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10 Things To Take On a Golf Break

By: Joe Hughes | Thu 05 Jul 2018

We all know that packing your bags before heading out on holiday feels like a huge chore. No matter whether you're off on an all-inclusive sunbathing holiday, a golfing trip or a skiing holiday it is always a painful process. However, packing for you next golf holiday could be a little easier. We’ve come up with ten things that we believe you should take with you every time and hopefully this gives you a slight helping hand.

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Golf Clubs and Essential Items

Starting with the most obvious items seems only natural. To play golf you have to have clubs and unless the courses that you are going to play offer rental clubs, then you’re going to need your own sticks. The essential items alluded to in this subtitle refers to balls, tees, pencils and any other bits that you like to have in your golf bag out on the course. Along with your clubs, you’ll need balls and tees too in order to play the game.

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Enough Golf Clothing

Most clubs have a dress code in place which means that golf attire must be worn when out on the course and in the clubhouse. So, it is essential that you have these with you if you are planning on playing on a course with such rules. It is likely that you’ll be going to a location that you’re hopeful will have nice weather and this is where ‘enough’ comes in. There’s nothing worse than spending four hours in the heat in a set of clothes and then finding that you’ve not brought enough of a certain item with you and have to wear your less than fresh clothes again the next day. I’ve found that socks and polo shirts are the serial offenders so be sure to double check you have enough before leaving home.

Sun Cream and After Sun Moisturiser

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s likely that your destination will, if all goes well, be bathed in sunshine for the entirety of your trip. If this is the case, then you’ll need the sun cream. Make sure you protect your skin whilst out on the course and avoid painful sunburn so that you can get the most out of your game whilst also being good to your body.


The Umbrella is a highly underrated piece of equipment, I believe, particularly when it comes to golf. The drizzle starts on the fifth hole… umbrella. Heavy rain on the tenth… umbrella. Now for the plot twist, the sun gets bit too hot on the fourteenth, you guessed it… umbrella.  Be sure to pack this piece of kit and shield yourself from whatever weather comes your way during your rounds.

Waterproof Jacket

The reasons for this are very similar to that of the umbrella. However, if you aren’t too keen on carrying an umbrella in the rain then your waterproof jacket will have you covered. You’ll be able to pack this pretty small so it won’t take up much  of the valuable space in your golf bag or suitcase.

Shoe Options

Depending on the itinerary of your trip, you may need a range of different shoes. Firstly, it is wise to take a spare pair of golf shoes if you have them and if you have the luggage allowance to do so. That way if they get damaged or lost on the holiday you won’t have to fork out there and then for a new pair. In addition to this, you may need some gym shoes. If you are the type of person who likes to take advantage of the hotels facilities or exlore the local land then gym shoes/trainers will be a necessity for you. Finally, if you plan on attending any formal restaurants or dinner events then you may need to take some smart formal shoes with you, but be sure to check this before you pack.

Mobile Phone and Charger

We recently put out an article featuring some of the best and most useful apps that every golfer needs on their phone, and this article touched upon just how big smartphones are in golf these days. Many golfers use apps such as GPS rangefinder apps to help them get the most from their game and to assist them round the course. If this sounds like you then make sure that you remember the phone itself, and almost equally as importantly, its charger to keep you going for the whole duration of your break.


You may well have paid your green fees online beforehand, but money is still essential for all golf breaks. You may well need to pay for things such as, food, transport or any of the above items that you have in fact forgotten. So, make sure you have at least some cash with you and also a debit/credit card that you can use at your destination, if you have one.


Each individual has their own health needs so specific medication may be required by all. Be sure to take whatever that may be with you as well as the generic basics. These include painkillers for achy muscles or any headaches that you may get and what I’m sure is a big one for many, hay fever tablets. It’s not nice being half way through your round when your nose starts streaming and your eyes become itchy, nip it in the bud and take the medicine.

Swim/Leisure Wear

Finally, a little less crucially comes swimwear or leisure wear. After multiple or even just one round of golf it is likely that your body will be fatigued and in need of some recovery time. Many choose to help this recovery by using their resorts facilities which could include a hot tub, swimming pool and gym. I am a hot tub man myself, but a few gentle lengths of the pool may well work for you.

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