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Best Used Fairway Woods On A Budget 2023

By: Golfshake Editor | Tue 17 Oct 2023

Used Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are an extremely important tool in your bag and require you to trust them completely. The first thing you need to do in your search for a new fairway wood is to decide what you will primarily use it for. Whether that be from the tee, to get more distance from the fairway, as a long iron replacement, or to be hunting down those par 5s in two.

Once you have this in mind, the next step is to start searching. And with the price of a new fairway wood in 2023 easily exceeding £250, we've teamed up with Nearly New Golf Clubs to discover the best used fairway woods for under £150. They've carefully selected five fairway woods, all packed with modern technologies that have stood the test of time and are now available at a fraction of the price of the latest and greatest.

Whether you're a high or low handicapper this list covers all skill levels.

The Line Up

  • TaylorMade RBZ: Launched in 2012, TaylorMade promised up to 17 yards more distance! An eye-catching matte white finish and a larger head size make it the ideal choice for golfers of all abilities.
  • Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme: An adjustable fairway wood with a slim profile and compact shape, an ideal choice for golfers looking for a compact fairway wood with better workability.
  • Cobra King F9 Speedback: A new CNC Precision Milled Face and re-engineered Baffler Rail Technology make this fairway wood seriously long and easy to hit.
  • TaylorMade M2 2017: An improvement on one of TaylorMade’s most popular fairway woods ever, Geocoustic Technology is the real talking point here improving acoustics - the one criticism of the original M2. 
  • Ping G400: A lower yet larger profile exudes confidence at address, the maragaing steel face is stronger and lighter than previous models helping you to generate faster ball speeds whilst still being a forgiving fairway wood.

TaylorMade RBZ Fairway Woods

TaylorMade RBZ

When released in 2012, the TaylorMade RBZ was all the craze! TaylorMade claimed that its Tour players could gain an additional 17 yards of distance over the Burner fairway wood when this club was first introduced. A strong claim to make. What technology, then, was at the core of TaylorMade's claims?

The RBZ features a very large, advanced speed pocket that sits right behind the face, which TaylorMade described as the ultimate launching pad. Engineered to dramatically increase ball speed and distance.

Additionally, TaylorMade discovered that the centre of gravity was too far back on most fairway woods. This caused the majority of golfers to strike the ball too low on the face, which results in shots which are low launching and high spinning. In the RBZ, they have advanced the centre of gravity, which in turns helps increase the ball speed.

A striking matte-white finish and larger head are easy to align, adding to the RBZ’s appeal to golfers across the globe. A fairway wood that still performs incredibly well today, and for under £70, this is a fantastic option for all levels of golfer. 

  • Handicap: All abilities
  • Price Range: £49-69 depending on condition
  • Year Released: 2012

Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme

Callaway Fit Xtreme

The Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme fairway wood was one of Callaway’s first adjustable fairway wood and we love it. The OptiFit Hosel adjusts the face angle to an Open, Square, or Closed position at address to dial in the settings you want for improved accuracy depending on your swing.

Callaway incorporated what they coined ‘Speed Frame Face Technology’ in their RAZR Fit Xtreme range. The Speed Frame Face creates incredibly fast ball speeds all across the face for longer, more consistent distance. This technology helps optimise the CG, offers more forgiveness, and is designed to provide more consistent sidespin for accurate shots 

Available now for comfortably under £70 and in a slim profile and compact shape, the Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme is an ideal choice for low handicap golfers.

  • Handicap: Mid-low handicap (12 and below)
  • Price Range: £49-69 depending on condition
  • Year Released: 2012

Cobra King F9 Speedback

Cobra King F9 Speedback

We’d say the Cobra King F9 Speedback range was Cobra’s most successful product launch over the last five years, and key to that was the fairway woods. They were designed to give golfers everything they want when it comes to fairway wood performance, including impressive ball speeds, as well as a clubhead design that launches the ball in the air with ease from the turf. 

Key to the success is the CNC Precision Milled Face which enables a thinner clubface and more ball speed from all strike locations, this in turn delivers up to 2.5mph in increased ball speed, compared to traditional hand polished fairway faces. Also contributing to increased ball speeds and a lower centre of gravity is the tungsten weight positioned in the back of the head, which in turn helps to promote a high and powerful ball flight

Cobra fairway woods have long been renowned for their famous Baffler rail technology which reduces the area of the club that comes in contact with the ground, thus improving interaction with the turf. In the F9, Cobra have re-engineered Baffler rails to help improve turf interaction to deliver more club and ball speed at impact. 

A fantastic option from Cobra that comes in a striking yellow or white finish. The F9 Speedback not only performs well but will look good in your bag as well!

  • Handicap: All abilities 
  • Price Range: £99-129 depending on condition
  • Year Released: 2019

TaylorMade M2 2017

TaylorMade M2

Every few years, a release comes along and takes the market by storm, in 2012 it was TaylorMade’s RBZ with the promise of 17 extra yards, in 2016 TaylorMade were at it again, this time with the M2 that was applauded by amateur golfers and Tour Professionals alike. However, in 2017 TaylorMade built on that success and the end result is the M2 2017. 

Probably the one criticism that could be made in regards to the original M2 would be the sound and in the 2017 iteration TaylorMade addressed this head on. Enter Geocoustic Technology, which combines enhanced sole shaping with externalised sound ribs to produce best-in-class sound and feel. To increase ball speeds and forgiveness Inverted Cone technology has been implemented to include a larger sweet spot and a faster face - considering the original M2 was applauded for its distance and ease of use, a larger sweet spot and faster face is music to many golfers' ears. The new M2 also includes a new Speed Pocket that is three times more flexible than it was in the original M2. 

  • Handicap: All abilities 
  • Price Range: £79-119 depending on condition
  • Year Released: 2017

Ping G400


As we’ve come to love with Ping’s G range, the story here is all about forgiveness. So let's start with looks, a lower yet larger profile helps exude confidence, as the stretched head makes the G400 forgiving on the eye at address. In comparison to the G-Series, the machined back weight is 25% more dense which Ping designed to increase total MOI for extreme forgiveness with maximum stability.

The Maraging Steel Face (which Ping says is a common material used in the Aerospace industry) is stronger and lighter than stainless steel to make the face 28% thinner and flexes 30% more than previously, helping to generate faster ball speeds.

Available for under £150, the Ping G400 has been one of the best selling fairway woods at Nearly New Golf Clubs in 2023. A fantastic option for golfers looking for a forgiveness and a confidence building golf club at address.

  • Handicap: All abilities (Though we must say, a fantastic game improvement option!)
  • Price Range: £109-149 depending on condition
  • Year Released: 2017


In the realm of golf, fairway woods hold a crucial place in your bag, demanding complete trust from every golfer. Your quest for a new fairway wood starts with defining its primary purpose, whether it's teeing off, gaining more distance in various conditions, replacing long irons, or taking on those par-5 holes more aggressively.

Once you've set your goal, the search begins. In the year 2023, where brand-new fairway woods can be costly, Nearly New Golf Clubs has collaborated with us to explore options under the £150 budget. They’ve chosen five fairway woods that encapsulate modern technology proven over time, all available at a fraction of the cost of the latest releases.

From high to low handicaps, this list caters to golfers of all skill levels:

  • TaylorMade RBZ Fairway Woods: These game-changing clubs, introduced in 2012, promised substantial distance gains. Key to their success was the advanced speed pocket, an ultimate launching pad that boosted ball speed and distance. The RBZ still shines today, offering stellar performance at an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for all golfers.
  • Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme: An adjustable fairway wood featuring OptiFit Hosel for personalised face angle adjustments. The Speed Frame Face Technology ensures fast and consistent ball speeds, optimising centre of gravity for accuracy and trajectory. This versatile fairway wood suits low handicap golfers and is available at an enticing price.
  • Cobra King F9 Speedback: The Cobra King F9 Speedback series, launched in the last five years, has proven to be a game-changer. It combines incredible ball speeds, impressive launch, and the CNC Precision Milled Face for added distance. Its Baffler rail technology minimises ground interaction, promoting faster club and ball speed on impact. This club is suitable for golfers of all abilities.
  • TaylorMade M2 2017: Building on the 2016 M2's success, TaylorMade introduced the M2 2017, addressing one of the previous model's criticisms, the sound. Geocoustic Technology enhances sole shaping and externalised sound ribs, producing top-class sound and feel. Inverted Cone technology creates a larger sweet spot and faster face, increasing ball speeds and forgiveness. It's a versatile club for all skill levels.
  • Ping G400: Known for its forgiveness, the Ping G400 presents a lower yet larger profile for enhanced confidence at address. The machined back weight increases total MOI, ensuring maximum stability. The Maraging Steel Face, used in the Aerospace industry, is both strong and light, making the face thinner and more flexible, generating faster ball speeds. Available for less than £150, the Ping G400 is a top choice for those seeking forgiveness and confidence at address.

These fairway woods, representing a range of brands and technologies, provide budget-friendly options for golfers of various abilities. In a market filled with high-priced releases, these clubs showcase the enduring value of proven technologies, ensuring that golfers can have their trusted tools without breaking the bank.

This article was written in collaboration with Nearly New Golf Clubs

What do you think? post your thoughts and feedback on the Golfshake Forum: https://forum.golfshake.com/


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