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Golfshake member Matt Holbrook recently took the opportunity to test out the latest golf technology on the market - GAME GOLF.

For the last few years I have actively tracked my scores and stats online using Golfshake and when I got the opportunity to try GAME GOLF I wasn't quite sure what to expect but being the golf geek that I am I was interested to find out more.

GAMEGOLF first hit the golf market at the PGA show in 2014 and is a combination of technology that you attach to your clubs (inserted into the grip) and wear (attached to your belt or bag).  The GAMEGOLF device on your belt communicates during your round (via NFC) with the small red plugs that you have inserted in the end of your grips.  Post round you not only get access to your scores and stats but additional in-depth analysis via the website & app of how far and where each shot went.

Set Up

Before you can get up and running you need to do a bit of prep and setting up. Firstly you need to screw the designated ‘Tags’ into the end of the grips on each club (8 Iron tag into 8 Iron etc). You also need to charge up the GAME device via USB and it's probably worth downloading and installing the GAMEGOLF software on to your PC/laptop and setting up an account.


With the pre-setup out of the way it's super easy to get GAMEGOLF in play.  Simply clip the GAME device to your belt or bag but make sure you switch this on when you arrive at the course in order for the device to pick up your location.

As you are about to play each shot hold the GAMEGOLF tag against the GAME device. You will know when the club registers and a very quiet bleep is accompanied by a vibration from the device. Then hit your shot.  The GAMEGOLF system then tracks each shots as you play your round so long as you remember to 'tag' each shot.

Initially I did find that I kept forgetting to scan each tag before the shot - especially putting (I'll cover this problem later on) but this is slowly forming part of my shot routine. It's also worth pointing out that I wasn’t keen on having something screwed into the end of my grip which I thought would be distracting but to be honest I really didn’t notice it.

Post Round

Once your round is complete then it's time to see how you did on the course through the use of the GAMEGOLF website and optional app.  Post round you simply plug the GAME device back into your laptop/computer and upload your round.  You will then see an image which maps out every shot you have hit during your round.

The system isn't perfect and relies on location detection whilst you are on the course so you may have to edit your round slightly.  However the first time you use GAMEGOLF a short video will pop up and guide you through the process of editing your round and adding any shots you forgot to ‘tag’ and adding in penalties etc.



Whilst all the above is pretty funky and good fun to look at the maps etc the real benefit for me came from the additional shot tracking analysis.  GAMEGOLF takes shot tracking to the next level and allows you to see distances you hit each shot. My first round I tracked I hit my driver 195 yards right up to 272 yards so it's a great insight into your consistency and accuracy.  Over a period of time and multiple round you can gain real averages of shots you have hit on a course, how you play off the tee and what your green approaach shots are like.

GAMEGOLF like other services will track your stats – Score, FIR, GIR, Putts, Bunkers – but GAMEGOLF goes slightly more in depth like no other tracking system I have used and as mentioned above being an avid ‘Golfshaker’ I will always use this site to track my stats - it’s just what I do.  The GAMEGOLF shot tracking just provides a system to take technology and shot tracking to the next level and provides a whole host of new analysis. 


Using the ‘insights; section you have 4 different options – Off the Tee, Approach, Scoring and Club performance.

Off the Tee – does exactly what it says on the tin. Maps out your distances and dispersion from the tee

Approach –You can filter by distance – 100 yards in, over 100 yards, 200 yards etc – you can also filter by particular clubs or you can filter by what lie you were hitting your approach shot from. This is one of the best features for me to understand what I need to work on.

Scoring – Will give you all your basic stat averages.

Club Performance – Will give you a breakdown of all individual club performance. Again with this section you can filter down to what particular lie you had when hitting the particular shot plus this is great for knowing your club yardages accurately.

Going Social


Additionally you can connect with friends/club members that are also using GAMEGOLF to compete against each other.  There seems to be a growing base of golfers using this device (including Pros such as Lee Westwood, Graeme McDowell and Jim Furyk!!) and you can compare yourself against everyone you connect with.

You can also view other rounds that people have played on courses you play or are due to play to get a cheeky insight.


Overall GAMEGOLF comes highly recommended if you can keep with it. It will take a while for it to become second nature to use during your round and once you start adding rounds you will truly start to see the benefit.

At a price of £159.95 it’s not the cheapest golf accessory on the market however, if you are a keen golfer, enjoy your gadgets and are keen to improve and know more about your game then it can turn into a wise investment.

I would rate GAMEGOLF at 8/10

GAME GOLF is available for £159.95 from Golfonline.co.uk & Mailordergolf.com.

For more information on GAME GOLF visit www.gamegolf.com.

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