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Not known for its golf courses, Finland isn't an ideal golfing destination especially as many of the courses are only playable through the height of summer. However, there are some good golf courses on offer in certain regions of the country. Kotojarvi Golf Club is one of the clubs that will test golfers of all playing standards and is enjoyable to play.

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Alands Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Aura GolfSouthern Finland
Aurinko GolfSouthern Finland
Bjõrkas GolfSouthern Finland
Espoo Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Etel·Pojhanmaan Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Golf PirkkalaSouthern Finland
Golf TalmaSouthern Finland
Green Zone GolfLapland
Hangon GolfSouthern Finland
Helsinki Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Hill Side Golf & Country ClubSouthern Finland
Hillside GolfSouthern Finland
Hirsala GolfSouthern Finland
Hyvinkää Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Imatran Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Karelia Golf ClubEastern Finland
Kartano Golf ClubEastern Finland
Katinkulta Golf ClubOulu
Keimola Golf VantaaSouthern Finland
KerigolfEastern Finland
Koski Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Kotka Golf CenterSouthern Finland
Kotojärvi GolfSouthern Finland
Kullo Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Kurk GolfSouthern Finland
Kymen Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Kytäjä GolfSouthern Finland
Lahden Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Lakeside Golf & Country ClubWestern Finland
Laukaan Golf ClubWestern Finland
Linna GolfSouthern Finland
Lofkulla GolfSouthern Finland
Master Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Meri-Teijo GolfSouthern Finland
Messil·Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Nevas Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Nordcenter Golf & Country ClubSouthern Finland
Nurmijärven Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Oulu Golf ClubOulu
Peuramaa Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Pickala Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Pielis GolfEastern Finland
Porin GolfkerhoWestern Finland
Porrassalmi Golf ClubEastern Finland
Porvoo GolfSouthern Finland
Raahentienoon Golf ClubOulu
Revontuli GolfEastern Finland
Ruuhikoski GolfWestern Finland
RuuikkgolfSouthern Finland
RuukkigolfSouthern Finland
Salo Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Sarfvik Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Seaside GolfWestern Finland
St Lake Golf ClubLapland
St Laurence GolfSouthern Finland
Suur-Helsingin Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Tahko Golf ClubEastern Finland
Tammer Golf ClubWestern Finland
Tapiola GolfSouthern Finland
Tarina Golf PuijoEastern Finland
Tawast Golf & Country ClubSouthern Finland
Tuusula Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Vaasan GolfWestern Finland££££
Vammala Golf ClubWestern Finland
Vierumaki Golf ClubSouthern Finland
Vierumäen GolfseuraSouthern Finland
Vihti Golf CenterSouthern Finland
Viipurin GolfEastern Finland
Virvik Golf ClubSouthern Finland
W-GolfSouthern Finland
Wiurila Golf & Country ClubWestern Finland
Yyteri Golf ClubWestern Finland
Displaying 1 to 73 of 73 records.

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