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8 Gadgets That Every Golfer Needs

By: | Fri 15 Mar 2024

Since the turn of the century, the new equipment introduced to the game of golf has been overwhelming.

Through the advent of rangefinders and other neat gadgets, attempting to produce lower scores on the course has seemingly been easier than ever before.

There are a select few gadgets that are deemed as essentials when playing golf - and we’ll provide information on them below.


Distance measuring devices - such as rangefinders and watches - have become essential kit for recreational golfers. It is vital that you know how far you are from your target, which is something a rangefinder can produce in mere seconds. The traditional way of relying on yardage markers will never truly capture pinpoint information, and it is highly advised that everyone plays with some sort of GPS or laser device.


GPS Watches

Whether you game a watch or a rangefinder matters not, as they both effectively do the same job. Watches are more convenient however, as they can be attached to the wrist and then seemingly forgotten about as the round progresses. In recent years, both rangefinders and watches have improved drastically - golfers will be really pleased with modern versions.

Electric Trolleys

Carrying your golf clubs can be deemed a young man’s game, and a lot of golfers will transition over to some sort of assistance as they age. The traditional push trolley is always a popular option, but electric trolleys are rapidly becoming the next best thing. Although fairly hefty in price, an electric trolley is an absolute delight to navigate around the course; those with remote controls typically boast contemporary features.

Launch Monitor

Launch monitors are fantastic tools that can provide in-depth analysis of your golf swing, highlighting where your strengths lie and what areas to work on. Although expensive, they are easily deployed at the range and will offer real-time data on the golf swing and all the information for it. This is an investment for the golfer who is obsessed with lowering their handicap!

Golf Simulator

Golfers have been in awe ever since the first golf simulator was showcased on the global platform. Being able to fully work on your swing from the comfort of your own home is fantastic; having the opportunity to remotely play some of the world’s leading courses is groundbreaking. We all know just how much a golf simulator would set you back, so if you are fortunate enough to own one, we are all very envious…

Green Readers

Not enough amateur golfers work on their putting stroke, and when they do it’s typically to drop a collection of balls at their feet before putting to the same hole. Green readers are interesting devices that can help golfers understand greens more efficiently, detailing if the putt is uphill or downhill, or if it should break to the right or left. These will obviously not be permitted for tournament play, but it is a useful gadget that can help improve putting ability during practice sessions.

Chipping Net

Although not an electric gadget, the chipping net holds the potential to improve your short game ten-fold - which is what some of us need! If a golfer was to develop a good short game, they would shave immediate strokes from their game, but not enough golfers dedicate the time. The chipping net is the perfect product for that, as you can practice chipping from the comfort of your own garden or home. A friendly reminder to not neglect your short game!

Golf Putting Laser Sight Pointer

If you have a putting mat at home - or even enjoy honing your skills off a carpet - then a golf putting laser sight pointer is extremely helpful. Line the laser to the hole to produce a straight line and then practice your putts as efficiently as possible. If you’re someone who struggles with the start line, you’ll be surprised how quickly the laser can help resolve that issue.

There are many golf gadgets that have been introduced to the sport in a bid to improve the enjoyment for recreational golfers.

On the other hand, a select few devices could be deemed as essential to the sport of golf, such as GPS devices as knowing your distance from the target is exceptionally important.

Do you own any of the gadgets on this list? 

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