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Review - adidas boost golf shoes

By: Golf Shake | Tue 26 May 2015 | Comments

adidas launched a major new shoe range this Spring. It is called boost and features technology that has proved hugely popular with adidas athletes in other sports such as running and basketball. 

The question is will it work for golfers? We decided to head to Wentworth with four Golfshake readers to find out:

What adidas say about their boost golf shoes:

adidas Golf's revolutionary BOOST™ cushioning technology is now available in golf footwear for the first time, highlighted by the all-new adipower Boost for both men and women. An industry-changing innovation, BOOST technology is designed to deliver maximum energy return, responsiveness and unparalleled comfort.

Check out this video of the adidas boost reader day including opinions on the adidas boost from Colin, Tony, Matt & Tim


adidas’ innovative BOOST foam cushioning is comprised of thousands of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) energy capsules fused together by way of a proprietary high pressure steam molding process. At their core, these capsules are the essence of the innovation; its function, storing and releasing energy efficiently throughout the swing and delivering maximum energy return as athletes perform.

While traditional EVA foam hardens and softens dramatically when temperatures fluctuate, BOOST foam retains consistent cushioning and is incredibly responsive in both hot and cold conditions. 


Colin Ainsworth - Tested the adipower boost Boa:adidas asipower boost

The style is very modern, almost as a trainer, but still smart enough to be accepted by purists, the mix of the mainly white body wit black Adidas features and red highlights makes then stand out and work with a variety of outfit styles

Tony - Tested the adipower boost: 

There are a range of styles from traditional golf shoe style in white, black and grey to the sport shoe/trainer style which is becoming more popular with many golfers as these can be worn off the course and of course the 3 stripes let people know you're wearing a quality golf shoe.

Matt Holbrook - Tested the adipower boost: 

In my opinion the Boost look very modern and slick in design and are not out of place on a golf course unlike other shoes available. 

Tim Greaves - Tested the Asym Energy boost: 

They are a good compromise between classic golf shoe looks and more modern trainer style shoes.



The shoes were very comfortable straight away, a little bit of easy adjustment with the boa to get the tightness right, but they felt like they had moulded well around my feet, but without making them hot. By the end of the round I could still feel the bounce in the shoes and they were still comfortable. 


These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn as not only are they light but the support the foot really well while walking and during the swing. The insole connects to the tongue  which moulds to the foot making the shoe feel like you're just wearing a nice thick sock. The shoe materials are breathable so even on a warm and wet day the feet don't sweat.


The Boost are a dream to wear. The 'spongy' feel will have you mistaken with walking on memory foam.


They feel really comfortable when walking, with the boost material running the length of the sole. They also have great heal support to stop your feet rolling.



The weather was horrendous, but all the better for testing golf shoes, Despite a range of full blooded shots being played from all sorts of lies, the grip levels were amazing, not once did I feel like I was slipping or my shot compromised by the ability of my footwear. Also they remained waterproof the whole way round, not many shoes would have stood up to the weather we faced, but these Adidas Adipower Boost were phenomenal.

The adidas Asym energy boost is golf's first ever asymetrical golf shoe

adidas Asym energy boost


The Gripmore cleats are amazing providing grip on wet sloping tarmac and on wet wooden sleepers so you can go almost anywhere on and off the course with confidence. The cleats are placed just right to provide grip in the right places to provide stability during the swing. Even in heavy rain I still managed to hit over 60% of fairways.

On the green you can really feel the contours and the boost technology really helps reduce fatigue during a round.

The 2 year waterproof guarantee is longer than other waterproof shoes on the market. During my first round it rained consistently but my feet remained totally dry even after trips through the long grass and puddles on the walkways."


During the round when testing I didn't once feel any kind of tiredness, especially towards the end. I was expecting the spongy feeling I got at the start to almost fade away during the round but it maintained with me from start to finish.

The soft spike doesn't allow for slipping and even give confidence to walk down a steep slope without fear of your feet going from underneath you. 


Fantastic grip on a very wet course. The grip more spikes are brilliant. They sit lower to the ground but still offer adidas boost boauncompromising traction.



Waterproof, Grip Levels, Styling and the Boa lace system


Comfort, Comfort, Comfort. If your shoes don't fit or hurt your feet then your golf will suffer. These are extremely comfortable shoes.

Waterproof, Breathable, Traction. All down to the latest use of technologies plus the choice of styles. Every shoe has great detailing with accent colours to enhance the style."


Modern look, comfort and a soft spike that allows for no slipping. 


Hugely comfortable, performance golf shoe. Grip was brilliant in the rain



Bits of grass getting in between the Adidas strips are not easy to clean out.


Price may be a barrier for some but a quality product with a 2 year waterproof guarantee should be considered.The darker colours might look like a man-made material than a quality leather also the sizing is a little different to may golf shoes; a slightly larger size is required, I'd say 1/2 to 1 full size depending on foot width."


The only drawback for some maybe the price. These wont come cheap but will last!


The only con i can think of is the price. The Asym boost do not come cheap, but on this evidence may well be worth the investment. 

The Bottom Line


The Adidas Adipower boost have amazing grip, even in the wettest of conditions, are light and the boost technology makes every step comfortable from the first to the last. The boa Tech is a great addition to get just the right snug fitting for each individual. Whether you want them as lightweight shoes for the summer, or waterproof shoes to get the best grip in the worst of conditions, these can do the job as well as any other shoes in either category I've ever worn.


Again the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn! 

Young or old we all suffer from fatigue on the course for different reasons. The boost technology might not increase your swing speed but feeling less tired at the end of the round might just mean a shot saved. I would recommend these shoes to anyone whether serious about they're golf or just wanting a comfortable shoe. 


The Boost are an immense. Comfy, sturdy and fashionable. A golf shoe for anyone that loves to feel good whilst playing the game.


I have never worn Adidas shoes before, but will look at them from now on. Only time will tell whether the aysm spikes will prove better than the more traditional set up on each shoe, but I will definitely be comfortable when finding out.


Colin's rating - 9/10

Tony's rating - 10/10

Matt's rating 9/10

Tim's rating 10/10

What do you think? leave your comments below (Comments)


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