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How to Play More Golf if You Are Working From Home

By: Golfshake Editor | Mon 12 Sep 2022 | Comments

The post-Covid period has seen a greater number of us than ever before working from home. In theory, this should be fantastic for our golf, and we should be seeing drastic handicap cuts across the nation! However, the reality is that many of us often over-work, when out of the office, in an effort to prove that we really do deserve our wage. Conversely, it’s been mooted that a fair few of us have gotten slightly lazier, rolling out of bed at 08.57, before doing the first hour of emails from the couch. (Although we’re sure this doesn’t apply to our hard-working audience!)

It looks as though working from home might be an option for some time to come, and so before you get stuck in a rut, let us explain how best to get golf into your regular routine when you’re not needed in the office.

Be Prepared

One of the main advantages of heading up to the club from home, rather than the office, is the ability to get everything ready before you go. With modern spikeless golf shoes, you needn’t even change your footwear once you’re at the course. Fail to prepare, and be prepare to fail … So, once you know when you’re heading up there, save yourself some time by doing most of the faffing around with your clothes, and your golf bag, before you arrive at the course.

Get Up Early

It’s logical that many of us live close to our home courses. As such, there’s no reason that you can’t make the most of your former commuting time to work on your game. Whilst many might only be saving 30-minutes or so when compared with heading into the workplace, those who are saving more time really have no excuse no to putt (deliberate typo …) that time to good use! What’s more, with 9-holes easily playable in 90 minutes or so, those looking to actually stretch their legs can get their morning exercise in, 9-holes of practice, a quick coffee, and still be logged on in time for the morning meetings. You’ll probably even look a bit smarter, and more awake, on camera for those first calls of the day.


Log Off On Time

A real downside to being in the office is the inevitable game of ‘who is going to leave first’. Sure, your contract says that you finish at 5pm, but you sure aren’t going to be the only one walking out whilst the rest of the team are still grafting. Working from home helps this tremendously, relieving the peer pressure that can come from being in the office environment - and if you’ve paid attention to our first suggestion here, you can be in the car, dressed and ready to play at 5.01. Plus … if you really need to be available, you can always keep your phone in your trouser pocket, rather than your bag …

The ‘Efficient’ Conference Call

Speaking of being available. One recent introduction to the modern workplace is the ‘all-hands’ monthly meeting. An hour of the company’s top brass, telling everybody what’s going on - and how everything is looking great for the week / month / quarter / year ahead. They’re purely passive meetings, with no participation from yourself expected. As such, it’s perfectly reasonable that you could be listening to this call from the putting or chipping green - it’s practically what Airbuds were invented for! Whilst this might not be the easiest thing to do at 11am, there’s really no excuse to not take advantage of this when the meeting runs up to the end of the day. Heck, you could be half-way down the 6th hole by the time it comes to a close!

A Productive Lunch Hour

Sometimes it’s just not possible to sneak out before or after work. Particularly for those with families. But you’ve got to eat, right? And the golf club does decent grub … you even get a member’s discount! Why not call ahead, get a sandwich booked in, and enjoy it from the peaceful surrounding of the putting green. Lunch time is your own, and even popping up to the club for an hour or two a week will help your game no end. And fear not, if you lose track of time, the club wifi will enable you to get back to any pressing emails before you head home!

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