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The Bigger Ball Golf Tee & Towel Review

REVIEW: The Bigger Ball

By: | Fri 23 Jun 2023

The introduction of bamboo tees was met with great delight from golfers across the globe, as the environmentally friendly alternative makes its way into countless bags.

Traditional tees – whether that be wooden or plastic – have come under scrutiny in regard to their manufacturing process and short-term lifespan.

There are several companies that are looking to make a greener impact on the sport of golf – and The Bigger Ball is one of them!

The Bigger Ball Tees

About The Bigger Ball

The Bigger Ball is a reference to the land we walk and the air we breathe – our planet! Whilst the focus on golf is locating the smaller hole, we often dismiss the health of our bigger ball - The Earth.

Through the creation of sustainable golfing essentials – such as tees and towels – The Bigger Ball is offering alternatives that ensure the health of the planet not only remains intact, but flourishes healthily.

Based in the UK, The Bigger Ball was founded in 2021 and the team have since been on a mission to convert golfers from traditional essentials to those that have one watchful eye on the planet’s wellbeing.

Whilst the initial focus was on tees, the long-term vision is to bring a plethora of sustainable golfing products to the market. Not just catering for the player but also clubs, events and corporates with a wide range of customisable, sustainable options like their FSC-certified custom golf bag tags.

Reviewing The Bigger Ball’s Products

The Bigger Ball were kind enough to send us a collection of tees and a bamboo towel to trial out on the course.

First and foremost, the bamboo tees are of exceptional quality and having played two rounds of golf, only one tee broke during heavy usage.

The effectiveness of bamboo tee performance has been discussed extensively over the years, but The Bigger Ball’s collection far exceeded those expectations.

The Bigger Ball

Another common problem that amateur golfers face is transitioning away from castle tees that ensure a golfer will be striking their driver from the same consistent height, time and time again.

To combat this, The Bigger Ball’s bamboo tees are labelled pink, red, orange, yellow and green to deliver a consistently performing tee the same as plastic alternatives.

Furthermore, intricate designs such as the Striped One or the Long One is also available for purchasing.

Perhaps the most impressive listing is the Ukraine Aid Golf Tee – where 100% of profits will go to UNICEF.

The second product sent for testing was the Bamboo Fibre Golf Towel, which is undoubtedly a classy addition for any golf bag.

They are lightweight in design with a thin and grainy texture, but they performed superbly when called upon out on the course.

The towels are absorbent and fast driving but the most alluring aspect is the use of bamboo fibre – meaning they have been sustainably produced.

Due to the warmer weather, there wasn’t heaps of mud to clean off after every strike, but the towel nonetheless performed perfectly for a quick brush after every shot.

A carabiner clip is included to ensure the towel remains attached to your bag during your round of golf, which issues easy access as you fly around the course.

The Bigger Ball Gofl Towel

Why Bamboo?

For anyone who hasn’t bought into the introduction of bamboo to the golf market, please allow us to highlight some of the positives.

Firstly, bamboo can grow 1000 times faster than hardwoods such as oak and bamboo is also a type of grass, meaning it’s far more flexible and less likely to be damaged.

Generally, bamboo is one of the world’s quickest-growing natural resources and the material is also more efficient for mower blades utilised by golf clubs – which can help to deliver a year-round perfect facility!

If you would like more information about The Bigger Ball and the fantastic work that they do, you can visit their website via: thebiggerball.com

What do you think? post your thoughts and feedback on the Golfshake Forum: https://forum.golfshake.com/


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