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Best Used Golf Putters 2023

By: Golfshake Editor | Fri 29 Sep 2023

Best Used Putters

The phrase “Drive for Show, Putt for Dough” is a golf classic, but it still rings true. As the most important club in your bag, you will use your putter more than any other club during your round of golf. This is why it is essential to find a putter that suits you. 

If you are looking for a quality flatstick, buying a used putter is a good option. Often you will find that they are in much better condition than you might expect. Today we've selected five of our favourite used putters that offer excellent value for money.

Before we get started, let's take a quick look at the different types of putters commonly available in golf. You tend to find two types of putters, the mallet and the blade:

Blade: A blade putter is a traditional looking putter that dates back to the beginning of the game of golf. Examples of a blade putter are the Scotty Cameron Newport putter and Ping Anser ranges.

Mallet: A mallet putter is much larger than a blade putter. It is more forgiving than a blade and is now the most popular putter on the PGA Tour, mallet putters come in different shapes and sizes and famous examples include the TaylorMade Spider range and Odyssey 2-Ball.

Face Balanced vs Toe Hang

Face Balanced: In general terms, face balanced putters tend to be more traditionally mallet putters. They tend to open less on the backswing and close less on the follow through making them ideal for golfers with a ‘straight back, straight through’ motion. 

Toe Hang: On the other hand, toe hang putters are often weighted more in the toe, therefore they tend to suit golfers with an arched stroke. The amount of toe hang varies depending on the putter.

Best Used Golf Putters 2023

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 2018 

Scotty Cameron

  • Date Released: 2018
  • Type: Blade
  • Putting Stroke: Toe Hang

It goes without saying that Scotty Cameron has set THE standard for premium putters in golf. And the Newport 2 is one of Scotty's most iconic models. The Newport 2 was originally released in 1995 and featured a classic blade design with a slightly larger head than the original Newport. The Newport 2 we are focusing on today is the 2018 Scotty Cameron Newport.

The Newport 2, long trusted for its angular and mechanical profile, Scotty refined the top radius milling to create a slightly thinner appearance at address. He also refined the plumbing neck dimensions, edges and angles for a cleaner, squared-up look from address. Updated graphics extend the Select line's iconic three-dot theme to the face and sole for a clean look.

If you're looking for a classic Scotty Cameron blade putter, you can't go wrong with the 2018 Newport 2. And you'll also be able to find one at a significant discount compared to the latest version of the Newport.

Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball

Odyssey Putter

  • Date Released: 2001
  • Type: Mallet
  • Putting Stroke: Face balanced

The best-selling putter of all time, originally released in 2001, the Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball is the most successful putter Odyssey has ever produced. It was a turning point in putter design, a unique and patented two-ball alignment is designed to display a straight line to the target. The two white discs on the crown of the putter mimic golf balls, so when you place the putter behind the ball you get the look of three golf balls in a row, simple but effective!

White Hot putters also feature the White Hot urethane insert which provides an incredibly soft feel along with consistent speed and distance control. Something so successful that Odyssey bought it back 20 years later in the White Hot OG range.

A fantastic putter that many still play today. If you're new to the game or looking for a forgiving and easy to align face balanced putter at an affordable price, the Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball may be the putter for you.

TaylorMade Spider Putter X 

TaylorMade Spider X

  • Date Released: 2019
  • Type: Mallet
  • Putting Stroke: Toe Hang

The TaylorMade Spider putter has enjoyed great popularity since its introduction in 2008. Its oversized High Moi putter was a revolution among tour pros, from the likes of Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm and Jason Day, to amateur golfers across the world.

The TaylorMade Spider X is the 10th generation of Spider putter. 

It featured a combination of a new dedicated weighting system, called True Path alignment, and adjustments to the club head for a more appealing look. Spider X combines a heavy (320g) steel frame with a lightweight (15g) carbon composite sole to provide extreme perimeter weighting in a more streamlined shape. 

True Path Alignment is designed to help golfers visualise the intended target line to improve putting accuracy. They hired eye specialists who figured out the ideal shape and width of the crown lines and band, to guide you into visualising the ball’s path for better putting accuracy. “The True Path alignment is a huge help,” said McIlroy. “If you can get it rolling closer to the right starting line, it will make putting so much easier.”

The Spider X is designed in two eye-catching colors, copper and navy, that stand out and look great behind the ball.

So if you’re looking for a putter with proven pedigree, and a putter that actually found its way back into Rory McIlroy’s bag only this year (summer of 2023), then the Spider X is a fantastic option.

Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide

Odyssey White Hot

  • Date Released: 2021
  • Type: Squareback (double blade)
  • Putting Stroke: Face balanced

The White Hot OG Double Wide gives you the general look and feel of a blade putter with a little bit more stability in the face and more forgiveness like you'd get with a mallet. 

It's a wide blade, double bend, face-balanced putter that, according to Odyssey, is best suited for strokes with minimal arc and face rotation. A throwback to Odyssey's most recognizable and frequently used insert of all time, the design is based on the iconic head shape and features the legendary White Hot insert.  Which golfers on the Tour and amateurs alike reportedly asked Odyssey for years to bring back, and in 2021 they listened.

The Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide is a great option for golfers who like the look of the blade but want a little more forgiveness and stability in the face. It was originally offered in stepless steel and a new red Stroke Lab shaft which is designed to improve stability during your stroke.

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 

Cleveland Putter

  • Date Released: 2020
  • Type: Mallet
  • Putting Stroke: Toe Hang

In the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft line, they have been able to offer a premium soft milled putter at a price point that won't break the bank, sounds good, right?

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 is a slant neck mallet with two stability wings that sits beautifully behind the ball and exudes confidence for amateur golfers.

Speed Optimized Face Technology, also known as SOFT, normalises ball speed across the entire face of the putter, even on off-centre putts, ensuring consistent speed control and distance performance and resulting in a significantly more forgiving putter.

There is a special diamond CNC milling pattern in place; as you move away from the centre of the club face, the diamond milling pattern gradually becomes more spaced out. This increases friction for a pure roll and softer feel at impact.

How Do You Determine if You Need a New Putter?

Determining whether or not you need a new putter can be based on a few factors. First and foremost, you should evaluate how you are performing on the greens. If you constantly struggle with distance control, accuracy, or feel uncomfortable standing over your putter, it may be time for a change. Additionally, pay attention to your putter's condition. Another important factor to consider is your evolving putting style. If you have made changes to your stroke or grip, your current putter may no longer be suitable. Trying out different putters can also help determine if it's time for a new one. Borrowing a friend's club or visiting a golf shop to test out different models can give you a sense of what style or design best compliments your stroke. Second hand specialists such as Nearly New Golf Clubs offer you a 30 day money back guarantee on their used putters, allowing you to give them a proper test. Ultimately, a new putter can make a significant difference to your game.


In conclusion, the adage "Drive for Show, Putt for Dough" remains a timeless truth in the game of golf. Your putter is the most frequently used club in your bag, making it crucial to find one that suits your game and instills confidence on the greens.

Opting for a used putter can be a smart choice, as many used putters are in excellent condition and offer exceptional value for money. In this guide, we've explored a selection of five top used putters for 2023, each with its unique characteristics and benefits.

Before delving into our recommendations, we discussed the two primary types of putters: blade and mallet putters. Blade putters are traditional in appearance, while mallet putters are larger and more forgiving. It's essential to consider your putting stroke when choosing between face-balanced and toe-hang putters. Face-balanced putters are typically suited to a straight-back, straight-through stroke, while toe-hang putters are better for those with an arched putting stroke.

Now, let's recap our top picks for the best used golf putters in 2023:

  • Scotty Cameron Newport 2 2018 (Released: 2018, Type: Blade, Putting Stroke: Toe Hang): The Scotty Cameron Newport 2, a classic in the world of putters, has been refined over the years. The 2018 model boasts a thinner appearance, improved plumbing neck dimensions, and iconic three-dot graphics for a clean and precise look at address. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a classic blade putter.
  • Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball (Released: 2001, Type: Mallet, Putting Stroke: Face Balanced): The Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball, a best-seller since its debut, revolutionised putter design with its patented two-ball alignment system. It offers an alignment advantage by visually presenting a straight line to the target. Featuring the renowned White Hot urethane insert, this putter provides a soft feel, consistent speed, and distance control.
  • TaylorMade Spider Putter X (Released: 2019, Type: Mallet, Putting Stroke: Toe Hang): The TaylorMade Spider X is the 10th generation of the Spider putter, favored by both tour pros and amateur golfers. It combines a dedicated weighting system, True Path alignment, and a visually striking design. The Spider X is designed for golfers seeking a tour-proven, forgiving mallet putter.
  • Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide Putter (Released: 2021, Type: Squareback (double blade), Putting Stroke: Face Balanced): The Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide offers the look and feel of a blade putter with added stability and forgiveness. It features the iconic White Hot insert and is designed for golfers with minimal arc and face rotation in their putting stroke.
  • Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 (Released: 2020, Type: Mallet, Putting Stroke: Toe Hang): The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 is a value-packed mallet putter with a slant neck and stability wings. Its Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) ensures consistent ball speed across the face, while the diamond CNC milling pattern enhances friction for a pure roll and a softer feel.

Determining whether you need a new putter depends on your putting performance, the condition of your current putter, and any changes in your putting style. If you're experiencing consistency or comfort issues with your current putter, it might be time for an upgrade. Testing different putters and considering your putting stroke can help you make an informed decision about whether a new putter is the right choice for improving your putting game.

In the world of golf, where precision on the greens can make or break your score, finding the right putter is essential. Whether you choose a classic blade, a forgiving mallet, or something in between, a well-suited putter can help you sink more putts and ultimately lower your scores. Happy putting!

This article was written in collaboration with Nearly New Golf Clubs

What do you think? post your thoughts and feedback on the Golfshake Forum: https://forum.golfshake.com/


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