. Any fatted shots will hit the plate and straight away the feedback from the noise provides feedback on whether you hit the ground before the ball.  

Additionally the StrikeStrips which are stuck on the plate and provide reusability provide visual feedback and provide further information on where on the plate your club connected.

The FatPlate also provides additional visual markers and pointers on optimal ball position especially with the FatPlate Sand product which stops the need for drawing lines in the sand during practice.  This then focuses you on hitting the sand before the ball


The FatPlate is very durable, looks superb and you can tell straight away a lot of thought and effort has gone into both the design and manufacturing process. The synthetic turf is if the highest quality and gives a great feel when hitting shots. Completing the visual looks are the pointers of where to place the ball for the relevant clubs.


The FatPlate is a solid product that really feels great when in use and is an excellent piece of equipment for use all year round.


I was fortunate enough to have Noel Woodman PGA Professional from Kidderminster Golf Club give me his thoughts on the FatPlate, and he was as impressed as I was.

Noel said: "It’s a fantastic, interactive aid. It’s very clear what the task is and the StrikeStrip gives great feedback." We both commented on how good the product was and how both of us would get great use from it.

Once the strip was in need of replacing, this was easy to do. All that was needed was some soapy water and a sponge to get the StrikeStrip off and then the new one just had to be stuck on.


Great feedback from the StrikeStrip and the noise also tells you whether the strike was good or not. I was very impressed with the design and quality of the plate, even down to how it looks like grass through the glass. The synthetic turf is of high quality and the StrikeStrips just complete the whole package.

FatPlate Strike Feedback



The Bottom Line

This is a truly great product that will be helpful for all levels of golfer. The feedback both visually from the StrikeStrips and the noise of the plate, if not struck correctly, is great.

At £65, I personally would be only too willing to purchase as I feel this will last and will help improve my ball striking, both on full shots and short game.  The lite version is £35 but comes with a cut out instead of the synthetic turf so again offers great value.

Highly rated 10 out of 10.

For a full video review from the YorkshireGolfCoach Ryan Metcalfe click here.

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