Tee Claw helps golfers 'practice Like they play'

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Tee Claw is an innovative golfing accessory designed to help the hardcore golfers amongst us to “Practice like you play”
The Tee Claw concept was borne from the desire to play better golf from an artificial grass mat surface which are common amongst driving ranges across the UK.

Striking a golf ball directly from an artificial grass mat surface can pose several challenges to golfers accustomed to traditional grass surfaces; such as the inability to take a divot. The alternative is to place the golf ball onto a tee. This is where the Tee Claw is revolutionary.

Tee Claw
Tee Claw
Tee Claw
Tee Claw

The Tee Claw replaces the conventional antiquated, unpredictable, flimsy, and fixed-position rubber tee that inserts underneath the bottom of the mat through a hole. Hitting a golf ball from the old rubber tee slows club head speed causing mis-hits, slicing, and hooking the ball. The Tee Claw is designed to fasten into an artificial grass mat surface to assure a consistent, convenient, and diverse tee for golfers of all levels. The Tee Claw allows golfers to insert wood tees into the platform disk. This feature provides golfers the ability to select desired tee heights to control golf ball trajectories. This provides a real golf experience from an artificial mat.

At just 1 inch in diameter and ½ inch thick the Tee Claw possesses 4x ¼ inch long ‘claws’ which are twisted into your artificial surface at your local driving range/course – At this stage I’d like to point out that at first look I didn’t believe the ‘claw’ would twist into the mats at my local range, I was very wrong.

Once in place you are actually able to place wooden or plastic castle tees to practice with. Using the elastic provided, which is hooked to the bottom of The Tee Claw at one end and a second tee at the other, you can be safe knowing that if your Tee Claw were to become lose during use it wont be sent shooting down your driving range (As you can see in the video below) This elastic can also be positioned and use for alignment.


Tee Claw is a proper golfers product yet super affordable and something which I will use time and time again. It is available direct from their website www.teeclaw.com and you can keep up to date with them on twitter @Tee_Claw





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