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Feature Review - Laser Putt

By: | Wed 22 Oct 2014 | Comments

We hit more shots with a putter than with any other club in the bag. Don't you think it is a bit odd, then, that so many of us take so little time over considering whether the putter we have in our bag is the right one?

Stranger still, nobody ever seems to consider having putting lessons. When you see some of the dreadful putting strokes that some amateurs use to try to get the ball in the hole, it is surprising that many golfers ever manage to complete 18 holes.

What are the components of a good putting stroke? It's fairly simple really. To hole more than your fair share of putts, you need to take the putter head straight back and then straight through the line of the putt. Like a pendulum. Think of the best putters you have seen - Ben Crenshaw, Bob Charles, Brad Faxon, Loren Roberts, Tiger Woods. They all swing the putter in a perfect pendulum action.

If you don't want to take a lesson, what's the next best thing? Actually, it might be better than a lesson and it is called Laser Putt. It's better than tuition because if you go out and buy one, you can go back and use it whenever your stroke lets you down.

It takes two AAA batteries and the good news is that it comes with them and they are easy to fit. Sensibly, the instructions also give several warnings about the use of lasers.

First, you have to lay out the Alignment and Calibration Guide. This is rolled up so I expected that when I put it on my floor it would not lie flat, but it does - every time. I was very impressed.

Laser Putt comes with a user guide, and there is more good news here - you don't need a degree in applied geophysics to understand them as the instructions are well written and easy to understand. The four-page guide comes folded up, but when you open it out all four pages are in front of you
The laser set-up instructions are clear and concise, and are repeated on the the Calibration Guide. There are also pictures to show you what to do. I tested it indoors, but it also works perfectly well in shaded areas outside - I would recommend that you do this because it gives you a more realistic feel.

I have always considered myself to be a decent putter, but Laser Putt revealed that the stroke I thought I possessed is not actually the one I use to strike the ball. My practice stroke was perfect, but it was a different matter when I hit the ball - the laser revealed that I took my club outside the line and cut across the ball slightly, which might explain my fallibility on short putts.

Laser Putt will help you with three key areas - alignment, calibration (length of your putting stroke) and visualisation. Let's go through them one at a time.


The green laser ensures that you are lined up perfectly every time and allows you to see exactly where the putter makes contact with the ball. You will clearly see if you hit the ball off the toe or heel, as well as the amount of your error there is in your stroke. You then make adjustments until you consistently strike the ball off the sweet spot of your putter. You will know you have achieved this anyway because the shot feels totally different - clean and pure.


Whether you’re lining up a 20-foot putt or a two-footer, the length of your backstroke always controls the distance you putt the ball. The longer the putt, the longer the stroke. The red laser shows you the apex of your backstroke - with practice, you will find repeatable consistency at any distance.


Laser Putt is designed to produce powerful visual images of your own putting stroke to store in your mind. These will give you confidence to stand over putts of any length and believe you have a chance of making them.


This a great piece of kit for anybody who wants to improve their putting statistics - let's face it, that is most of us. And it works!Check it out for yourself at http://laserputt.com/three-laser-systems/

Laser Putt is available from Golf Swing Systems - http://www.golfswingsystems.co.uk/ 

Check out the Laser Putt video to see it in action:


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Tags: training aids game improvement

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