27putts - A new putting aid to help with getting the ball in the hole

By: Adam Smith | Tue 22 Jun 2010 | Comments ()

Clip Perfect Putt™ to the shaft of your putter as low as possible to the face, align the bottom edge parallel with the face of the putter and adjust the angle so it is also horizontal to the ground.

Your eyes should always be directly over the mirror ensuring a perfect line to putt on. If you are not lined up properly the flag will appear to slope to the left or right. 


 The mirror needs to be angled back at about 50° so you can see the object on the ground (flag or cup etc). By stroking the putter back and forth you should be able to keep the object in the centre of the mirror.

What this is doing is making sure that your putting stroke is always on line. If you have an in-square-in putting stroke please refer to our training video on our website.

We have players from 28 handicap to scratch, golfers tell us how helpful our putting aid is and thank us for getting their stroke sorted out.





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